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A Lesson in Cuckolding with HypnoMistress Alexandra

Length: 32:27

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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10 reviews for Compersion Therapy

  1. 836

    I enjoyed this very much. During the session, the incredibly pleasant voice taught me how to appreciate a woman’s pleasure and orgasms. I believe I have learned from these sessions. Through these sessions, Alexandra has brainwashed me, implanting the right ideas, feelings, and beliefs, and I don’t mind at all. I like the idea of being brainwashed by a sexy, dominant woman. I like to be conditioned to value women’s pleasure above mine.

    Thank your for these lessons, Mistress Alexandra.

  2. Dustin

    Enjoyed the way you relaxed me and pushed me to new ideas Mistress. I can’t stop thing about it how beautiful a woman is when she’s being pleasured. I want to support that and go deeper into submission.

  3. Grimbard

    Enjoyed the way mistress Alexandra sneaks into my mind here and it feels so good. It’s simple invitation to improve your own pleasure by surrendering it to woman. And this is thought so well. My mind just comply.

  4. tymissmayihaveanother

    Mistress Alexandra sure knows how to instruct. She makes a compelling point and I am left feeling that She is correct. A sub should feel appreciative to be included. This session gives me plenty to ponder. Mistresses Mia and Alexandra could convince a cow to wear leather, and if you listen to this session, you may find that you can be convinced to try things you hadn’t considered before. Further, listening to their voices is always a pleasure and I feel a need to obey them. I’m very much looking forward to the next chapter in this series. Thank You both for enlightening me.

  5. Mistress Mia’s Deeply Devoted admirer

    This session is a gift. It creates such incredible heat.
    This session also requires bravery.
    I think that a woman who trusts her male partner (pet, slave, boyfriend husband whatever) enough to indulge in this experience together, must be very brave and loving.
    A man who accepts this opportunity, to experience true compersion, must also be very brave. To trust her to know what’s right for both of them. To give the responsibility for his heart to her, knowing she will keep it safe as they experience this amazing pleasure.
    Thank you Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Mia. I really hope I can be worthy of it.

  6. Braxton


    This file sparked more conversation from any session that I’ve seen at THM. Mistress Alexandra is perfect for the role of an instructor, and I can lesson to her melodic voice all day, everyday.

    Excellent session Alexandra

  7. Dale Roads

    “Compersion” is Mistress Alexandra’s latest class in her educational FLR series and I just didn’t get it. I thought , isn’t she basically just saying to the lady’s attending her class … empower yourself, have sex by your own leave, cuckold your boy, what is the problem, you are the boss. It was only after re-listening to Mistress Alexandra’s first five sessions/lessons, that the truth dawned on me, and now I see the prospects as very intimate, very arousing … and now, irresistible. Oh Yes!

    What! For guys visiting and looking for something to masturbate to … welcome aboard, but those of us who have been under Mistress Mia and Mistress Alexandra’s tutelage now for years (this is an advanced series of classes), the prospects are much more meaningful and exciting. It now seems to me that the well managed Femdom led cuckold relationship is the closest emotional and sexual sort of relationship that one can have. My opinion only, of course.

    The first thing I note is that Mistress Alexandra has titled her series, FLR referring to a “Female Led Relationship”, not FDR, which would refer to a “Female Dominated Relationship”. The second thing to note is that, while the training .mp3s are meant for the boys, the classes are meant to include lady’s only. In short an FLR relationship implies the dominant woman’s desire to bring her boy (or boy’s) along with her, while an FDR relationship implies “My way or the highway.” The FLR Mistress values her boy because she has chosen him and put effort into shaping him to suit her taste. An FDR Mistress requires an obedient submissive, and most will do.

    But wait, so I am to enjoy watching and listening to my lady’s oos and ahs, yelps of pleasure, her enraptured humping, and finally her closing hug and long meaningful kiss of gratitude for a hot sophisticated fuck, while I am trained to glean my own pleasure, i.e. masturbate? Yes, exactly, but why would I do that even granted my deep emotional connection to this woman whom I am utterly enraptured with … the fear of losing her, partly yes, but if that was it, then one would be in an FDR relationship. It is widely recognized that multi-partner relationships are inherently unstable, likely to fall apart, so what is a Femdom who wants a stable household to do. Well, there-in enters the genius of Mistress Alexandra.

    We, the boys, are not going to do this on our own. It is not evolutionarily natural, and socially, wearing cuckold ears means you a wimp, a loser, and certainly a sucker. And there is the rub for the lady’s of the household … it is up to THEM to make this happen, and like planting a garden to bear fruit , there is an initial investment in labor and time that is required of THEM. Frankly I suspect that of the lady’s attending the class, only a small proportion of the class will have the patience to carry this off. Sorry.

    If you go back to FLR 1 you see right off that the woman of the household must take the initiative, day in and day out for perhaps a month or more to engender the rather Pavlovian connection between the man’s pleasure and her benefaction. It is only past that point, when he begins to earn his pleasure doing household chores and the like, that she can began to reap the benefits of her labor. It is then that things really start to get interesting, for beyond household chores what else? Well, Compersion. I find myself responding, her FLR series is effective and sexually awakening, consider starting from the beginning, FLR1 … or not.

  8. Orella

    I must applaud Andi_S for his excellent review of this wonderful session. Even more impressive as he posted it so quickly after the session was released. A fine job Sir.
    I enjoyed reading the review from Abe too.

    When I saw that Mistress Alexandra was releasing a new session in August I was filled with a warm tumultuous rush of feelings. I have missed Mistress Alexandra very much; it has felt like such a long time since her last new session release back in January.

    I love Mistress Alexandra’s voice and her style of taking me into trance, I love the FLR series which this session is a continuation of.

    What an interesting session this is, training to accept as a priority over one’s own and a desire ensure ‘Her’ pleasure first and foremost perhaps to the exclusion of one’s own direct pleasure and therefore seeking and embracing pleasure by proxy is quite a challenge, in its own right, for many people.

    This session however goes into another dimension altogether, the acceptance of ‘Her’ pleasure being paramount and most desired even when it involves other people and one is not necessarily involved at all or perhaps not even present. This is a greater challenge and requires attaining an epiphany level of self-development and self-understanding, it requires a level of connection to your Mistress that in my opinion is truly symbiotic in nature, you need to become a part of her, an extension of her, so much so that ‘Her’ pleasure really is your own genuinely deeply desired goal, ‘Her’ pleasure feeds your pleasure even when you are not directly involved.

    I believe that to attain the above-mentioned level of connection you need to have a deep bidirectional trust in your relationship, this engenders a deeply embedded security of mutual value in the relationship therefore there is no need to feel negative emotions like jealousy nor fear of loss. The bond between you is strong, safe and secure, enabling you to become totally supportive of ‘Her’ pleasure seeking in whatever direction and form she pleases.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra. Thank you for releasing this new session and filling my ears and willing mind with you voice, training and conditioning. I have missed you very much and am so happy to be in your FLR class once more. Thank you for my ongoing training and conditioning to help me to become the best pet I can be for my Mistress.

  9. Abe

    This session is beyond beautiful. There’s no greater pleasure than that of your lovely Queen’s. As mentioned, Alexandra returns with a new class suitable for all women willing to experience endless pleasure through Compersion, by guiding their men to seek their own sexual satisfaction, pleasure and happiness through their ladies’. This session takes Cuckolding into few waves of pleasure, immense love and satisfaction. The female orgasm is truly a work of art, as a man it’s far more greater than my own. It’s the world’s gift to men, and something that should be worshipped, admired and adored in complete surrender. This Queen can be any and every women, anyone who is gifted to receive female orgasms over and over again, how many times she wants, with whoever she wants and however she pleases…

  10. Andi_S

    It is not in the title but Compersion Therapy is actually a continuation of Mistress Alexandra’s legendary FLR series. Once more, your partner or Mistress sends you to one of Mistress Alexandra’s classes to help you in your aspirations to become the best and most supportive boy you can be for her.

    As soon as I heard Mistress Alexandra’s soothing and sexy voice, I felt right at home. A pleasant energy spreads through my body. A cozy and arousing sensation takes hold as her voice gently enters into my mind and body. The wonderful and beautiful energy she is able to convey through her voice and her words leaves no place for any trace of doubt or negativity. I feel like her voice is holding me and carrying me and it makes me feel so safe and warm and free. I can hear Mistress Mia’s voice in the background and it adds to these feelings, making me feel like right here naked in by bed with these two wonderful women’s voices teaching me new lessons and tending to my mind is exactly where I want to be and where I need to be. Thank you Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Mia for making this session feel so wonderful.

    As the lesson continues I keep thinking about Mistress Mia’s pleasure. About how much I adore her and her inner and outer beauty and feminine power. I imagine her sexy body and how much she enjoys it to be able to get any man’s attention. I think about how wonderful it would be if I would be able to express my adoration for her by not seeing my own pleasure and orgasm as the reward that I look for but instead find happiness and pleasure in being as helpful and supportive for her as I can and in knowing that she gets all the pleasure she desires in any way that she wants.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra for giving me such wonderful and pleasurable thoughts. I love Compersion Therapy and I hope my mind is adaptive enough so that I can really learn the beautiful lesson you aim to teach us with this great session.

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9 months 16 days ago

Me too.

9 months 16 days ago

I’m surprised by just how aroused this file got me. I can’t stop thinking about it and find myself craving to listen over and over.


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