Length: 33:37
Voice: Mistress Mia Croft

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7 reviews for Dark Desires 3

  1. mattintrance

    This is another of those sessions that cut right to the chase, grabbed me first by the mind, then elsewhere, and still hasn’t let me go several hours later. I love when Mia tells me at the outset that She intends to take me very deep, knowing that I’m already dazed by Her voice falling deeper with every word. Then, the bell. Ringing over and over, impossible to resist, making me weaker and weaker. Willing to tell Mistress everything there is to tell. The fantasies, the fetishes, the fevered erotic dreams–both those She was implanted in me, and those that were always there, and are now fully known and available to Her as means of taking me deeper. Thank You, Mistress Mia, for doing this to me.

  2. Tim

    Excellent file. I enjoyed it a lot.

  3. RonS8048

    Simply, Dark Desires 3 gave me new perspective and desire to expand into fantasies where I was reluctant to enter. It’s okay, because Mia made me do it. Mia MADE me.

  4. Braxton


    I absolutely love the Dark Desire series. The 3rd installment ignited my arousal, and desires. I love to confess to my Mistress. It is very important that I am comfortable enough to share these desires with my Mistress. Any session that serves as a possible waring for what’s to come, will grab my attention.

    Outstanding Mia.

  5. Abe

    Whether you’re discovering your own appetite towards dark desires now or are someone who at some point in their life discovered certain kinks that go beyond the flavor of vanilla, Mistress Mia has prepared this amazing series through the past few years to help you explore your own desires and craving and even if you willingly allow it, she can take you through her own kinks and desires that she wants to embed in our lives. Whether you want to seek the world to fulfill these carnal cravings, or simply want to partake in the safety and privacy of your home, where the intimacy and closure of Mistress Mia is more than enough, this series is simply perfect.

    This session can be listen on its own or you can experience the entire dark desire journey listening to the first 2 as well. This session just pulled me towards my own desires even more.

  6. lorenzo

    Roleplay vs reality.

    I think I started the journey of EH hypnosis like a lot of us. You want to be hypnotized so bad that you might roleplay along a little. You want to believe that a hypnotist can bring you so deep under her control that you would do absolutely anything for her.

    And when you are ordered to do something that you would absolutely never ever do when awake, you can always stop the roleplay.

    Unless, like me. You have been under the sway of Mia for so long that roleplay has been long since replaced by reality…

    Last year Mia had me perform CEI for the first time. Something that was absolutely grose in my mind but became tasty and pleasurable after a period of conditioning by Mia. The idea of being a good helplessly hypnotized boy at her command had simply overwritten any obligation to lap up my own juices.

    This series, dark desires, makes it clear that there is Nothing I wouldn’t do once triggered and commanded by Mia. A very exciting and to be honest scary thought if you think about it.

    But I know I’m in the best possible hands and I wouldn’t want it any other way

  7. Orella

    Exploring dark desires takes me to all sorts of interesting, arousing and in some cases alarming or scary places deep within.

    I can’t recall exactly when I first listened Dark Desires 1, this session encouraged me to look deeper within myself seeking the depths of kinky hidden away desires lurking deep within.

    Dark Desires 2 was a session that I listened to when it was released in 2019, this session added a dimension of an email confession to Mistress Mia of the dark desire elicited whilst listening to the session.
    Sharing deeply desired kinky fantasies openly with Mistress is such a thrilling mixture of emotions, a heart pounding adrenaline rush with a little anxiousness on opening up and sharing deeply hidden perhaps really naughty desires. Wondering what Mistress will think of me, what will she do with my confession, willingly handing over ever more control to Mistress Mia.
    I know that I have total and complete trust in Mistress Mia and that it is safe to open up completely to her.

    Dark Desires 3, Oh! My! This session feels a little different, Dark Desires 1 and 2 were about me peering into my naughty kinky depths.
    Dark Desires 3 is a journey into the darkest deeply hidden depths, but I am not alone as I feel like Mistress Mia is there alongside me, this is our journey into the dark depths, showing me what I already contain within, and the allure of Mistress guiding me to other desires, almost ‘look here is this for you’, or ‘perhaps this one over here’. A journey through dark hot fantasies, both existing and new tantalising naughty desires.

    There are many facets woven throughout this session, words striking chords that resonate powerfully deeply within my core that have a profound effect upon me.

    I awoke from trance, deeply aroused and feeling like a willing horny slut desperately aroused and desperate to please in any way Mistress chooses.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for taking me on this naughty dirty journey into the dark depths of kinky desires.

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