Length: 24:56
Voice: Mistress Mia Croft

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5 reviews for Chastity Trap

  1. mattintrance

    It’s time. This is an area where I have struggled, and I’m ready for Mia to take control. The number that came to my mind was slightly beyond my previous record, and I’m eager to see how well I can do. Whatever the outcome, I’m already ahead, because I lost to Mistress the moment I hit play, without much of a fight. Why fight, when I knew in advance that it was a trap? Mia opened the door wide, knowing that I couldn’t resist walking in—helpless once again by my curiosity and my deeply submissive nature. Well—no matter, it’s done for the time being, so there’s no point in looking back. As always, Mia made short work of my resistance, and I gave into Her spell willingly. I’m looking forward to making Her proud.

  2. Eddie

    Apologies Mistress for thinking you wouldn’t have anything but the best in submissive suggestions for me. Embarrassingly I downloaded this file months ago unwilling to play, afraid of what I may have to give up. My own greed to process that which clearly I didn’t deserve clouding and blocking my way. But hearing that lock snap shut, I can’t even describe the powerful wave of relief sent through me. Finally I felt I was serving the will and desires of my Mistress not my own petty wants. A option taken off table now safely guarded by my Mind Mistress. The path I clearly was searching for was the path I was so unwilling to travel.

  3. Braxton Bryant


    This is the latest example of Mistress Mia enticing us with her desires. The Chastity Trap is a session that I dove into headfirst. I never saw myself enjoying chastity until Mistress Mia seduced me into becoming more pleasing for her. Now, I can’t get enough.

    Suburb work Mia.

  4. Curiously Curious

    Warned well in advance that this was a trap, how could I resist taking the bait?

    Well and truly caught in Mistress Mia’s trap and so deliciously happy.

    This is such a tangible way to both feel and display each day the submission that Mistress Mia’s hypnotic spell makes me want to embrace.

    Caught in her voice, deep in trance, taken to heights of pleasure that only exist in Mia’s trance, then it is all locked just out of reach, it is liberating in a way that any true submissive will find to be blissful, addictive and life affirming.

    Thank you Mistress Mia

  5. Orella

    Chastity Trap is such an evocative title. The instant I saw these words I was hooked and could not resist listening to the session.

    The desire to be helplessly trapped and under Mistress Mia’s complete control is overwhelming.

    Anyone who has not experienced chastity under the control of a wonderful skilful Mistress would be forgiven for thinking that being in chastity means that you cannot experience sexual pleasure.

    It is not until you experience the exquisite frustration of being intensely aroused and desperately needing to cum, without being able to cum, that you transcend to new heights of long-lasting arousal and levels of pleasure that you never knew were possible.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for teaching me, for training me, for opening my mind and taking me on a journey to endless levels of blissful constant arousal that I never knew were possible.

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