Length: 71:44
Voice: Mistress Sophia

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4 reviews for Classroom Discipline

  1. Braxton

    Teachers Pet 3: Classroom Discipline

    Exciting. Tense. Wonderful.

    Congratulations, you’ve made it to the front row of Teachers class. This means you are among the most experienced students. Learning about discipline can be so arousing. Sometimes we tend to drift off when we fantasize about a sexy teacher, and what she might do to us if we misbehave. Not only have you begin fantasizing about Teacher in your mind, but your body has naturally reacted and your hand has found it’s way to you cock giving it slow strokes during class when you thought no one was paying you any attention… suddenly you are greeted by a very stern, very sexy woman’s voice commanding you to “STOP” and she addresses you as a “naughty little pervert”… You’ve been caught, there is no explanation, no escape, what will your punishment be?

    Mistress Sophia, there is no doubt that if you were my teacher I would be crushing on you. This series was amazing. Even though in the past you have set me up, to be humiliated, and I know it’s coming, I can’t help but to fall for you everytime. You are a supremely talented voice actor. Angelic, sweet, and pure are the best ways I can appropriately describe your voice. There is a reason I call myself “Sophia’s Admirer”.

    Great job to you Mistress Sophia, and Mistress Mia on this wonderful series.

  2. Abe

    Yes this session took me back to those years, my last two years right before college, where I tried to be the best student for my teacher but deep down I knew I wanted to misbehave just a little.

    This was a little fantasy teacher Sophia helped bring back for a time being where I thought about my beautiful teachers, young and with great experience. Down in the session it almost seemed that Teacher Sophia encouraged me to masturbate only to be caught by teacher and be noticed by her. Seduced and tricked to be caught by the most dominant teacher.

    The moment she stepped in and I was caught, I was left embarrassed with my mouth wide opened and shocked. I knew what I was doing was simply wrong and her authority truly broke my need to continue masturbating. I took my hands away from my legs and set them to the side and went on with the trance.

    Overall, this session may seem to be aimed for a female audience, as a male submissive I truly felt powerless, weak and very aroused by everything I witnessed and experienced here. What a great series this was.

  3. Orella

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is delicious to sink into as her beautiful, enchanting voice fills my ears and my mind floats happily bobbing along in the ocean of her words.
    I loved the comparison of the beautiful confident woman walking a group of large dogs totally dominating and controlling them all completely with ease thanks to the training that she had undertaken with them and my own desire to be totally dominated and controlled on a leash held so easily in the hand of my Mistress with me lost in total instinctive obedience my only desire to obey and please her.
    I am indeed a naturally submissive pet so desperate to submit completely to my dominant Mistress where everything feels as it should be, and I am lost in blissful servitude.

    I loved Teacher’s Pet 1 and 2 very much and now Teacher’s Pet 3 – Classroom Discipline is here, just the title Classroom Discipline has me aroused, excited and so eager to find out how I will be disciplined.

    I take my place in the front row and Mistress Sophia welcomes everyone to her class on Discipline and Punishment for Pleasure, I am already experiencing intense arousal in anticipation as she asks if I am an obedient pet, I am salivating and need to swallow hard before I could formulate the answer ‘Yes Mistress’.

    My ears and mind fill with Mistress Sophia’s sweet yet sexy, innocent yet naughty voice as Teacher speaks and it is intoxicating, her tone and inflections are making my head fuzzy and my thoughts swirl around as they dissipate from my mental grasp. All that is left are her words and the happily aroused feelings that she is drawing forth within her programmed and totally controlled obedient teacher’s pet.
    I have residual images of Teacher dressed in an extremely sexy outfit, an extremely sexy school uniform theme, every item of clothing so very, very sexy on Teacher’s beautiful sexy form. I feel so aroused.
    I have a name ‘Miss Martin’ and the word ‘Obey’ popping into and out of my mind, just the name embodies arousal and thoughts of strict domination, discipline and the desire to obey.
    I am vaguely aware of Teacher’s voice as she intensely stimulates my aroused mind more and more as I fall deeper and deeper for her and drift into mindless obedience under her control.

    Post trance. I feel that I may have experienced intoxicating physical sensations and scents, but these memories are ghost like on the edge of my conscious mind. Trying to think of them makes me feel overwhelmed with pleasure and happiness.
    I have the words ‘Yes Miss’ and especially ‘Obey’ on the tip of my tongue and ‘Good Pet’ resonating in my mind with an intense feeling of aroused bliss and desire to please filling my mind.
    I cannot shake off the desire to be disciplined and I don’t want to let go of this desire, I can for some reason feel that my ass and legs should be sore and covered with marks from a well-deserved punishment. I don’t know why or what I did, but I feel so deliciously aroused and thankful for punishment, naughty or not I hope for more and more strict discipline lost in arousal and pleasure.

    Thank you, Mistress Sophia and Miss Martin for this wonderful experience.

  4. Andi_S

    Can a boy be trained to cum from being spanked? I think I could be. I would love be spanked mercilessly by Mistress Mia or anyone she chooses to share me with. This session is so hot. In the first part you are alone with Teacher Sophia and she took me deep into hypnosis. I do not remember all that much from this part. Then at some point you get caught masturbating by another teacher, one that is a very strict disciplinarian. She is rightfully upset that you masturbated in her class without asking for permission first and proceeds to teach you proper discipline. So you get called to the front of the classroom and a group of students is spanked and disciplined. You are asked a series of question and the only answer that is allowed is “Obey”. I must confess I was completely overwhelmed with arousal. Just a whimpering, moaning mess. I so want to be spanked and disciplined. I crave, just completely crave to be trained to be a mindless obedient toy. It is so hot. Sorry if I am being incoherent. I am still dizzy and ditzy with arousal from this hot session. Fuck. I am really turning into such a mindlessly obedient and horny hypnotized slut for my Mistress.

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