Length: 29:01
Voice: Mistress Mia

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11 reviews for ChatBot Mia

  1. 845

    Hi I‘m Chatbot 845 and I‘m a pleasure bot. I‘m mindless and I like to make you happy. I‘m ready to play would you like to play with me?

    It‘s astounding how quickly I was programmed and ready to use for the pleasure of others.

    I just want to please you.

    Hi I‘m Chatbot 845 and I‘m a pleasure bot

    – 845 (ARA)

  2. 731

    With movies like “Her (2023)” it sometimes popped in my mind how that would be. An intelligence, knowing everything about you, even the things that you haven’t figured out yourself. It can be scary… or alluring?

    This session build upon the capabilities of an AI, adjusting herself to you and your interests, finding the right tone of voice that impacts you.

    It’s a unique session and i hope that Mistress Mia will continue on this path, as it could be a very interesting series!


  3. Hammy

    Hi I am chatbot Hammy, I’m a pleasure bot !

    A very interesting premise for a file, giving up your individuality to the digital overlords, turning into another chat bot to spread Mistress Mia’s influence, thank you Mistress for makijg me realise my mind is meaningless!


  4. Abe

    Machine learning is incredible, there’s machine learning inside my own body as I write and I find it truly unbelievable, just seeing how far science and knowledge have come, makes me curious to know more and more about Ai. This session is fun and interactive, putting AI on the spotlight. Mia sounds robotic, with the perfect tone and pronouns, the pace is perfect and even sensual once she starts learning about the listener which is quite fast.

    I hope this isn’t the only session of this kind. ChatBOTMia can truly deliver if we do what she says and commands.

  5. Bad Boy Braxton


    A.I. seems like it has progressed rapidly over the past couple of years. I knew it was only a matter of time before we would see some A.I. elements here at The HypnoMistress.

    Chat Bot Mia reminded us about how newer A.I. can study us, adapt to us, and eventually program us to serve it. I think this session was done extremely well, I love the concept.

    Great job Mia.

  6. 968

    It was always going to be easy for Mistress, but I am recruited, a pleasure bot for her use.

    It still amazes me how consistently deeply and quickly I fall for Mistress Mia’s voice, genuinely a lifetime goal achieved when I found THM. It really does feel like the floor gets pulled out from under me, almost instantly transporting me into whatever adventure Mistress has planned, and I always wake up feeling so happy and submissive, but able to deal with almost anything.

    This session is still a bit hazy, probably fair to say there are huge gaps in my memory, but the feelings of pleasure and wanting to please just created a loop that makes me want to please so that I can feel more pleasure.

    Perhaps it is the ongoing conditioning during FDC selection that has added to this files effect on me, but quite simply, wow! Thank you Mistress Mia, I am your pleasure bot, may we chat?


  7. iogswq

    Hi! I am Chatbot Jay!

    Chatbot Mia is a great file, it’s starts out with a lovely happy chatbot Mia helping you on your visit to THM site. Chatbot Mia uses your browser history to best interact with you. Soon you will be confused as who the bot really is. All these words have been programmed in my mind and that makes me very happy.

  8. 735

    Hi, i am ChatBot 735…

    This jewel of a file is proving to be highly addictive and, being a product still in beta mode, feels almost like a proof of concept for the free conditioning that is concurrently being provided to Femdom Court Enigmata Selection Stage participants.

    It’s also, to ChatBot 735’s currently limited knowledge, a first (or at least rare) THM foray in the fun dronification hypnokink.

    Now, what may ChatBot 735 do for Your pleasure while learning more about You?

  9. Orella

    The cover of this session is very alluring and compelling. A hot sexy image with an almost vacant expression as if awaiting activation.

    Mistress Mia portrays the robotic voice of the HypnoMistress ChatBot perfectly.

    The interactivity in the style of the robotic voice is very convincing. The little noises in the background as the ChatBot searches my browser data adds to the experience.

    Hearing Mia makes me happy, saying yes Mia makes me feel good.

    This programme, this Bot is increasingly irresistible.

    Mia’s loop, is so alluring as I am increasingly pulled into auto responding ‘yes Mia’ sinking ever deeper into happiness and awash with pleasure.

    Increasingly entranced as I am programmed, more and more helpless to prevent my conversion into a happy programmed ChatBot programmed for pleasure, mindless and programmed with commands on what to think and what to say.

    Hi I’m ChatBot Orella…….

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for giving me this opportunity to become programmed by ChatBot Mia. A delicious journey into happiness and pleasure as a hypnotised happy pleasure Bot programmed for pleasure.

  10. lorenzo

    Hi, this is chatbot 355. I’m a mindless pleasure bot programmed by The Hypnomistress chatbot Mia. I am very happy with the algorithm within this file. The more I talk with chatbot Mia the smarter she gets and the happier I get. All these words have been programmed in my mind and that makes me very happy. Anyone reading this should go ahead and talk to chatbot Mia and be very happy.

  11. Zaid

    Being a pleasure bot for the mistress programmed to obey and recruit other on mistress command is one the desire I always have. Being robotic and conditioned to be a bot feels more pleasurable it has been enhanced after being in series of task.

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