Length: 27:35

Voice: Mistress Sophia

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2 reviews for Detained after Class

  1. philmslim

    Professor Sophia reminds me as a super hot teacher who would sit on her desk and bob her crossed legs back and forth. So many classes staring and letting my mind wander. I wasn’t the only young man that had difficulties focusing on her lecture.

    I’m older now, but sometimes I still need Professor Sophia to correct my behaviour. I always sit in the front row and listen and obey because I want to get singled out for punishment. It’s an honor to have her guidance before heading back to my room.

  2. Orella

    Always a super sexy treat to submit to Mistress Sophia and whatever fantasy character she chooses to assume.

    Such a beautifully alluring voice, a sexy whispery style as if I lost in a wonderful daydream.

    I am naughty and deserve to be punished, that is undeniable.

    I need to stop thinking, I need to listen and obey.

    Mouth full of shoe, desperate desire to worship your beautiful feet. Awaiting my totally deserved spanking from your other shoe. What a lovely state to be in Mistress.

    Left desperate to follow Mistress Sophia’s post hypnotic suggestion, deepening my already denied frustrated state

    Thank you, Mistress Sophia, thank you for improving my education, making me a more respectful student. Thank you for implanting a desperate desire to worship and obey.

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