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Length: 31:42
Voice:Mistress Mia

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7 reviews for Dark Desires 2 – Confession

  1. Braxton


    I always enjoy sharing my fantasies. I have many odd Dark Desires, but they’re so easy to share with my mind Mistress. From the time I first heard Mistress Mia, she has effortlessly extracted multiple fantasies from my dirty mind.

  2. Curiously Curious

    I got this session during the recent black Friday event. I will happily confess to the reader that I am a helpless Mistress Mia addict, each day finding myself more helpless to her voice.

    This session is a symptom of this addiction, proven by the fact I have just spotted a sent email to Mistress Mia where I have confessed to her some things that I am only just accepting myself.

    That in such a short time she could drop me so deep I would willingly share that fantasy with her and not even remember doing it says it all about Mistress Mia. That she has not judged me for it, another reason to trust her completely.

    An incredible hypnotist, a true dominant and a Mistress that you can trust with your most intimate thoughts.

    Realising what I have shared is so hot and also scary. Mistress Mia, I am sorry for the terrible spelling and grammar in the email, in my defense, I was out of my mind at the time, completely out of my mind and under your control. Thank you for another incredible session.

  3. Braxton

    Sexy. Arousing. Calming.

    Could a confession of our ‘dark desire’ free us from the guilt that we may feel? It’s a very real possibility that sharing this desire with someone we trust, could make us feel much better about our guilty pleasure…

    Mia my ‘dark desire’ is just odd, but I will obey your instructions, and email you a confession of my odd kink. You can expect an email in the next day or so with a detailed explanation. Mia, If you can help me to understand my ‘dark desire’ it would only amplify the trust that I have for you.

    Great session Mia.

  4. Orella

    This is an excellent session. I see that vanHolly gave the session one start only because the confession is sent via email.

    If you also feel uncomfortable sending an email confession then may I suggest that you should listen to Dark Desires which is a version where you don’t send a confession.

  5. vanHolly

    Disappointing! For transferring personal information via mail! Nevertheless I do believe in Mia if she permitts.

  6. Orella

    A fantastic session that enhances your darkest desires as they play in your mind, then to send a confession to Mistress Mia is such a thrilling experience. It is so very good to confess to you Mistress.

  7. Abe

    Like in the previous first part of Dark Desires, Mia just wants to help you fulfill your darkest and kinkiest fantasies in the privacy of your bedroom where it´s only you, your Mistress and that fantasy that rules your mind for that time being. Part 2 here is just as great as the first one. For me, Mia´s voice illustrates a fantasy in my mind without even mentioning a word about it, and that is what´s awesome about this session. Mia works you up in a special and allows you to wonder off and fantasize just by encouraging with her choice of wording and her sensual voice. The confession aspect of this is a plus. I´ve sent a few confessions already since the time this session was out and just imagening My Mistress reading them and what her reactions might be makes me very aroused.

    Invite your Mistress into your bedroom and confess that dirty sexy fantasy and live it out just the way you like it…

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