Length: 30:00

Voice:Mistress Mia

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3 reviews for Doctor’s Orders 2

  1. Christian Chessher

    Good till she swore. Brought me out of it.
    Not good with swear words

  2. Orella

    I am so happy to be back to see my wonderful doctor for a follow up appointment, I am so looking forward to being thoroughly examined by my beautiful doctor.
    My anticipation growing ever stronger as I try to control my increasing arousal as she tells me what to do during the examination, I am so happy to comply with every instruction and answer all of her questions.
    I cannot believe it when the doctor removes her dress and I can no longer control my cock growing erect in response to this beautiful woman.
    My cock and balls are closely examined and the beautiful doctor explains so much about my prostrate and the examination that she will be performing.
    Legs spread wide as instructed, bent over and strapped in securely I feel so helpless as I am sedated to relax me, yet retaining full feeling as the beautiful doctor conducts her examination. Balls tingling as she performs the most pleasurable examination of them and then my ass has its turn to be examined and I become more and more aroused as she goes deeper in to locate my prostrate and commences her massage which drives me wild with the desire to cum. More and more intensely aroused as the doctor tells me to cum, I cannot and don’t want to resist her instruction and explode for her.

  3. abe paloe

    Dr, Madan, Dr. Abrams, Nurse Christine; these are the names of the wonderful doctors and nurses that are treating me, but Dr. Croft is one particular Doctor I have that just sends me over the edge with every exam that she performs on me. These exams vary from time to time, specially with a condition as mine, but in every visit, she asks me very personal yet sexy questions, removes me from my clothing and invites me to let go and trust her. My condition is somewhat serious, well at least the one she happens to know quite well. She knows how to treat this condititon like the great doctor that she is; With intense orgasms!

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