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Length: 42:54
Voice: Mistress Mia

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7 reviews for Clinical Correction

  1. Orella

    If you catch the attention of Dr Croft, you need to hope that it is for pleasing reasons.

    If it is for arrogance and a disrespectful attitude and treatment of women, such as Dr Stevens displays, then Dr Croft will modify your behaviour and who you were, the wrong you, will be gone in a puff of smoke. Well perhaps several puffs of smoke would be more accurate……

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for weaving this interesting journey where Dr Croft
    demonstrates the consequences of being arrogant and disrespectful to women. Also, her power to modify those who should already be respectful to women.

  2. philmslim

    Sinking deeper with each *flick* of Dr Croft’s lighter will be all you think about until your next appointment.

  3. mattintrance

    The vision of women smoking has triggered and hypnosis fetish for as long as I can remember. It was so lovely to witness the story of Mistress Mia subduing and humiliating the arrogant doctor. (Although–truth be told, I had trouble believing any male could possibly treat Mistress rudely once in Her presence. But, we’ll suspend disbelief on that point, in the name of artistic license.) This session leaves me with one aching question–what might Mistress Mia drugged smoke do to sweet, shy submissive boy who needs just a little…coaxing. Mmmm…

  4. LC

    I’ll say it again, cumming on command for Mistress Mia is Bliss!!!

    Thank You Mistress Mia!!!

  5. Zaid

    After the correction, whenever I am in the clinic, I would feel an overwhelming sense of excitement knowing that my next patient would be Dr. Croft. It feels like a wildest dream come true for me. Mending my way and making me eat my own cum so that I would be not humiliated infront of other due to my messiness but degrade infront of you.

  6. Abe

    I always wondered how it would be if I were a Doctor being a patient all of my life, now one of my wildest wonders have come to life. I love how the story slowly and sensually turns into an actual event that I take part of. This session truly comes as a surprise

  7. Braxton


    Wow! I love this session so much. The way Dr. Croft asserted herself in this scene was phenomenal. This story is a classic, sexy tale of switching the power dynamics. This session was perfect, and I hope we get a sequel to this story.

    Superb job Mia.

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