Length: 1:04:55

Voice:Mistress Mia Croft

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6 reviews for Femdom Court 1

  1. Orella

    You are no doubt familiar with the saying ‘be careful what you wish for as you just might get it’. This session has a similar message, lying about what you truly want and making promises that you have no intention of keeping can take lead you down a path with no escape as choices have consequences. I love this session.

  2. Taigh

    Ohh boy.
    I feel like I’ve been to a movie, darkly erotic and completely immersive. Why don’t they make movies that can do this to you, take you on the journey to a place of fear, pleasure, and confusion all at the same time.
    I will be feeling the shiver of immersion from this for days afterwards I’m sure. I want to go back inside and experience it all again.

  3. Shakara

    This session is very erotic if you like to be helpless and mentally punished.
    At the same time this session stretches the borderline beyond BDSM very thin.
    That means the session is very close to the edge and only the fact that it is a fantasy keeps it on the right side.
    With that in mind it is hard to give a rating. Is it somewhere between 3 and 5 stars.
    If you like a dark fantasy which goes beyond the rules of BDSM than would it be 5 stars.
    If you like the safety of the rules of BDSM than would it be 3 stars.
    So, we will meet in the middle. 4 stars.

  4. Danny

    Everything that can be said about this session was already said. Mistress Mia is a true artist when it comes to voice acting and immersive storytelling and what unfolds is accordingly extraordinary.

    Although,… I do feel, by the way the hypnosis, the methodology is described close to the end, that there are some similarities to how she’s manipulating us in her sessions in general, making this feel like some kind of cheeky, taunting mockery, telling us that there is no way out.
    Choices were made, consequences are in place.
    Or maybe I’m just looking for hidden mechanics where there are none, because I want them to be there.

    Either way… Thank you, Mistress, thank you, Mistress, thank you, Mistress…

  5. Merlot diet

    I love the idea of inadvertently leading oneself into an unwanted unknown… and then finding that it’s far from unwanted. Every part of this scenario deliciously draws me deeper into the inevitability of it all – from the moment of setting eyes on Mia, even her choice of drink, to finding myself in her courtroom and beyond. Hearing Mia speak is always a pleasure, and of course there are even greater pleasures in many of the things she says. But even i wasn’t prepared for the effect the hypnosis section would have on me. Subliminally sublime. I’ll avoid spoiling the plot for those who haven’t had the joy of hearing this yet, but ‘OMG’, I’ve just discovered that I’ve got a new fetish.

  6. Andi_S

    What can I say? I listened to this session because I thought I needed to be disciplined. And what did I find? Is there a word for this feeling? This mix of fear, awe, and arousal…wanting to throw myself onto the floor, licking Mistress Mia’s boot…feeling it from deep within my soul…this yearning to submit and obey…feeling Mistress’ power wash all over me…a drug I cannot get enough of…feeling that word slave ripple through me…every time…yes, this is want i want…trying to grab a hold of it…just begging, please Mistress, please, i need to be your slave, please punish me, put me in chains…please…

    Oh wow…I am feeling it right now. It was a very intense emotional and arousing experience. I know I will want more of that feeling. There is no going back now. Not that I would want to go back. It is such a thrill to be caught in this web…

    Thank You Mistress.

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1 year 3 months ago

Can’t wait to check it out Mia. Loving the sneak peek. See you in the bar…

1 year 3 months ago

An interesting theme indeed Red or White? Lying with such divine company, there at the chaise sofa. Looking for wards to the means of submitting on deeper commitments …… Oh, the choices; even before seeing the wine list. Anticipation building indeed.

1 year 3 months ago

Similar to a Pilot episode of a very awesome new series that Plays on Television, this first part leaves you at the edge of the seat at the end of the very first episode.. I loved this because I got to enjoy it as an spectator. This guy here is getting what´s coming to him. The sarcasm on his voice when he promisses Mia that he wants to serve her, so perfect!

Can´t wait for the full Session

1 year 3 months ago

Wow scene 1 is a master piece or should I say Mistress piece and I cannot wait for the full session to be released.

1 year 3 months ago

I just listened to the first 20 minutes of Choices and Consequences. I’m feeling chills. Its scary, alluring, compelling, all at the same time. Is this how the male spider feels when approaching the matrimonial bed of the Black Widow.
You know you are going to be devoured, you know you should run for your life… at the same time you know you are not going anywhere…. just walking forward helplessly into her trap. How can you do anything else, when she is so … compelling.

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