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Relax and Fall Deeper for the Dance of the Snake Lady

Length: 33:23

Voice: Mistress Mia

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9 reviews for Dance of the Snake

  1. philmslim

    Slipping deeper into my seat as the sultry movements of the ladies skillfully enact a riveting tease that left me wanting more. Becoming more open, giving in more deeply, shaking with pleasure as I obey.

  2. 864

    Very sexy. Thank you.
    Your voice is so delicious and compelling.
    Thank you, Thank you.

  3. mulder00

    Wow! This was hot as hell and kept getting hotter. Reminded me a bit of Cock Tales only in the fact that it featured a public place more than 1 dominant woman forcing you to cum in front of others.

    The slow tease, and storytelling are top-notch as I was drawn in to the scenario at once.

    Being helpless as 1 dancer hypnotized me and took my wallet whilst another whispered in my ear and teased and teased has made this session vault into my top 5 of all time.

    If I wanted to be nit-picky, I would have liked another 5 min after the scene played out for me to realize what had happened to me!

  4. Abe

    Wow, first of all, this session brings so much memories. Never seen the movie a few before me have expressed in their reviews, but the place where I grew up towards my early adulthood. I remember passing a freeway and not so far from it, right below it was a night club with the name Klub Deja Vu, search it on Google, Bakersfield, CA. Man this name and particular club ring so many familiar bells. Listening to this session, Mistress Mia took me back to that place right as she’s speaking to me next to me in my ear as the girl with the snake dances her magic and I’m just left there emptied out of the money I brought along as well as my seed, cumming so hard just as hard as letting go of all my salary of that day. Financial Domination has somewhat ruined my Femdom experience over the years simply because it you spend as much money on a Domme the better the experience will be, some may have the luxury to live on that life style but I find enjoyment in Femdom other ways, but when it comes to Mistress Mia’s way, she knocks every barrier there can be to truly enjoy this experience safely. It’s truly a great season, an experience I wish I could have experienced for a while now and this couldn’t come a better time. The ending caught me off guard, wasn’t truly expecting it, but as for me I know what it means when Mistress says to spread my legs, so so open… hmm… delicious.

    I am sure I’ll be listening to this over and over at least, every Saturday night!

  5. Alex

    Mind blowing, another session where you can see the whole scene play out clearly with your minds eye. Such a sexy session, not only your mind is gonna be blown away by it.

  6. Maarten

    What a session I love the audio sounds in my ear and slowly in my mind. Pulling me in the scene and down. Still can’t believe what happened to me. Still enjoy the feeling this session gave me.

  7. Orella

    A hot steamy session to become immersed deep within.

    I have never been to Bangkok, but the scene woven so expertly by Mistress Mia brought the imagery into a vivid experience.

    The irresistible allure of the club, the gentle but insistent guidance to the seat at the stage felt so real.

    The rhythm of beautiful female dancer pulling me in with her movement, the snake tattoo drawing and fixing my gaze, the experience of irresistible relaxation and arousal at the same time.
    Eyes so very heavy, the deep needy desperate desire for that hand. Lost in arousal and desire ready to agree to anything.

    This session brought back a number of memories and thoughts.

    As Braxton mentioned the scene with the dance with the snake in ‘Dusk til Dawn’ which is so sexy and arousing.

    I was also reminded of a time back at the end of the 1980’s where I was on a weekend in Amsterdam with 4 friends. The guys wanted to enter a sex show, so we did.
    They all wanted to sit near the stage, whereas I chose to sit upstairs at the bar overlooking the stage and the audience.
    There was no gentle insistence in that club guiding me to the front row at the stage.

    The session brings to mind the saying about casinos ‘only take money with you that you are prepared to lose’.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for bringing this session to life, thank you for such a relaxed but intensely aroused experience Mistress.

  8. mattintrance

    Mistress Mia’s skills as a storyteller are every bit as impressive as Her hypnotic abilities. She weaves such an intriguing and sexy scenario here—one that drew me in instantly, and led me right into another of Her delicious and inescapable traps.

    I experienced this session almost as two subject simultaneously. One being the lucky boy who is ushered to the front and swiftly manipulated by a pair of experienced, exotic seductresses. The one consumed by the sensory overload they have carefully constructed to render him helpless; taken hold of the moment he sat down. The one feeling the magic that Mistress Mia was working with her delicate, yet skilled hands, while also absorbing the irresistible suggestions She whispered into his open mind. The one that will have to come back over and over, always craving more.

    Then there’s me as the voyeur. The shy, agreeable boy who watches from what he thinks is a safe distance, but will soon admit to himself that he wants to be taken. He wants to be the next victim. He sits there quietly, watching in a daze as Mia and her girlfriend pick off boy after boy, but continue to walk by him—close enough for him to smell their intoxicating perfume, and be dazzled by their slinky, sequined outfits. Then, when he’s just about given up, when Mistress sees that he’s primed and ripe to be picked, he feels the warm touch of Mia’s hand on his shoulder, and she is whispering in his ear before he has time to react. And then he falls down, down, down into the sweetest of spells. And he feels better than he could ever have imagined in his most fevered erotic dreams

    So incredibly hot. Please, Mistress. Please take me next. I want nothing more than to belong to You.

  9. Bad Boy Braxton


    Right from the jump I knew that this would be an interesting session. I must admit that strip clubs, or gentleman’s clubs never really did much for me. I went to quite a few as a young man in my early 20’s, but I haven’t been to any in a couple of decades now. Maybe the experience will be different now that I’m at a different place in life? Perhaps. I think it’s evident that the movie From Dusk Til Dawn was an inspiration for parts of this file. Who could forget Salma Hayek’s scene dancing with the snake. It was a very sexy scene, and it’s all that I could think of for a good portion of my time listening to this session. The other thing that came to mind was Mistress Sophias session Parlor Games. The references to the tattoos on her body took me back to that wonderful session. Remember that in that session Mistress Sophia’s character was a dancer too. All in all, I really enjoyed this one a lot.

    Phenomenal work Mia.

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