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Length: 46:07

Voice: Mistress Mia & Sophia

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5 reviews for Caught Red Handed

  1. Braxton


    The duo of Mistress Mia & Mistress Sophia is always a recipe for arousal. In this session the ladies play the roles of two sales clerks working in an adult store. Unfortunately for you, it’s a slow night when you pay them a visit. The ladies turn their attention to you for a little fun since you’re the only one in the store with them.

    Awesome job ladies. I thoroughly enjoyed this session!

  2. Spirit

    Listening to this session as part of the locktober challenge, now halfway through the month, I really love how well integrated into locktober this file is. Triggers, themes and narratives are all weaved together with other files from this month, making the experience of participating in this challenge extend beyond the individual trance sessions and feel so much more real and intimate.

    It is also very sexy to hear Mia and Sophia talking specifically about sex toys, feeding my imagination further about how well versed in the arts of sexual domination they are. Letting me me imagine all the kinky kinds of submissive bondage I might get to experience in future fantasy sessions from my mind mistress. I can’t wait, but i will of course, because it’s not up to me.

    I also enjoyed how my current situation, having been denied for half of Loctober is used to hypnotize me – but in vague enough terms that the session can still be enjoyed again at other times of the year.

    And I particularly noticed how cleavage and key are used to further deepen my hypnosis. Taunting me with how out of reach the key is. This may very be the most arousing deepener I’ve ever heard.

    One detail that made me smile and almost laught was Sophia’s feigned disappointment when she says ‘No butt plugs? No cock rings?’, reminding me of Pippin in the Fellowship of the Ring movie, when hs is shocked at not getting breakfast nor second breakfast.

    The ending goes full circle, effortlessly returning us to the locktober denial and chastity game for just another day and reminding us of the dilemma we’re in and how Mia will win her game whether we resist our arousal for another day or have to admit our defeat.

    A wonderful session for anyone enjoying being denied and/or chast for Mistress Mia. I am very grateful to have experienced it as part of Locktober.

  3. Abe

    This session is very handy. Lots of touching and caressing involved. From sexy sex toys to Mistress Mia doing a security check, the listener as well as her, both will do lots of touching. The images here can pretty much relate to my own whenever I look at something at the store that I so deeply want. An adult store, even if I never visited one, this session truly takes me to one quite realistically. Sophia’s participation is sweet and her giggles sweeter. One could see the pleasure and naughtiness in her face as they caught from trying to sneak a few toys there between their legs as a way to show off a package that they don’t even have. Mistress Mia’s way to handle me, the situation can be quite messy, a very messy situation you would want to be in… but still, please bring your wallet with enough money to cover your purchases…

    I loved this

  4. Orella

    This session is so very naughty, perfect for enhancing Loctober tease and denial.

    Mistress Mia and Mistress Sophia amusing themselves playfully tormenting their helplessly aroused toy.

    I did feel very much at the mercy of Mistress Mia and Mistress Sophia, helpless to do anything but comply with their suggestions and instructions.

    There were so many arousing images floating around my mind as I listened. Couple these naughty images and arousing words with the delicious voices of Mistress Mia and Mistress Sophia and the desperate arousal heads off the scale.

    But I am committed to the Loctober challenge so it is no touch chastity for me until I am given permission by my Mistress.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia and Mistress Sophia, thank you for this fun, arousing experience, a little humiliation and embarrassment reminding me of my purpose to amuse and obey the dominant ladies here at THM.

  5. Kotor

    I loved this session, even if it was very frustrating !!!
    I’m impressed every day by the impact Mistress Mia’s voice has on me.
    I really felt like I was in that sex shop marveling at the choice, feeling all the emotions Mistress Mia was describing.
    I didn’t know Sophia but I really liked , her laugh has a certain effect on me.
    I won’t spoil the ending but wow what an ending !!
    I’ll leave you.
    I need a good cold shower.

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