Length: 53:32

Voice: Mistress Mia Croft

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5 reviews for De Verzamelaar

  1. Braxton


    There is so much power in a voice. A voice that captivated me more than 3 years ago now.

    Outstanding Session Mia.

  2. Andi_S

    This session is in Dutch and I listened to it without understanding 90 to 95 % of what was being said. Mistress Mia’s voice sounds breathtakingly beautiful in any language. Listening to this session felt like being alone with Mistress Mia’s voice for an hour. Just her voice. Just the feeling that the sound of her voice gives me. It’s a very pure experience in that way. Relaxation took hold me. A beautiful buzz of pleasant feelings and arousal engulfed me. I recommend this session for any fan of Mistress Mia even those who do not speak any Dutch as this experience of just being with her voice is very much worth it.

  3. Abe

    I remember the part where I felt most aroused while listening to The Collector. The part where we are put inside the jar as we explore the sexy shape and form of feminine curvy jar. There was this moment in De Verzamelaar where I was so lost in her native words. Though I do not understand Dutch, having listen to The Collector helps me understand and visualize most of the portions of this one. Language is simply not a barrier for pleasure and enjoyment, Mia’s voice alone is wonderful to listen to, no matter what language we hear her speak in.

  4. Orella

    I love these opportunities to listen to Mistress Mia weaving her highly skilled magic in her own native language.

    Da Verzamelaar. According to the internet is the collector, this session in English was breathtakingly incredible.

    I imagine for the community members from NL that this is a very special session indeed.

    I am always astounded by Mistress Mia’s linguistic skills. Whatever language you hear her sessions in, you would easily believe she is speaking in her natural language.

    I don’t need to consciously understand her words to be able to relax and immerse myself in her captivating, enchanting voice, simply lost in bliss.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for this sensational treat, after all it is Halloween so a trick or treat is so apt.

  5. lorenzo

    This will be the first time that I will be doing 2 reviews on one recording. Reason for this being: this is to dam hot for me to finish. I am on my last days of Locktober and 20 minutes deep I already knew this one would break my chastity. I am simply not strong enough for this much hypnotic excellence right now. From what I heard thusfar this file is well under way to be the best Dutch recording to date.

    I will post my 2nd review in dutch at the start of November. When it is safe to paint my room white.

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