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Length: 20:31 min

Voice:Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Devoted Chastity Slave 1

  1. Orella

    What an amazing introduction into chastity, I loved this session and will never be able to look at a clock the same way ever again.

  2. Andrew Asoka

    At this time of writing, I am Mistress Mia’s chastity slave. It all started with this session at first and I thank Mistress Mia for this opportunity. This session opens up the series and is a peek at the possibilities that could come. In trance, I am Mia’s completely. There is absolutely no second thought about that. Chastity opens up that playfulness by carrying her words as your experiment in ‘becoming’, feeling, committing on to the world outside trance – and should I say, is a form of trust in yourself just as much as you trust her words. That build up, which all starts here in this short file – opens up an invitation to all that could be built up to. It’s an invitation by the great, dominant and caring Mia to sense oneself with this process of change and becoming. This short session helped me step in to experiencing what that form of intra-activity could feel like, and has been one of the best decisions in the exploration of my submissive journey. This session is an invitation for a 24H commitment with the self and the hypnotist. It starts here and I benefited in training with this session quite a few times and have learnt so much about my own sexual core and associated thoughts with it. All thanks to Mia. I am so happy to be Mistress Mia’s chastity slave. I am Mistress Mia’s chastity slave.

  3. Tim

    An excellent introduction to the fetish of sexual abstinence under the control of another. 24 hours sounds quite easy right? Think again, with the words of your Mistress circling in your mind a day can feel like an eternity.

    I approached this file with the mindset that I would remain obedient no matter what and this helped intensify the sensations and emotions that I felt during my hours as an slave.

    Highly recommended for anyone interested in this particular kink. Might cause addiction 😛

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