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6 reviews for Corrective Pleasures

  1. Orella

    I loved the Femdom Court series, so when this new experience was launched, I could not wait to dive strait in. I am lucky in that I am on the THM Patreon Collared Boy tier and was able to be in the first group of pets to be able to apply.
    I also loved the Submissive Display series, each session building on the previous one in such a wonderful, sexy and arousing journey. Session six of that series is a springboard into Corrective Pleasures.

    I don’t want to give any spoilers as you really need to experience this incredible journey into ever deeper submission, obedience and intense desperate constant arousal for yourself.
    What I can tell you are some of my feelings from this experience.

    Day 1 (20 January 2021).
    I can’t believe how excited and a little nervous I was as I completed the application process. It was only after pressing submit on the application that I realised just how much cock had been dribbling and oozing, I was completely stuck to my underwear and had to prise them off.
    Later that day the first email from my anonymous Judge arrived. Upon seeing this email in my inbox my pulse quickened, heart pounded and raced, mouth became dry. I opened the email, my hand shaking a little from the burst of adrenalin surging through me. As I read the rules that I must adhere to from ‘She who must be obeyed’, I felt so captured and helpless, nothing more than a submissive obedient pet with no choice but total and complete obedience.
    Later that evening a second email arrived. I eagerly read the instructions from the Judge and my ordeal began in preparation for my day in court.

    In the days that followed I eagerly awaited the daily instructions from my Judge, I would check email over and over again, desperate to find out what tasks and training I must undertake. She who must be obeyed is in total control, I cannot ask or even beg her for anything, I must simply obey, I am a helpless obedient submissive pet.
    Day after day my daily training/brainwashing, more and more obedience and arousal become one and the same. Each night sleep pulls me down, in the mornings when I awake, cock is erect and aching desperate to cum, nipples are so sensitive that any touch sends a jolt shuddering through me.
    My daily training continues, desperately checking email many times a day so eager for more instructions, so eager to repeat aloud the phrases that I am instructed to say.
    A new aspect is introduced, in addition to the teasing and tormenting I have affirmations that I am instructed include in my daily training.

    Another day arrives and I am such an eager pet once more checking email like I am possessed or perhaps more accurately obsessed. I see today’s email from the Judge, as I read the email I catch my breath and my heart skips a beat. Today is my day in Femdom Court, I cannot do justice (no pun intended) to how I felt, I am brought before the Judge, only to find that there is more than one at my trial. I hear the charges and know that I am so very guilty, there is no defence, nothing to say, I must accept my guilt and strive to amuse and please the Judges.
    Post the trial, I remain lost in arousal on the verge of ejaculation, every time I wake up throughout the night and in the morning, I am erect with the feeling of constantly being on the verge of ejaculation.

    I must now atone for my crimes. I continue my eager daily checking for email instruction from my Judge. As her instructions arrive and I learn what each new day has instore for me, more training to please, more affirmations, more tasks to please the Judge.
    I remain lost in arousal on the verge of ejaculation hour after hour, day after day. How many days have passed of intense arousal and stimulation since I was last permitted to orgasm, how many more days are yet to pass as I am kept in this desperate state of obedience and arousal by my wonderful Judge, only ‘She who must be obeyed’ knows and will decide if and when I am permitted to orgasm again.

    It is 29 January 2021. My atonement is not yet over, I am still very much under the ongoing control of the Judge and will be until ‘She who must be obeyed’ decides to release me from custody.
    Whatever happens next is staying between me and my wonderful Judge, so my review of this incredible intense Femdom Court experience is as complete as I am willing to share.

    If you have the opportunity to undertake this incredible experience, I highly recommend that you do. I hope that you love this intense experience.
    I so look forward to whatever the Femdom Court has instore for me in future.

  2. Braxton

    Simply outstanding! Imagine a 12 day interactive roleplay with sexy dominant judges determined to punish you for your undisciplined behaviour. Femdom Court: Corrective Pleasure is a wonderful roleplay experience! Receive daily instructions from your assigned judge, and follow them to the letter. My advice to those who decide to embark on the journey is to simply Obey. Obey all instructions from the judges, and they will guide you. It’s up to them on where they want to take you. The only choice you have is to submit to their rulership. Make the most of your experience!

  3. Abe

    This experience truly changed my mindset to improve certain uncontrolled habits in my day to day living. A more submissive boy, that’s what I become as I’m released from Femdom Court. I can’t be thankful enough…

  4. Andi_S

    This program has truly been an unforgettable experience for me. When you enroll, a Judge will be assigned to your case and you will be sent daily personalized instructions. Obviously I do not know how personalized they are as I haven’t read any emails from other participants but it did feel personal to me. These emails are very well written by a skilled, experienced confident woman and to me they had no generic feel at all. This was a real woman speaking to me directly. It felt amazing. In the beginning I was intimated by her very strict demeanor and worried about what she might ask of me. I will not spoil anything for you but the things she did end up instructing me do where very hot and/or very helpful for me to grow as a submissive and a man in general. Now having completed this program I feel great. I am so motivated and I feel more confident that I can be a pleasing submissive plaything for my Mistress. I definitely believe that every boy who is in Mistress Mia’s service or really any submissive boy at all can greatly benefit from participating in this program.

    You will also be sent several sessions to listen to over the course of this twelve day program. If you wonder about the price of participating, it is well worth it. You receive daily personalized emails, you get several sessions to listen to, and if you are anything like me you will end up feeling so hot and horny and also so much better about yourself as a submissive. I hope you will get to experience this for yourself one day. I for one am so happy and grateful that my Mistress decided that I had to go to Femdom Court to learn about Corrective Pleasures.

  5. Robert Clark


  6. Lorenzo

    Something like this experience has never been done and I enjoyed it to the fullest. You will come out of this a better person. Or better yet, a better slave 😉

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