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Length: 36:51, 36:20, 53:17

Voice: Alexandra

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3 reviews for Conditioning Collection Vol1

  1. Orella

    If you are like me and crave to be submissive, obedient and pleasing to the wonderful Mistress’ here at THM and the powerful, dominant women that you want to serve then this collection is a must for you.

    Therapy for the Submissive Boy
    Mistress Alexandra’s voice is beautiful, soothing and very sexy all at the same time. This session is a must for any boys who are shy with women or any boys that find it difficult to express their submissiveness to women.

    Conditioned to Submit
    I was brought up to offer my seat to women on buses and trains, to always hold doors open and offer for women to go first, this put women into a superior role in my mind and mine as a submissive role.
    In this great session Mistress Alexandra draws me deeper into my desire to submit, with her knowledge of my kinks she skilfully asserts her dominance and lured me deeper into her conditioning to be respectful and submissive to women who I must please.
    I want to submit to Mistress Alexandra’s therapy and treatment to be properly conditioned to be a good boy.

    Unconditional Submission
    I love interactive sessions as they immerse me so much quicker and deeper into the session.
    I have really enjoyed my therapy sessions with Mistress Alexandra, the thought of unconditional submission is so alluring and I cannot resist the draw of this session.
    I felt so pleased that Mistress Alexandra was pleased with my therapy progress, hearing ‘good boy’ from her beautiful lips stirred my emotions deeply and each time I heard this I became more aroused and as a result erect.
    Mistress Alexandra is so beautiful and I am like a ‘rabbit in the headlights’ transfixed to her beautiful voice and her form as she moves, I cannot help myself I desperately want to obey and please Mistress Alexandra.
    I am so happy to helplessly respond verbally as Mistress Alexandra directs me to, I say the phrases and feel their impact deeply. I need to be controlled, trained to be more submissive and obedient in the presence of powerful women, my obedience makes me feel so much pleasure.
    Kneeling at Mistress Alexandra’s feet felt so right, I belong on my knees, I am so desperate to be given permission to worship Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful feet filling my longing gaze. I am so aroused waiting in submission, waiting obediently for the command to kiss and lick Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful feet.
    When the command is given to kiss and lick Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful feet, I automatically obey without question, my obedience bringing me so much pleasure and intensified knowing that I am pleasing Mistress Alexandra, Pleasing Mistress is all that matters and this brings me intense pleasure.

  2. GuyC_UK

    A Totally Submissive Pleasure, Mistress Alexandra’s Dominance and Harmonious Voice leaves you with Amazing feelings, visualizations and urges of wishing to be on your knees to Please/Pleasure/Submit to Her and All the Dominant Mistress’ here in THM, i personally am also coming away from listening to this Session bundle with some new Fetish’s: Nylon covered Legs & Feet, and Heels. i am also in 110% agreement with Orella’s Great Review. Thank You ♡Mistress Alexandra♡

  3. Useful

    There wasn’t an option for six stars so, I selected five. This series is amazing to me. Mistress Alexandra has a soothing, calm, yet authoritative voice. She chooses her words with precision and her tone and inflection are spellbinding. I deeply crave to be a good boy for her and will continue to abide by her every wish. Her firm yet caring leadership is making me a better person in everyday life, much to the pleasure of the women I live and interact with.

    Thank you Mistress Alexandra,

    On my knees,


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Conditioning Collection Vol1


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