Length: 27:29
Voice: Scarlet

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1 review for Denim

  1. Orella

    Mistress Scarlet has such a sweet sexy voice, it is such a pleasure to listen and fall under her spell. I loved the Denim fetish sessions that Mistress Mia has in the showroom, listening to them certainly raised my interest in this material to new levels.
    Listening to Mistress Scarlet talk about her Fall Season wardrobe of denim clothing, her love of multi coloured jeans and how they make her feel as the material hugs her curves, my mind paints such images in response to Mistress Scarlet words.
    I love to drift of letting go and slipping into deep submission for Mistress Scarlet, to be a helpless toy for Mistress to play with as she weaves her naughty denim magic in my mind and drives me wild with desire for beautiful women wearing denim.
    Oh to find myself naked in Mistress Scarlet’s bedroom as she teases me with her perfect beautiful body, I am enthralled as she slowly and sexily pulls on her sexiest tight jeans and teases me until I am lost in lust and arousal, surrendering completely to Mistress Scarlet, totally under her control.
    Mistress Scarlet’s beautiful ass on my face restricting my breathing, permitting me to breath in deeply before lowering herself back down until I can hardly breath and I don’t want her to stop. I simply want to worship Mistress Scarlet and the jeans that so perfectly and tightly encase her perfect ass.

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