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Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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4 reviews for Couples Therapy 2

  1. Braxton


    Another session with our favorite therapist, the beautiful Mistress Alexandra. Therapy can be daunting for some, but in this session Mistress Alexandra continues your “treatment” with you and your sexual partner. What better way to increase the pleasure and passion in your relationship, then to place it in the hands of a sexy dominant woman? Allow Mistress Alexandra to lull you into a very peaceful trance with her memorizing voice and her captivating dancing candle.

    Alexandra you are so easy to trance with. The picture you painted with your flame dancing candle was perfect. It reminded me of a very old movie called Metropolis released in 1927. There is a scene in the movie where the character “Maria” is doing a very sensual (for it’s time) dance. She effortlessly captivates an entire room of boys. I’d bet every one of them would be willing to pleasure Maria, and surrender thier own just to please her.

    Great session Alexandra

  2. Tim

    I recommend this session for men who are looking to become a more attentive partner and who are curious about how submissive they can be in their relationships. I struggle with both of those things and this session had a very profound and longlasting effect on me. Alexandra is a very fascinating dominating woman who knows exactly which strings to pull to bring a man such as myself under her complete control. I am sure she will have no trouble doing the same for you, but beware, her methods have an edge to them that can feel very challenging and because of that, irresistibly enticing and arousing.

    This session begs the question, do you have what it takes to please women.

  3. Andi_S

    Sometimes when I listen to a session, I have a very clear, very vivid memory of what went down, and sometimes my mind just feels foggy and a little confused when I think about it. This session is in the latter category. I have listened to it two times now and I feel that I know what was said but I just can’t seem to string together a sequence of thoughts that would enable me to describe it to you via text.

    I remember being extremely aroused by the whole theme. Being trained to be a more pleasing subject and lover. Deriving my own pleasure from being obedient and pleasing, mind, body, and soul completely focused on the pleasure of the woman I wish to serve. Being mind-controlled and reshaped by amazing dominant women like Mistress Mia and Mistress Alexandra. This is what I want and need. It is so hot. And so fulfilling. I never want to live without it again.

    Mistress Alexandra’s voice took me so deep. So empty. So completely open to receive and absorb these important lessons. She is the perfect therapist for submissive boys and I absolutely love her sessions. I will return to her clinic as often as I can.

    One thing I would like to point out is that I think being single should not stop you from listening to this session. I did not listen to Couples Therapy 1 because I thought, well it’s just for couples. But now after having listened to part 2 I would definitely say even if you technically do not have a girlfriend you can instead imagine a woman in your life that you wish to please and it does not take away from the experience.

  4. Orella

    I really loved listening to Mistress Mia’s foreplay where she talks about what pleases women vs what pleases men. The subject of male submission to female pleasure is exquisite and a journey that I love to explore deeper and deeper under Mistress Mia’s complete control, so constantly aroused, so desperate to serve and please her, loving the pleasure of begging for release and awaiting her permission to touch sexually and explode in ecstatic bliss.

    Mistress Alexandra’s Pleasure Clinic is such a wonderful learning experience, I love to submit to her expert conditioning. I love that she is helping me to become more and more submissive, obedient and training me to become totally focussed on serving women for their sexual pleasure, female pleasure should be at the centre of my pleasure, without pleasing women my own pleasure is meaningless and empty.
    Drifting into trance listening to Mistress Alexandra’s irresistible voice is such a blissful experience, her voice full of confidence and I find this so arousing as I fall under her control.
    I remember when I was a child staring into the fireplace flames fascinated watching the many different shapes appearing in the flames and morphing into new shapes before my eyes. Post this session I have a residual image of a dancing candle flame, the dancing shape ever changing as the candle flickers, my mind transfixed to this image.
    I awoke from this session feeling relaxed, happy and aroused with an aching desperate desire to return Mistress Alexandra’s Pleasure Clinic and please her the next time I have Mistress Mia’s permission to touch cock sexually.

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