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Length: 36:20
Voice:Mistress Alexandra

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10 reviews for Conditioned To Submit

  1. Attorney-at-Paw

    This file builds upon the foundation laid in “Therapy for the Submissive Boy”, further fleshing out the idea of accepting your submissive nature by teaching you good habits that will make you more attuned to the needs and wants of all women. As submissive boys we are our own worst enemies, because when we think too much we begin to delude ourselves into thinking we truly know what we want and need for ourselves. The reality is that a life without service is a life of hedonism, and without regularly committing to good behavior we will regress to our base desires and deprive women of our full attention and commitment. It is better to let women do the thinking for us and to serve them however they want and need, both because they are deserving of it and because they are better suited for knowing what is best for us. Thank you Mistress Alexandra!

  2. Braxton

    Wow! Yet another great file from the amazing Mistress Alexandra.

    So I was a little bored and searched for some erotic content online while I was on company time. Without warning, I was called into the office by the head of HR….Mistress Alexandra! After undressing me (figuratively) by reading out loud all of the naughty content I’ve been looking up on the internet, she informed me that I was in quite of but if trouble. As my embarrassment grew from being exposed, she began to inform me of how I could keep my job.

    Mistress Alexandra turns up the heat during this one on one meeting in her office to help condition you and readjust your focus to show her that you truly want to continue working for the company.

  3. GuyC_UK

    Provocative, Tantalizing, Harmonious, Dominating, are a few words to describe this Session, the more you hear the more you wish/need/want to succumb to Mistress Alexandra’s Domanance, leaving you feeling amazing and wanting to hear it again and again, Thank You ♡Mistress Alexandra♡ for helping us become better Submissives to which all THM Mistress’ Deserve.

  4. Andi_S

    This session leaves me dazed with arousal and lust and an insatiable desire to be overwhelmed by my submissive nature. Mistress Alexandra is the perfect dominatrix and hypnotherapist. To me this session is a masterpiece of sexual seduction and programming. The incredibly sexy scenes and images Mistress Alexandra creates here resonate deep within me. Her voice takes me deep into trance and evokes a kind of submissive sexual passion unlike I have known it before. I am completely powerless to resist her. As a confident, sexy woman she is my superior. And why fight it when it feels so incredibly good to embrace it and let Mistress Alexandra seduce me and train and condition me to become an ever more obedient submissive boy?

  5. Isaias

    This is a mind blowing follow up to “Therapy for the Submissive Boy” I have to say. I listed to this wanting to explore my submissiveness more with Mistress Alexandra and what I got was so much more. I’m bad with words and it’s hard for me to put into words but after listening to this session I just want to obey every command I hear from Mistress Alexandra. For her to just assert her dominance over me! Don’t pass this session up if you enjoyed her first one.

  6. Tim

    Something Mistress Alexandra said in her first session played on repeat in my mind as I listened to this one. Do I remember correctly, or did I imagine it? Why is the bittersweet urge to make love to her imprinted in my mind? As I sat there, in her office, helplessly exposed in my arousal the memory of those words created a delightful contrast that highlighted just how far above me Mistress Alexandra is and how good it feels to submit. If only to have a moment of her attention.

    Do you want to feel exposed in front of a powerful woman and walk away with a sense that you are taken care of? Then listen to this file.

  7. Abe

    I knew that looking up Femdom Porn while at work wouldn’t be a brilliant idea and there you have it, I was called in to see the boss. Instead of creating different Obedience is Pleasure Posters for the offices of our Mistresses here, I had my head barried deep in my computer screen looking at porn instead of a leather skirt.

    One of the greatests things about this session is the natural dominance, charm and control of Mistress Alexandra, but also feeling like she has been part of TheHypnoMistress for a much longer time than this short time she has taken charge of us boys alongside Mia. Her techniques of therapy speaks superiority and confiedence, she can take us down into trance without really needing to try. I found myself feeling so submissive, even more submissive to Mistress Alexandra, her voice, her commanding words and her unique style of therapy. I first experience this in her first session and now this got ten times stronger.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I shall be working on the posters I spoke about

  8. Taigh

    Once you have been inside Mistress Alexandra’s office and surrendered to her conditioning you are not going to come out exactly the same person. Following on from he Therapy session – which I listened to several times before trying this session, I am feeling a wonderful sense of freedom to be more open about my own desires to be submissive to women. Now after being exposed to Mistress Alexandra’s conditioning I feel excited about being more confident to show my submissive feelings under the right circumstances. I feel that a door has been opened for me by Alexandra and I want to go through. Im not sure if I have the courage yet but do know that I am going to to be returning to see Mistress Alexandra often now as she is so exciting, so wonderfully dominant and exciting and her conditioning just feels so very very good.
    Mia is so clever for introducing me to Alexandra.

  9. Orella

    I was brought up to offer my seat to women on buses and trains, to always hold doors open and offer for women to go first, this put women into a superior role in my mind and mine as a submissive role.
    In this great session Mistress Alexandra draws me deeper into my desire to submit, with her knowledge of my kinks she skillfully asserts her dominance and lured me deeper into her conditioning to be respectful and submissive to women who I must please.
    I want to submit to Mistress Alexandra’s therapy and treatment to be properly conditioned to be a good boy.

  10. Shakara

    A long awaited session, at least for me.
    So what can I say about this session? This session taught me a lot of things.
    In compare with Mistress Alexandra’s first session “Therapy for the Submissive Boy” this one is a little bit different. The biggest difference is the addition of Dominance, you can hear this in her voice. Strong, unrelentless and strict is her voice and it can be easily mistaken as robotic, but it isn’t. It is dominance!
    If you listen further you will see the changes, how she shiftes from clearly dominance to a voice which lures you deeper into the rabit hole and then she shifts back or mixes both styles. At the end you cannot resist her and you will obey her orders without hesitation.

    I would give this session 5 stars, but there is something which pushes it to even more than 5 stars, maybe 7?
    It is the symbiosis with Mistress Mia’s session “Chastity Pet”.
    Mistress Mia’s session is great, but this session by Mistress Alexandra is the icing on the top. You don’t need further restrictions, you need someone who teaches you the right traits. And this someone is Mistress Alexandra.

    That is why I believe that Mistress Alexandra is a perfect addition to TheHypnoMistress.

    PS: The email-address is real.

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I cannot wait any longer, but I have to be patient.