Length: 35:51

Voice: Mistress Mia

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2 reviews for Doctor’s Orders

  1. Orella

    I never though that I could enjoy a doctor’s appointment. However, this one is so very different as I answer the doctor’s questions feeling good listening to her professional and beautiful voice.
    Oh, what a thrill to be examined thoroughly by this beautiful doctor, even though I don’t like needles I am happy to be sedated by the doctor and left aware with sensations still felt but helplessly under her control.
    Cock is so happy to respond to the doctor’s touch and the treatment that she deems necessary is so very arousing as I gaze at the vision of beauty that is the doctor, she is completely in charge as she administers my sexual treatment and takes me to ever more intense arousal as she stimulates me more and more until I can no longer hold back and cum on her command.

  2. Abe

    Let Doctor Croft take all of your stress away. Let her take all your worries. Let Doctor Croft set you free from all the things that are hurting you in any way. Let her voice be the antidote, the cure of all your problems. Let Doctor Croft finally cure you. This session, for those who are patreons might find Doctor Doctor to be very similar to it, but Its safe to say that this is a completely different session, experience and outcome. Let Doctor Croft’s engouraging words do all the talking. Let her tell you what is wrong with you and what she must do to fix you. All you have to do is surrender your fears, your guilts, your pain, surrender it all to your doctor. After all, a doctor knows whats best for you…

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