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Length: 19:42 + 2:16 (unlocking)

Voice:Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Devoted Chastity Slave 4

  1. Anonymous

    I had been in chastity for other mistresses previously, so I did not listen to the first three of this series. I did listen to Sink, Snap, Click however, and that one locked me up, at least on a short term basis.

    Then I saw this session, and the mention of “permanent chastity slave” was just such a turn-on. I suppose I didn’t think that permanent was really permanent (and maybe it’s not) but this session has permanently outsourced that control and decision to Mistress Mia.

    It happened easily, shockingly easily. So, if you like/love chastity play, this is really high stakes chastity play, and
    you will love it, whether you like it or not:)

  2. Teluop

    This seals the deal. Already after number 3, i just wanted to stay chaste for Mistress Mia. But this…adds so much. i have no idea how to explain it but after listening to it twice, i can literally feel the cage restraining my cock. How Mistress does it in so little time is beyond comprehension. i’ve been an Erotic Hypnosis lover for 20 years and i can say that Her power is special. Beware, this is real! i don’t want and can’t stroke, but i want to serve Mistress more and more…

  3. Orella

    I knew that Mistress Mia’s voice was enchanting, captivating and irresistible from the moment that I first heard her. I had no idea when I first listened to the 24 hour chastity session for a bit of fun that I would become helplessly addicted to being Mistress Mia’s devoted chastity slave, deeply desiring to be controlled and helpless at her mercy. My will lost, my desire to cum replaced by a much stronger desire to serve and please Mistress Mia, to never cum without begging her for permission first is such bliss.

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