Length: 52:10
Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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3 reviews for Couples Therapy 3

  1. Abe

    The flame dancer… its fasinating how she absorbs so much sexual enegry from me, gives it to me firstly then let’s it invade my mind then my whole body only to take it all away and giving it all to my wonderful lady partner next to me while I’m left sucked dry and a horny needing man.

    The importance here is not allowing the sexual heat from the flame dancer to burst out and burn inside my body but inside my wonderful lady. From the first therapy session back in Feb, I’ve been completely toyed by Mistress Alexandra, I’ve witnessed how it is for a women to really make a men get on his knees and beg for even more pleasure and to teach him the good skills to please his wom(ae)n. What’s left for me to learn? I’ll never reach that level of knowlege, forever bound to favor the pleasure of women, sexy strong powerful women, women who simply love to feel pleasure and arousal like they deserve, over the often time, meaningless ejaculaton of man…

  2. Andi_S

    With all this intense pleasure that our wonderful Mistresses allow me to experience on this journey, and the intense desire and need to feel it I sometimes wonder…am I too self centered? Am I doing enough to please them? So when I read the file description for Mistress Alexandra’s latest session last night, I thought, yes, this is just what I need.

    One of the things I really enjoy about Mistress Alexandra’s session is how she uses powerful, sexy imagery of the female body to focus my attention and create the desired emotional and physical state. Her descriptions and portrayal of female beauty, authority, and pleasure, are very memorable and very arousing to me. And I don’t want to spoil too much but this session also contains very memorable scenes of that kind that are not to be missed.

    As the session went on I kept getting more and more aroused and more and more emotionally invested in wanting to see my Girlfriend and another woman that joined us in her office receive pleasure. It started to feel like there is a direct correlation between their pleasure and my own and felt myself increasingly focused on listening to the beautiful, sexy female moaning that could be heard in the background. I loved this feeling of being in tune with female pleasure and I am very excited about the effects this session could have with continued listening.

    Thank you so much Mistress Alexandra for the wonderful time you gave me on your couch and for creating this series of therapy sessions. They are an absolute pleasure to listen to and really help bring out the best in us.

  3. Orella

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is such a joy as always, her voice reaches so deep into my mind and fills me with an intense desire to obey and please. Female pleasure is my desire, my wish, my purpose and the centre of all that should be. If and when she is satisfied in any way she desires, perhaps she will permit me release or not as she pleases.

    Visiting Mistress Alexandra’s Pleasure Clinic is always such a delight. I love undergoing Mistress Alexandra’s therapy to become a more pleasing pet, totally obedient and ever more eager to submit to female dominance.
    I recall the candle dancing in my mind as I start to lose myself in Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful authoritative yet sensual and sexy voice. Becoming more and more relaxed as I drift deeper and deeper, floating in happiness as I follow Mistress Alexandra’s voice as I soak up and absorb her suggestions.
    I feel a little naughty and very aroused listening to Mistress Alexandra as she takes my Girlfriend so deeply into a sexy and sensual trance lost in arousal and pleasure.
    Mistress Alexandra so easily takes me down deeply into trance, I am so happy to be helplessly under her influence and desperate to obey her and please her completely.
    I become lost adrift on a sea of intense arousal and pleasure, deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, more and more aroused, more and more desperate to touch and cum……….

    You will need to listen to this session yourself to experience the intense arousal and what happens next.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, for this intensely arousing session and for making me a more pleasing obedient pet.

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