Length: 27:31

Voice:Mistress Mia Croft

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6 reviews for Dinner Escape

  1. Abe

    It’s been nearly 5 years since the last time I listened to this beautiful session, and based on my review from 2019, I’m here at a much worse state of mind and life than I was back then. In reality my life in general is an up and down roller coaster of emotions and sensations, but this session reminds me why THM is my favorite home. It’s where I can truly rest my body and mind, sleep peacefully and let go of everything keeping me down from enjoying Mistress Mia’s hypnosis and those I’m happily lended to. The lady here can look right past my eyes and into my soul to deliver me from that, that prevents me from enjoying life, health and even my own sexuality. It’s a gift that this place is always opened, always someone there to surrender to, in whatever ways, someone brilliant and smart. Caring. Perhaps another 5 years will pass and everything in me can change, but this place, this wonderful owner will remain the same, the same scene, the air I breath there, her stature, her words and comfort will always stay and be the same.

    I’m humbled and greatful for this wonderful session, I know I can dine in, eat and rest like if was my own home…

  2. Maarten

    This File helped me without me knowing i needed help ,the description drawn me in to hear it. After Listening Mia hypnotising me in a southing way. i fell asleep and i was dreaming about someone in my dream. When i woke up i remembered the dream saying goodbye to that person. And in Real life i didn’t had the opportunity to say goodbye to that person. So thank you very much Mia for this File this opportunity. It means a lot for me

  3. Andi_S

    I am deeply grateful to Mistress Mia for putting out a session like this. I’ve been a very private, lonely person. There is shame and pain and fear within me and I have not wanted to let anyone ever see that.

    Being taken deep into trance by Mia feels incredibly good and liberating but listening to this and some of her other session is also really helping me address my negative self image. Her warm and understanding words bring me peace of mind. The feelings she helps me experience in trance translate to my day to day life. I am starting to feel lighter, more confident and freer of shame than I’ve maybe ever been. I feel more emotionally present and more connected to the people I interact with.

    I highly recommend trying out this session if you’ve been lonely. It just might be the one piece you’ve been missing in your personal road to recovery.

  4. Orella

    This session reached so very deep inside me and had such a freeing effect which left me feeling fundamentally changed for the better.

  5. Quiet Joe

    This was the most perfect session. I felt as if Mistress Mia had written the session just for me. As a person who spends their time working or alone this Dinner Escape with a stranger brought me peace, joy, and true relief from the loneliness of a normal day. This is now a session that is a solid part of my self-care sessions from our Amazing Mistresses

  6. Abe

    As someone who uses the mind as an escape, there are times when the windows to my imagination are simply closed down and locked shut with chains and locks that prevents me to escape the life that is often difficult and painful to live by.

    My own troubles, pain and depressions interfere between the airs of the sky of my imagination and they bring me down into a dark place where I forget about the things that brings me joy, happiness and fulfillment. Sometimes I want to be alone, but sometimes it’s best to let someone, even if it´s a complete stranger take these troubles away. A total stranger who doesn´t know much about me can bring that peace that I crave.

    A warm touch, a smile and words can transfer emotions and help bring back that peace, a world where everything is perfect no matter how devastating, hurtful or unfair everything might seem.

    They open the windows to that world, my escape of life and that is something money can´t buy.

    Though this session might cost you money, but it will help support the work of the wonderful woman in that restaurant…

    Dinner is on her after all…

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