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Length: 41:02

Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2021 by TheHypnoMistress
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14 reviews for Denied Another Day

  1. Janelle868

    As a chastity slave for Mistress Mia, I find this file wonderful. Mia draws you in and conversationally tells you what chastity to her means, and why you can, of course, gratefully deny yourself for yet another day …. or week …. or month …. or more.

    Be careful what you want:)

  2. muldy00

    Got this file during Mistress Mia’s wonderful Locktober month of aching tease and denial last October.

    As soon as Mistress Mia speaks, I am tingling all over and aching for her to deny me.

    I listen to this file quite often when I am in Chastity to get me through just another day. It’s sweet torture.

    As much as I love to release in Mistress’s honor, I also love to be denied.

    The loop file with this makes me ache so pleasantly!

  3. Kotor

    This file has sentimental value for me.
    It’s the first time I went into a trance thanks to Mistress Mia’s divine voice.
    I’m so happy to have discovered her site and to be able to take part in her loctober challenge.
    What a pleasure to be denied one day at a time and to be under her control.

  4. Mia’s beast

    Have you found yourself locked away? Has Mistress Mia taken Her pet, and had him lock himself up in a cage? Have you found yourself in chastity? Serving a powerful, amazing, dominant Woman?
    Are you longing for release? Aching to be released from your cage, to release in tribue to Mistress Mia?
    Yet here Mistress Mia simply asks, do you want to please your Mistress?
    Then how about it boy, can you? Can you deny yourself, another day, to honor and please your Mistress?
    Let Mistress take hold of your mind pet, and obey Her wishes, serve Her, please Her, and deny another day.

  5. cflan

    This session was fantastic! It was simple in that it was conversational; albeit, a one-sided conversation, since I just listened to her direction. However, it was also powerful, erotic, and straight to the point. I will be continuing to listen to it and working to extend my chastity period for longer and longer each time. Thank you Mistress Mia for such an excellent session. I can’t wait for more!

  6. lorenzo

    Part 2 since I accidentally pressed send while googling the proper way to spell ‘equation’. I’m a bit mindless these days, forgive me.

    Anyhow Mia (don’t you just love her) made the simple equation: I am a slave to the pleasure my cock can offer, but even more so, I am a slave to Mia’s voice. The need to please Mia will always be greater then the need to explode.

    By that simple and the help of this file and loop. A simple chastity rookie like me can go on for several more days on every listen.

  7. lorenzo

    So chastity was never my cup of tea (or so i thought) but because of an (un)lucky combination of THM events that followed eachother directly. I am now in chastity for 2 weeks. For some of the more experienced chastity slaves at THM that might be a normal number. But let me tell you, I was barely holding on.

    And that is were this file (+ a loop file because Mia was being awesome again) comes in handy.

    – tiny spoiler –

    Mia is my mind mistress and a very clever lady made the simple equasion

  8. patreon_pahh

    Fantastic session.

    Initally subtle, yet ultimately very effective. Mia, in her expert simplicity, ensures that her will (my chastity) is the only viable option.

    If you’re pursuing chastity, the accompanying loop is a welcome addition to any other session. Of course, it’s just as great on its own.

  9. Abe

    I haven’t listened to this session yet, but based on the reviews, chastity is truly beautiful. Her way enforcing this commitment to our lives. While there isn’t a chance that I’m able to last a 2 chastity period, I know that those two weeks will pleasure and arouse her. I also came to realize that in order for someone to build what Mia desires in them through chastity, it takes commitment, bravery, desire, lust and then love, something someone may not accomplish with their daily masturbation habit, maybe somewhere in the future this is possible…

    While Mia May at often times deny us orgasms, she will never deny us pleasure (happiness) I love this session already.

  10. Attorney-at-Paw

    Listening to the foreplay session left me looking forward to purchasing the “Mia’s Black Leather Cock Cage” session and watching as my yearning to give up control grows ever stronger. I will also be purchasing the cage itself that Mistress Mia’s beautiful nails are gripping in the cover art for that session. It only seems appropriate that as I embark on my journey into chastity I should do so wearing the very chastity cage that Mistress Mia personally recommends.

    The main file itself was revelatory in helping me decide what I truly want, which is wanting what Mistress Mia wants. A boy’s pleasure without service is selfish and meaningless, so the only logical conclusion is to give Mistress Mia control over my desire and serve her in chastity. I resolve to do so and show her how much I desire to serve her as her chaste pet.

    The accompanying loop file is filled with all sorts of reinforcing concepts that will help guide you forward, day-by-day, in chaste servitude. I plan to listen to it daily.

  11. Orella

    Wow, Wow and more Wow. What an arousing, sexy and blissful session this is for those devoted to chastity, those who dabble with chastity and even those who have never considered chastity.

    Mistress Mia excels herself both in the foreplay and the main session. There is also a short, delicious chastity loop too.

    Braxton and Andi have both posted wonderful reviews already. This session is so very, special that Andi posted two reviews. And I can see why.

    I could add lots of words to try and convey this session, it is hot, sexy, classy, elegant, compelling, arousing, delicious, lustful, spellbinding……… I could try to go on adding superlatives endlessly and I would still not express myself adequately.

    There is a saying that a thousand words are not adequate to describe a beautiful picture, I feel that a million words are not adequate to describe a feeling.
    Listening to this session elicits such a flood of deep emotions and feelings. My mind and this session are like the melding of hand and perfectly fitting glove that are each made for one another.

    This session could have been taken from my own mind and is a perfect expression of my journey into being the most obedient and devoted chastity pet that I can be for Mistress Mia, her pleasure is my pleasure, cock belongs to her and I don’t want to touch it sexually without her instruction to please her by doing so, I always want to cum but even more powerfully I don’t want to cum unless this will please Mistress Mia.

    I know that there are people who will shake their head and say how can there be any pleasure in chastity? And two and a half years ago I would have been one of them.
    However, I did not understand the incredible feelings of constant arousal and happiness that I was missing out on. Again, feelings can only be intensely felt not adequately expressed in words.

  12. Andi_S

    I wanted to add that this product is actually a package that comes with the regular session and with the added bonus of a sexy ten minute loop file that will help you to stay both very horny as well as maintain the correct mood and mindset to stay chaste for your Mistress for yet another day. Absolutely delightful to listen to. Thank you for adding this wonderful loop to an already amazing product, Mistress Mia.

  13. Andi_S

    I believe this is a perfect session for you if you would like to deepen your bond of trust and submission to your Mistress and develop a better understanding of the power dynamic and of what both hers as well as your own needs in this relationship are. And if you already are set on this beautiful path of being chaste for your Mistress, it can certainly make it so much easier for you to give your Mistress what she wants.

    I cannot recite any specifics from this session other than one very sexy mantra. The thoughts are there right under the surface but I can’t seem to put them into words right now. I certainly do remember that I was overwhelmed with arousal and a feeling of agreement and obedience. Every sentence, every single word Mistress said radiated such dominance and every cell of my body, every crevice of my mind was chanting yes, Mistress. Yes, this is who I am. This is right for me. This is what I need. Yes, I want to obey your every command. Yes, I want to submit all and any control to you. I want to please you and serve you and be bound to you in everlasting loyalty and trust.

    We are made for each other in this way. She can give me what I need. And I can give her what she needs. My submission. My obedience. My commitment to forgo my selfish arousal and in practicing chastity for my Mistress taking on a new relationship to my own pleasure. A pleasure that comes from obedience. This might be counterintuitive to how our bodies are built but once you have been set on this path you might soon realize that this feels much better and gives you a much deeper sense of fulfillment than anything you knew before.

    We might speak of it as denial, and it is without a doubt very sexy to think of it in these terms, but I would argue that in being denied I am granted something that means so much more than a mere orgasm. This beautiful bond. This incredible thrill and roller coaster of emotions. This overwhelming arousal and intensity of experience. That only you, only my Mistress Mia can give me. My Goddess. My Superstar.

    As for myself, I have been on this path for over a year and I remain a student. I wish to learning how deepen my devotion and submission and how to better serve my Mistress. I will start by listening to this wonderful session over and over so that I will never fail nor falter when my Mistress asks me to stay chaste for another day. Or week. Or month.

    Thank you for making this wonderful session Mistress Mia. Thank you for teaching me what I need to know. And thank you for taking me on this incredible journey of being your chastity pet.

  14. Braxton

    Tempting. Erotic. Intriguing.

    Are you on the edge of committing to a dominant Mistress for a period of chastity? Can the enchanting Mistress Mia lure you into a chaste state? She sure is convincing. Go in with an open mind. She will convince you, of how chastity is mutually beneficial.

    Mistress Mia, I’ve come a very long way with chastity. It was something that I never thought that I would even consider. My longest chaste period was in 2004, I was on a tour of duty in Iraq. I went 42 days without release, and no edging. I did this on my own will, It wasn’t to please a Mistress, but I could only imagine having that as motivation to continue to last another day, a week, or even another month. After the 42 day period, I experienced the most spectacular orgasm I ever had up to that point. I’ve learned in the past year or so, that I have desires to be chaste, and I want to explore it more. I do very well with short term chastity periods for the time being. I’m positive that with training, and guidance from a sexy dominant woman, I can learn to go further in chastity.

    Excellent session Mia.

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