Length: 42:49

Voice: Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Daiquiri

  1. Mia’s beast

    A deep, insightful, VERY delightful special insight into Mistress Mia. Pay attention now,and appreciate Mia’s openness.
    Something not to be missed. Something very special.

  2. Abe

    It’s difficult to write this review as a fan, as one of her many listeners, as a devoted submissive boy. I am all of these of at heart of course, but whatever happened here truly Is beautiful. Yes, I’ve seen her kitchen, I’ve seen the wonderful lights on top of the dinner table and the wonderful black satin sheets of her bed, both in the eyes of the mind and my physical eyes. Wheter I was there physically or imaginary, it’s all the same. When she mentioned this session last December, my mind brought the wonderful images of the kitchen again, vivid and surreal. This time around with this intimate and special gathering with my friend, my mate, my mentor, my love and all the wonderful names she represents, she shared something very special, something I craved knowing and called upon deep in my mind the years that have passed. Mia connections us together, to all of us, the wonderful lady who we learned to trust and cherish. It’s beautiful witnessing her being Vulnerable, sharing part of her life, what her passions are, what hypnosis and being submissive means to her. As I sat there in the red stool sipping on my drink I saw her happy, content, spreading the joy of who she is, far from being a hypnomistres, she’s a woman who’s only wish and desire is to bring a smile to everyone who listens to her files, her trances, the pure bliss and pleasure that is a voice, her voice.

    I feel the passion in her voice, the care she has not only for me, but everything and everyone around. This has been the greatest invitation to her place out of all the times I’ve visited…

    I love this, thank you and I adore you…

  3. Orella

    This is a beautiful experience simply spending time on a date with Mistress Mia, just talking and listening to her is wonderful and a beautiful way to spend time, seconds or hours could pass as I am lost in happiness getting to know the wonderful woman and creative artist behind the scenes a little better.
    I feel that this should be a long review, but perhaps I should say that everyone really needs to experience this session in their own way.

    I love the foreplay as I am passionate about communication and the way we use language to add nuances to our verbal and written words. I love hearing Mistress Mia’s thoughts, views and opinions on things. Sometimes I already have a strong resonance with what she is saying and other times I find new things to learn and contemplate.
    Then there is the pure pleasure and bliss of floating along on her beautifully enchanting voice, completely captivated by anything that she is saying.

    The session is very sensual as opposed to sexy. The image woven in my mind of the kitchen is exquisite, I feel so happy and relaxed listening to everything that I am hearing as I learn more about what makes the creative artist behind Mistress Mia happy and the things that she likes to do. Thoughts and images swirl through my mind and I really feel that I am there simply absorbed by the scintillating conversation, time is meaningless as the conversation unfolds.

    This session makes me feel so happy, it is so exquisitely beautiful spending time with Mistress Mia and the wonderful woman behind her. I drifted off into happy dreamy sleep after the session and when I awoke the next morning every time I thought of the date, I felt a warm happiness that put a big smile on my face.

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