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10 reviews for Femdom Court – Confession Lessons

  1. MicHam99

    Yes my FemDom court experience was very a delicious one. Everyday, i was nervous and anxious( in a positive way) of what! Mistress Amber will write me or making me do. I discovered more me (MICHEL) i didn’t know that I have so many kinks.
    From Mistress Amber list I was invited to select 3 or 4 on the list but in my mind I was ready to select them all (lol) except for the Sisy one ha ha…. And then she make me go even further by writing some on paper and out loud on a recording.
    I have to admit that make me feel really naked and fragile, I was ashamed of my tough…. But was decided to go for it all the way. All the sessions listen in the 12 days where very special holding the hand of Mistress Mia and walking through the stair (yes Mia) was so intense it felt like i was in communion with Mistress. Passing all the doors with her and discover some door that was suggested for me later. The session with Katia preparing me for the Court was stunning pushing me to the edge. I will go back to the court anytime. Thank you so much for that great experience and fantasy. Not only fantasy because I am changing mildly and physically.. I am suggestible now. As an example i became a submissive pet for Mistress Mia March 30, and I developed a strong foot addition and now Cum Liqueur.

  2. Andi_S

    My goal for this review is to both authentically expresses how challenging this experience was for me, while also getting across how much I appreciate and admire the incredible achievement that is Femdom Court 2 – Confession Lessons.

    From start to finish this 12 day Femdom Court program is a 100% immersive, expertly and beautifully crafted and executed experience. Over the course of 12 days you receive personalized emails from your Judge who is a delightfully dominant woman and a very skilled professional. You are assigned various tasks and will get to listen to a number of extremely sexy hypnosis sessions. From the very first email on, there will be no doubt in your mind that this Woman knows what she is doing and that it would not be wise to defy her. Also, as you will find out over the course of the program, the techniques she applies to get a boy to obey and confess are very powerful and effective. In fact, shockingly so. I would go so far as to say that this program could indeed be life-changing for many boys.

    So…Femdom Court. I am sure many of you have listened to the sessions in this series. They deal with extremely hot fantasies. And yes, as Mistress Mia hypnotized me and narrated them to my open and empty subconscious, I began to think that this is exactly what I want and need. What I have always wanted. I mindlessly nod along as my Mind Mistress tells me that I am willing to do anything at all to please her. I melt into bliss, really almost a kind of nirvana, as I experience the pleasure and freedom of being turned into empty headed little puppets by our Mistress. I swear my loyalty and proclaim that my goal is total submission and obedience.

    Yet…how free am I really to be that boy? What happens when the submissive boy, the ideal version of ourselves that exists within our minds is asked to perform in the real world? What happens when a sexy, dominant Woman pushes you past your boundaries? How willing am I really to do whatever it takes to please my Mistress? Am I really willing to put her pleasure and her will before my own? And what are the obstacles and barriers and fears within myself that prevent me from really being the submissive boy I want to be?

    If you are anything like me you might be confronted with these obstacles during this program. You might experience excitement, fun, thrill, arousal, you might be made to feel like a kinky submissive bitch, but yes, you might also experience stress and fear. You might be made to do things that you could never have thought you could do and experience a level of vulnerability that frightens you.

    Me personally, I was actually confronted with some my worst fears. I’m not going to say what it was because I don’t want to spoil anything but it was definitely intense. My trust in Mistress Mia anchored me and made me feel safe even despite the fear I was experiencing. But I have got to be honest: There came a point where even that trust couldn’t help me anymore. I was close to my breaking point and yes, I did think about using my safe word.

    So yes, this program will more likely than not push you past your boundaries. But let me also be very clear: it is also safe. Absolutely. It wasn’t easy for me but I would not want to miss it. I learned something about the nature of my vulnerability and of the barriers inside of myself that limited my potential and my freedom for much of my life. Also, the Women in charge of this program are professional and very responsible. If you experience any real issues, you will not be left alone. I can attest to that.

    So in closing, let me just say this Femdom Court program is a truly unique, unforgettable experience. If you are on the fence, just take the plunge. You don’t want to miss out on this. Personally, if there is another Femdom Court, I will sign up in a heartbeat. The level of immersion and intensity, the almost scientific precision with which these techniques work on your psyche, and just the incredible overall quality the Women who designed and executed this program are able achieve in this long-distance program is nothing short of absolutely amazing. This type of obedience training is an art form, and this program is another impressive example of why so many boys say the HypnoMistress is the one place to go to when you want to be trained by the best. It is safe to say that the Femdom Court series has already reached iconic status. Thank you Mistress Mia and thank you my Judge for letting me be a part of this and training and helping me to (hopefully) become a better submissive.

  3. Mia’s beast

    Mistress Mia has outdone Herself. This is perhaps the most intense interative experience you will have, that is if you are ready to completely obey, completely submit.
    Your limits will be pushed, your mind taken, your obedience deepened.
    i know, because mine were.
    i am a better submissive for going before my Judge, and obeying Her, and Mistress Mia’s instructions. The experience truly challenged me, my willingness, and my submission. i Thank Mistress Mia and my Judge for this, deeply.
    Mistress Mia, and Her exquisite Judges, perfectly chosen by Mistress Mia, will push you deeper, challenging your understanding of true submission, and obedience.
    Go ahead boy, go before the Judge, and show Mistress Mia just how submissive and obedient you truly are.

  4. Simon Dorpema

    Femdom Court. Her last words: You made it ….. What an unbelievable experience. As 10 year passive Binaural Beats user i used to listen to few files in a row but this is 12 days, interactive, customized tease! Be aware it is 12 days and more than once thought of using my escape word! to escape the Court as I thought I could not make it. It al starts with a simple question when just buying. This first question giving shivers all over my body! Wow! and that 12 days! I rediscovered hidden kinks. I discovered that my trap is falling for powerful Mistresses. A must try in new relations spicing up and open up. My girlfriend , after 12 days, likes me more as I have nothing to hide ;), Simon (Mia’s toy 😉

  5. Moha321

    What can I say other than a phenomenal experience!!!

    Participants are subjected to so much denial and frustration, and miraculously that results in so much pleasure. Frustration is typically perceived as whatever is the opposite of pleasure. Yet, judge Amber and Mistress Mia through this awesome experience tamed my desires and making me obey and enjoy my orgasm denial.

    In fact, if Mistress Mia or Mistress Amber see this , I you consider taking control of my orgasms. I no longer wish for a free orgasm! It so much to get permission before having an orgasm!!

  6. Dan Galden

    *I will leave out any spoilers. Also I have no idea how other people’s sessions compared to each other, but if anyone wants to discuss on Discord I’m on there as Danman33 now that we’re free!

    Overall, I had no idea what to expect going into this. I am not really a stranger to erotic hypnosis as I discovered it nearly 20 years ago in a dark corner on the internet. However it’s only been recently that I have seen what Mistress Mia has been up to, and it seems she is the new Queen of this domain.

    I signed up and heard a lot about Femdom court, it seemed to be the hot topic of the day. So of course I jumped in with both feet with no expectations.

    I must say I was no disappointed! I do love the thought of submitting to a powerful, dominant woman and this is exactly what that is. Your particular kinks or fantasies are not in focus here, but HER kinks and fantasies and Her watching you make them come true before her eyes.

    I loved the pacing of the program, and the constant contact by my Judge. Then the finale was one of the deepest trances I think I have ever had. I struggle a bit “going under” but this session really gave me that sensation more than I’ve had before. It really seems like Mia was in my brain, making changes for her benefit and that is so extremely arousing. I do feel a bit differently about the task I was lead to perform in front of the Judges and Jury, and although was a bit hesitant in the beginning I feel like I was conditioned to perform it for my Mistress’ pleasure. This is a truly a unique experience and I want to thank Mistress Mia and all the other ladies at HypnoMistress for putting together this enchanting experience. Can’t wait for more.

  7. Braxton

    —Spoiler Free—

    Erotic. Humiliating. Intense.

    Where do I even begin? If you’ve been to Femdom Court before, then you have an idea of how this interactive experience will go. You will still be pleasantly surprised. This time you’ll experience more interactions, and more intense instructions from your appointed judge. The session is intense. Humiliation is a very powerful erotic kink, and you must be mentally strong to endure the torture. Just remember, at the end of the day it’s fun, and it’s fantasy. Just embrace the experience, and make the most of it. Obey your judges directives, and you may get released eventually …

    Mia, and all of the ladies involved in this project, Thank you. I know that it took a great deal of time, work, dedication, planning and patience to create such a wonderful interactive session. I have traditions that I started during FC: ‘Corrective Pleasure’ that I carried over for ‘Confession Lessons’. The main tradition being, anytime I read my email instructions from my judge, I do so while listening to ‘Tears in Rain’ by Scott Buckley. I also kept a diary during my time. The bar has been raised for Femdom Court interactive. I look forward to future sessions in court.

    Phenomenal work ladies.

  8. Abe

    I landed here on Confession Lessons by luck but I’m so happy to have been able to experience Femdom Court for the second time. I’ve carried the wonderful happy feelings from Corrective Pleasures because I’m a better submissive now. The experience made me realize that my Masturbation habit was not put into good use and that a strong confident judge was better to judge my actions. I was released in January and it’s been a great journey of total obedience and submission. My only regret is not being able to keep a diary this time but this is my own fault. Perhaps I’ll regret not keeping my thoughts saved on a cloud account somewhere but this experience truly felt very very special and much more personal to me. I guess my mind has recorded each event that accrued inside me so, I’m trusting it that it will show me wonderful memories in the near future. Mistress Mia’s welcoming letter felt very heartfelt with a few rules which I happily obeyed. I went on for almost 13 days, The New Judge here really really got the better of me, while in trance I felt a strong presence before me which had me feeling so powerless and small compared to her. Even though I often felt intimidated and confused, the sessions Mistress Mia produced through this experience made things a lot easier and smoother almost my helping me along to endure and complete my sentence.

    A DejaVu that keeps happening and that has happened before, I’m able to relive the events of Femdom Court again and again with a new take on things in every listen.

    Thank You Mistress Mia, Katya and Mistress (not spoiling) for this wonderful time at Femdom Court

  9. Orella

    Back at the end of January, I was lucky to be one of the first boys to have the opportunity to take part in the Femdom Court Experience – Corrective Pleasures and it was such a wonderful experience.
    I have been awaiting this next visit to Femdom Court with ever growing anticipation.

    Just as I was commanded not to discuss Femdom Court – Confession Lessons during my time under the control of the Judge, there are few spoilers in my review of the 12 delicious days under the complete control of my wonderful Judge.

    01 May. Application Day
    My excitement and anticipation are exquisite as I submit my application to Femdom Court for Confession Lessons.
    Post submission I keep checking email as my anticipation grows. Behold an email arrives in my inbox from Mistress Mia, with great excitement and heart racing, I read the strict rules that I must obey.

    I await contact from my Judge, adrenalin coursing through me driven by wild thoughts of what the Judge may have in store for me whilst I am in her custody.
    I regularly check email so desperate to hear from the Judge. An email arrives in my inbox and I read the message from my Judge. My heart quickens again and my breathing becomes heavier as I read about the Judge and her rules.
    A wave of delight and trepidation washes over me as I read that the Judge will undertake a review and consider accepting my case.

    As I awake the next day, I immediately check email. I am excited as I see an email from the Judge.
    I open the email in a mix of emotions, hope that the Judge will accept my case and trepidation that she will not, also a little fear if she does and that there will be no going back now.
    I am consumed with a wave of relief and delight as I read that the Judge will take my case for this Femdom Court program exploring the secret fantasies and deep dark desires that I keep hidden away from others.
    I eagerly read on and see that I have been given a safe word in case I cannot take it, a twinge of fear creeps back into my mind but is overwhelmed by more heart pumping adrenalin, wow how exhilarating and I cannot wait to see where and how far the Judge is going push my boundaries.

    The days that followed were filled with awaiting contacts from the Judge, commands and instructions to be obeyed without question, tasks to be undertaken, activities to be completed taking me further and further into the land of my inner secret kinky desires and building the irresistible need for confession to the Judge.

    All to quickly my 12 or so days of custody under the control of the Judge are completed. Thank you Judge for taking me on this deep journey into my own kinky mind and allowing me to experience your expert confession extraction skills.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for sending this chastity pet back to Femdom Court for more wonderful experiences.

  10. Attorney-at-Paw

    Femdom Court: Confession Lessons, like Femdom Court: Corrective Pleasures before it, completely shocked me in how far it was able to persuade me to go in doing things that I never knew that I could. I learned a lot about myself; not just the various things that I now find arousing that I was unaware of before, but this program also helped me find the deepest levels of my inner, authentic submissive self and made it feel alive and free from the last vestiges of self-suppression that were holding me back. I now know my true purpose in life: to serve and obey dominant women without question.

    I really regret not finding TheHypnoMistress sooner. It’s only by chance that I even discovered the concept of erotic hypnosis. I could have gone my entire life wholly unaware of such a transformative concept and never taken the plunge. By any definition these programs and the other amazing sessions created by our THM Hypnodommes are art. But unlike a spectator looking at a painting exhibit, we are merged with the art to create something truly magical. I thank my Judge (who I will not name so that other boys are not spoiled), Mistress Mia, Mistress Katya, Mistress Alexandra, Mistress Sophia, and Judge Greene from the bottom of my heart.

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