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Part 1 – 24 hours chastity. Audio length: 20:31

Part 2 – 72 hours chastity. Audio length: 22:11

Part 3 – 1 week chastity. Audio length: 21:03

Part 4 – Keyholding. Audio length: 19:42

Unlocking Audio: 02:16

Voice:Mistress Mia

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4 reviews for Devoted Chastity Slave – FULL SERIES

  1. Andi_S

    This series and the experience that go with it are a thrilling ride that I wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world. From the first session in the series I was hooked and couldn’t stop myself until I arrived at the destination of choosing to serve Mistress Mia as her permanent chastity slave. Not being allowed to sexually touch myself and only have an orgasm when Mistress Mia permits it. Before embarking on this journey, this would have sounded oppressive. But now…it feels so good on so many levels. I do not by any means want to cut this tie with Mistress Mia and go back to “normal”.

    If you are curious, I would encourage you to try the 24 hours session. There is no risk involved. You can just try it out if it feels good and and if doesn’t you are free to decide that it isn’t for you. Mistress Mia does not “force” you or shame you into going further.

  2. fastern

    Today, I did back to back mind wash sessions ( and then took MIa’s advice to take advantage of my malleable mind to try the keyholding session. I was nervous whether to bail when given the warning but I went ahead and then looped the session again. I can tell you that I choose to serve mistress mia by being chaste.

  3. Orella

    I had no interest in chastity until I tried this series, the 24 hour session was such exquisite torment, especially the mantra, that I just had to try the 72 hour session with new mantras. I was hooked and had to try 168 hours with yet more mantras. I am addicted to being Mistress Mia’s Chastity slave and on 25 January 2019 it was time for Keyholding, I have loved every day since then of being Mistress Mia’s devoted chastity slave.

  4. Abe

    I am more than happy to experience chastity for the first time with Mistress Mia. It is truly an experience I wish to indure more and get better at with time. My longest abstinance was 6 days, then again 3 days a little after. Even though I dont own a chastity device or might not consider owning one soon, there is always the mental apspect of chastity; a tool so strong which Mistress Mia explains in the series. Maybe you want to start slow, maybe you want more, maybe you want a little taste or maybe you’re one of those who would never want to cum ever again all for the pleasure of Mistress Mia

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