Length: 42:12
Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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4 reviews for Charm

  1. MelonPatch

    Mistress Alexandra is truly a force to be reckoned with, and her homerun performance in “Charm* just goes to prove it. Her transition from casual conversation into induction is as smooth and artful as her alluring voice. One cannot be helped as they are locked in rapt attention by the bonds of pure pleasure that Alexandra employs. Once under her control; in a state of complete surrender; the mind is filled with blissful pleasure and an important set of new suggestions on the ways that a boy might be able to please beautiful dominant women in small ways… And appear on their radar.

  2. Braxton


    “If you are new to The Hypnomistress, and you’re unfamiliar with Mistress Alexandra, I encourage you to get familiar with her…”

    It’s so easy for me to relax when listening to her melodic voice. I love Mistress Alexandra’s techniques when she does her inductions. This session is one that I fully surrender to her voice, and I enjoy letting go so much!

    Outstanding job Alexandra

  3. Orella

    I love hearing Mistress Alexandra’s voice; I am a one of the THM Office chastity pets and cannot touch erect cock sexually without permission. Something in Mistress Alexandra’s voice is sounding very dominant, deliciously amused and perhaps a little naughty, or perhaps it is my imagination. As I hear her say ‘you are a very lucky boy’ I feel an overwhelming need to give nipples a good going over in worship until they are exquisitely sore and cock is very aroused.

    Mistress Alexandra talks about being and lucky boy and being given the permission I require and need to be helplessly dominated here at THM, I can be totally submissive here and devoted to Mistress Mia and all her Girlfriends.

    As Mistress Alexandra’s words flow into my ears and swirl around my mind, I catch echoes of past sessions. Kneel and Obey by Alexandra and the five words that are deeply embedded within me, they hold deep meaning for me, they speak to who I fundamentally am and my deepest desire.
    Also, Knight in Shining Armor by Sophia with Mia, that session reinvigorates the values that my generation was brought up with, a deep respect for women, ladies first always, open and or hold doors for her, stand as a mark of respect when a lady joins of leaves a meal table, women addressed with the deepest respect. The list goes on, from back when women were placed upon pedestals and viewed as so very special.

    I am such a lucky boy to be allowed to become a more pleasing pet for the dominant ladies here at THM.

    This session made me understand and enhances the feelings that flood through me when I do things to show women that they are to be treated with respect and that it is my pleasure to do things for them, a smile or gesture of thanks from them buzzing through me with happiness, pleasure and arousal. A reinforcing loop that the more I am a good boy and please women the more I am rewarded with that good boy buzz rippling through me again and again.

    Down and down I go ever more deeply into trance, helplessly obedient listening to Mistress Alexandra’s gorgeous voice, floating along a river of delicious submission…………

    I am suddenly back, I think maybe, or am I? Something wistfully ephemeral in the mists on the edge of my conscious awareness, the moment I try to focus disappearing and appearing just out of focus elsewhere, something about remembering or forgetting, perhaps it was forgetting or remembering. Deep seated and embedded somethings deep within dancing around my subconscious or perhaps I am imagining things. I am left with a deep desire to help and please women.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, I love listening to your gorgeous voice and immersing myself in your wonderfully creative and skilfully crafted sessions.

  4. lorenzo

    After listening I got reminded immediately about 2 simple facts.

    1. Alexandra has very powerful induction voice that effortly overlaps from her normal conversation voice. It gives me the feeling she could even take me in public places if she just holds up a innocent conversation like she did in this session.

    2. I take pleasure in showing all woman how charming I can be. I love to that by showing little acts of service in public. Things like: holding doors, carrying bags and letting them in front of me in lines. I do this because, woman always go first and it feels good to be subservient to their comfort and desires in that way.

    I feel like every submissive boy has a basic need for civility towards any woman. Leave it up to our Mistress Alexandra to turn that basic need to an impossibly strong desire.

    I just love to have conversations with Mistress Alexandra like this 😉

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