Length: 28:45
Voice: Mistress Katya

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4 reviews for Doggie Biscuit

  1. Braxton

    Relaxing. Bonding. Hypnotizing.

    Mistress Katya is back, and her desire is to have a new puppy. In this relaxing session, we are treated to the sultry voice of Katya taking us to new depths of trance. We are rendered helpless, and at her feet, ready to obey.

    Katya, it’s so good to have you back. This session is so warm, and relaxing. It almost feels like you were on vacation, only to return home, and bond with your pet once again.

    Great session Katya.

  2. Orella

    A delightful short session from Mistress Katya.

    I felt almost like I was hearing Mistress Katya’s sultry alluring voice for the first time, the moment I heard the words ‘Hello pet’ I realised how much I had missed Mistress Katya, I became aware of my intense longing to experience a new session from Mistress Katya and a heartbeat later I felt so happy to open up and let go for her to take control and do as she pleases with me.

    What a pleasurable experience it is to be a good obedient pet for Mistress Katya, on my knees at the feet of my owner devoted to pleasing her. Loving the attention from Mistress Katya, desperate to please and obey her.

    Mistress Katya, I have missed you so much Mistress, it is so wonderful to hear this new session from you.
    I love being your good doggie, your playful puppy, an obedient loving pet devoted to pleasing my owner.
    Thank you, Mistress Katya, for allowing me to experience this wonderfully arousing session with you.

  3. lorenzo

    I truly feel like every hypnomistress has their own unique style and skills which makes them irresistible in their own way.
    With Katja its definitely the voice. Not only her thick sexy accent but also the authoritative sound of it.

    Katja is definitely the most straightforward hypnotist. She’ll let you know that from the moment she starts that you are going to be hypnotized and you will be helpless to do anything about that. And while she explains it you already know it is true.

    Katja I’ll have you know that I’m totally not a dogg person. However, the moment I heard your voice again I was already wagging my tail in excitement.

  4. Andi_S

    I have missed Mistress Katya and I am so glad to see her make a return with her newest session ‘Doggie Biscuit’. This is a wonderful feel-good session that I think everyone that I think everyone who loves the feeling of being hypnotized by a lovely lady is going to enjoy. The background music and Mistress Katya’s voice form a perfect blend that sounds so comforting and so relaxing. It is so easy to let go and go with the flow set by Mistress Katya’s beautiful voice. It’s a very beautiful and pleasurable trance that she guides us into.

    And for many of us this is, of course, also going to be very arousing. The question is, what are we going to do with that arousal? Are we, as Mistress Katya asks towards the end, going to remain lonely stray dogs or will be become her obedient happy pets? Will we spend that arousal just for ourselves or are we able to withhold and move forward on the path towards learning how to please? I am torn between conflicting urges within me myself. ‘Doggie Biscuit’ feels incredible to listen to and I am curious to find out where on that scale I will end up once Mistress Katya is done with me.

    Thank you, Mistress Katya, for returning to THM and giving us this wonderful session. I look forward to receiving more puppy training in the future.

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