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Length: 49:22
Voice: Scarlet

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5 reviews for Descent into Hypnosis

  1. Abe

    This session proves that no session is ever released without the proper approval of Mistress Mia. Though Scarlet is no longer part of THM, she did left behind a wonderful collection of titles for all of us to enjoy. This particular session was waiting on the shelfs for a few years for me to listen to and I should add that there’s this special gem hidden inside that today we can very clearly see before our eyes. Words we hear gives us pleasure, all voices that entrance us here at THM they all are pleasant and wonderful to listen to. The wonderful bond all these ladies have with one another, the bond that grows within us to them, all because of the love we have for them, for erotic hypnosis. For THM as a whole. This session showed me why closed the door of my mind and heart to any other hypnodomme that is not part of THM. Scarlet sure made it’s mark at the beginning and is missed, but I’m reminded that she can still be present and alive inside my mind, thanks to Mistress Mia and her wonderful work. I could listen this session again and again and I’ll never want it to end…

  2. Orella

    What a delightful session this is, my ears filled with Mistress Scarlet’s sweet sext sultry voice. I am so happy to imagine images of Mistress Scarlet as she describes herself in intricate detail.
    I am more than willing to be guided by Mistress Scarlet on this journey into erotic submission, I love being dominated and controlled, I loved to confess my desire to be taken into complete submission by Mistress Scarlet.
    I drift along listening to Mistress Scarlet, becoming increasingly relaxed and lost in her voice as she takes me down into trance and delightful submission, obedience is pleasure, submission is pleasure.
    My arousal builds and builds as I listen to Mistress Scarlet, oh how my desire to submit to her voice and obey her instructions becomes increasingly irresistible and why would I ever want to resist submitting to complete control from such a wonderful Mistress, her exquisite teasing driving me to the edge awaiting her permission and command to………………

  3. Michael Franck

    Sometimes it’s hard to know what really to say in a review of a Scarlet session. They’re pretty much all amazing, and as you repeat listen to her sessions you will go deeper and deeper (and be well rewarded for it).

    This is a nice long session (almost an hour), and it’s mostly focused on a nice, long induction, with a very pleasant guided masturbation at the end. There is a bit of a focus on empowerment and not being ashamed of having a hypnofetish.

    But most importantly, as always Scarlet will take you very, very deep, and reward you with erotic pleasure.

  4. Martin

    This session is all about letting go, submitting completely to Scarlet and letting her take you deep into a submissive, hypnotic trance. While listening, you, your body, your spirit are Scarlet’s to use for her pleasure. Once in trance, she uses her sweet, seductive voice, the pleasure and power it wields over you to implant several thoughts, ideas that she want you to, that good boy should take to heart. Sealed within you with the bliss she so easily brings.

    If you struggle with shame or negative thoughts over your hypno-fetish, this session is a must listen.

  5. Kevinp0

    In this session you must be prepared to surrender to Mistress Scarlet completely, mind and body. Let her take you by your mind’s hand and embark on a relaxing journey that will help you discover new ways to not only experience pleasure, but to also help you realize that you are special, and you do matter. This is Sweet Scarlet at the top of her game, and you will happily give yourself to her. Submission is pleasure, obedience is bliss…

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