Length: 39:38

voice: Scarlet

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4 reviews for Cuffed

  1. Martin

    This is one of my favorite session that Scarlet has created. I don’t always like to be submissive, so I guess it kind of hits a sweet spot for me, but… If you are submissive and obedience to Mistress Scarlet is pleasure, what can be better than fulfilling her fantasy? Giving Scarlet exactly what she desires?

    Yes, this session delves into bondage and power play dynamics, but really it’s about the trust built between Scarlet and the listener, about being vulnerable before your Mistress.

    Scarlet uses her extraordinary voice to guide you deep into hypnotic trance, but first has you match her breathing pattern, as you inhale and exhale together. Breath becoming one, thoughts becoming one, until it is hard to tell where Scarlet ends and you begin.

    She paints such a vivid picture of this erotic fantasy across the blank canvas of your empty, obedient mind. Taking her time wind her way deep inside you, to show off every sensual curve within this trance, in exquisite, sexually explicit detail. And what details they are.

    Highly, highly recommended.

  2. Orella

    I listened to this session even though I am not a switch, it is a very sexy session and those of you who are switches will absolutely love this session. I am not a switch and prefer to be the submissive one cuffed on my knees at Mistress Scarlet’s mercy pleasing her in any way she wishes.

  3. Abe

    I´m not very conditioned to Scarlet´s sessions, but when I heard about this session I knew I wanted to listen. I am one that enjoys the power play exchange. Scarlet did a decent job painting this fantasy here. She was needy, naughty, seductive but yet, quite demanding all together, truly having the control and the power the whole entire time. If this is what you seek, this is a must listen.

  4. Rob

    This is a really fun trance. Scarlet’s voice is great as she guides you down and let’s you take control. She paints a really great image of the scene that will leave you with a very nice mental picture of your experience long after. If you are new to Scarlet’s voice I would suggest as always listening a few times to some of her earlier files to get familiar with the triggers.

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