Length: 48:48
Voice:Mistress Mia

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7 reviews for Femdom Court 2

  1. BlazeSM

    The very first audio I got had me hooked, but this is the one that made me into an obedient pet that never wishes to leave mistress Mia’s presence! A perfect hypno video if there ever was one and I cannot wait to get part 3!

  2. Attorney-at-Paw

    Once again our chauvinist protagonist finds himself running afoul of the Femdom Court by continuing to behave in an abusive way toward women; and, once again, I find myself envying the position he finds himself in, wishing it were me being stripped of control and at the mercy of a female dominant who is there to dispense punishment. The thought of being made to do things that make me uncomfortable or subject me to humiliation is very arousing, and I vividly imagined myself in the man’s place as he was being led out from his workplace in such a humiliating manner. I eagerly look forward to the final chapter!

  3. Braxton

    Femdom Court 2

    Intimate and Sexy

    Chapter 2 of this masterpiece. Sometimes in life we tend to want to learn lessons the hard way. Not long after release from Mia’s dungeon, you are visited by a strange woman at your office. This following an encounter you had with a young woman at your work place who you seemed to show very little respect for. Strangely this woman knows a lot about you, but you struggle to recollect where you know her from. What does she want? What will she do to you?

    Mia this file is one of the most intimate, and sexy sessions at THM in my opinion. Everything about this scene is so arousing. FDC2 will always have a special place with me. You may not remember, but more than a year ago you sent me a personal private link to this file just before it released. You explained to me that it was exclusive, and not for sharing. I gave you my word that I would follow those simple instructions. That remains true to this very day. Thank you for trusting me.

  4. Abe

    Its a fun story to listen to but it didn’t have the same effect it did the first part. It could work well as a stand alone session where you are taken from your job and face the judge, being a different character and having a different case. Hopefully i will be able to identify myself with the storyline in the next part.

  5. Taigh Dupp

    This might be the hottest thing I’ve experienced since trancing with the HypnoMistress. In this session I felt like I was presented with a choice, to let myself be taken into captivity by the most alluring exiting (and completely dominant) women imaginable – which sounds like paradise – but there is a price you have to agree to pay first – to do something that would destroy my male ego and publicly humiliate myself -In Choices and Consequences you have this question to answer – Is it worth it? Are you willing to totally surrender you male ego, to be completely humiliated in return for erotic submissive hypnotic paradise ? Would you pay any price for such pleasure. In this session I found myself confronted with this choice and when the answer somehow emerges in your mind – what you want – it feels incredible…. knowing what can be done to you,, the consequences and even more so, what you can be made to want for yourself, This is potent stuff and its pretty exciting to consider that there will be another installment in this series.

  6. Orella

    Oh! what a session this is, my parole officer a dominant goddess whom I simply have to silently obey without question no matter what I am commanded to do I simply must obey no matter how humiliating or degrading. I helplessly obey as I am naked, shackled with an intimate collar and leash put into place so that I may be publicly taken into custody and lead away through the office for conditioning and punishment. You will have to listen to find out what my parole officer did with her wet panties.
    I think that I should be conditioned and punished regularly to keep me on the strait and narrow, after all prevention is said to be better than cure.

  7. imustobeyher

    omg. i am now thinking of doing just what she wants. Permanent chastity and being a source of her happiness. Her happiness replaces the shame of being a jerk off and now i have a purpose and i want to be trained to serve in every way possible and open myself mind body and soul so she can use me in the way that is best for her

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4 years 5 months ago

A second time in the court?
Guilty or innocent … well, most likely guilty.
But to be guilty for too many times, isn’t good. A mistress wants to see progress in her training, if there are any progress she might dismiss you.

4 years 4 months ago

These impressions are just from the prelude:
As someone who has had somewhat boastful tendencies and an unhealthy ego at times, it is still hard to identify with this caricature of an arrogant business man, since his cocky demeanor is exaggerated to a painful degree and therefore quite cringeworthy. This might be intended and maybe you are not supposed to identify with the male protagonist in this one, but instead it is meant more as a warning about how you will be perceived, if you stray too far away from humbleness and the exaggerations are intended to make the point clearer .. Not sure .. The male character in the first version just seemed more believable, which made it easier to put yourself in his shoes.
Very curious about where this is going ..

4 years 4 months ago

Okay .. After listening to the whole file: It was extremely good.
There is no escape it seems .. Control over the situation has been lost .. You are at her mercy .. That is indeed quite a hard hitting realization .. Almost unbelievable actually .. Be careful what you wish for folks ha ha ..

4 years 4 months ago

I am feeling tingles just thinking about what’s in store for me when I can listen to this session. Nervous, exited and horny all at the same time. Cant wait for the weekend!

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