Length: 28:45
Voice: Mistress Katya

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11 reviews for Doggie Biscuit

  1. mattintrance

    Doggie loves his biscuit. Once I heard Katya’s voice, I felt Her fastening Her collar around my neck. “Sit”–yes Mistress, “Stay”–as You command, Mistress. Oh, the gentle scratching from Her nails feels like Doggie Heaven. Doggie is suddenly so sleepy and tired. Mistress is so kind. She knows how Her voice overwhelms Doggie. She knows he needs to sleep, to be Her docile, obedient pet. Doggie doesn’t remember what the numbers mean, but he recognizes what they sound like. Doggie remembers everything that Mistress does to him. He doesn’t need to know anything else, really. His little doggie brain is so simple. All that matters are Mistress’s suggestions. Doggie is going down now, hearing the numbers without any need to understand them. Then Doggie is asleep. Deep, deep asleep. He’s having a dream now. What is a dream, anyway? Doggie doesn’t care. He only knows that he is getting very aroused. Oh–he feels the scratching again, and hears Mistress’s voice. He is so aroused, so helplessly aroused. Doggie doesn’t really understand arousal. He only knows that Mistress is happy. He loves obeying his Mistress.

    Oh–by the way, I loved the session. It’s not to be missed


  2. Dale Roads

    E = mc^2 is certainly well proven, and equally well established is Mistress Katya’s ability to speak softly into the electronic ether, and wrest control of a boy’s m , for mind, at c, the speed of light, and pocket his energy, E, for her personal pleasure. She says she finds this sort of spell trancing “intoxicating” which makes those in her purview “intoxicants” … a bit of status bump in this boy’s opinion.

    Round and round the “Merry-Go-Round”, spiraling down and down the spiral staircase we go, listening to Mistress Katya, as she summons both our tender desires and our darker lust. Is it her voice? Oh Yes!, is it her language? Yes! Yes!, is it the feeling of a real presence being manifested within your very brain (now one can only weakly croak), oh Katya, please, please, please, woof, woof… Truly it is almost pain and misery and yet, the most extreme sort of pleasure. You see, within the queer context of Mistress Mia’s, Multi-Universe of desire, all sorts of contradictions defy our most precious line of defense, rationality, and place us as dreaming heads in their collective laps.

    So in Doggy Biscuit, there is an invitation implicit, and roughly understood to begin with, the first time. As you listen, Mistress Katya’s voice just makes one’s pants seem to disappear, as she points to the ongoing situation in a personal way. Of course, it is a recording but yet it is also an attachment to her person. She makes it that way and talks on, drawing your affections deeper, painting pictures, sometimes telling you something about yourself … and your desire to play in her game grows. And she is a real person, even approachable online, once, probably. And she is very desirable and sexy, and awakens the boy in the man, and the dog in the boy.

    (If you find yourself wagging your tail brightly then remember Mistress Katya has played with you before: “Peep Show 2, GoodDoggie,mp3”)

  3. tymissmayihaveanother

    I really enjoyed this session, and am thankful that I get to review it. I had to listen to it 6 times before I could do the review, as each time I listened, Katya’s voice would capture me and sink me down so I was so relaxed I would wake up later and have to retry the listening process. When i finally achieved completion of the audio, I felt calm and centered, energized and excited to be playful, and proud to be obedient to Her, and proud to be able to resist my own impulses. Iris a shorter audio but does not disappoint in a sexy and sensual conversation with one of the most luxurious voices that will make you surrender and want to earn Her praise. I’m still feeling the effects and need more. Happy listening.

  4. Abe

    I have a few doggies that I see every month from time to time and every time they see me return, they show me how much they’re happy and content to see, feel me as they wiggle their tails feeling my touch, their reward for behaving and being obedient while I was gone. Very much like my own Doggies, I can feel the excitement and pleasure in hearing Mistress Katya once again, hearing her unique thick accent that grew on me like a strong pull. Wiggling my own tail as I hear her speak, as I feel the stroke of her hand all over me. I tremble and giggle in bliss by what she caused. No dog is ever good being alone without a Master or Mistress, someone who will take him and give him exactly what he needs. A Biscuit for being a well trained pet for the pleasure of their owner. I like this way of being puppy trained. knowing that being good will result in a very well deserved treat…

    Welcome back, I’m happy to hear you again, Katya

  5. GoodBoyLance

    Mistress Katya is back and continuing Good Doggy with Her commanding presence and voice to train her puppies into good obedient doggies. Katya is an expert in domesticating boys into becoming a well trained pet, quickly takes her puppy down with a snap and a command to sleep. She then calms you down and fills your head with thoughts of obedience and pleasing Mistress. once you are in the right state of mind, She pats your head and call you Her “Good Boy”, making you burst with pleasure. while your head is still spinning with pleasure, She wakes you up and leaves you with a choice, be a good tamed boy and hold back your orgasm to return to Her training the next day, or be a naughty feral dog without Katya’s influence.

  6. Kin

    Katya has a syrupy voice, dark and dangerous. She sends shivers down my back. I love all her sessions. Her first Doggie training session was very hot. This one might be even hotter, as she gets right inside your head.

  7. Taigh

    Katya’s Voice! If you are a good doggie and pay attention to Mistress Katya, she might just give you a bone. She certainly gave me one. If you love the thought of being treated as Katya’s puppy, being teased and trained, this session is perfect. Of course she left me wanting more. But I’m sure I was expecting that anyway.

  8. Andi_S

    I have missed Mistress Katya and I am so glad to see her make a return with her newest session ‘Doggie Biscuit’. This is a wonderful feel-good session that I think everyone that I think everyone who loves the feeling of being hypnotized by a lovely lady is going to enjoy. The background music and Mistress Katya’s voice form a perfect blend that sounds so comforting and so relaxing. It is so easy to let go and go with the flow set by Mistress Katya’s beautiful voice. It’s a very beautiful and pleasurable trance that she guides us into.

    And for many of us this is, of course, also going to be very arousing. The question is, what are we going to do with that arousal? Are we, as Mistress Katya asks towards the end, going to remain lonely stray dogs or will be become her obedient happy pets? Will we spend that arousal just for ourselves or are we able to withhold and move forward on the path towards learning how to please? I am torn between conflicting urges within me myself. ‘Doggie Biscuit’ feels incredible to listen to and I am curious to find out where on that scale I will end up once Mistress Katya is done with me.

    Thank you, Mistress Katya, for returning to THM and giving us this wonderful session. I look forward to receiving more puppy training in the future.

  9. lorenzo

    I truly feel like every hypnomistress has their own unique style and skills which makes them irresistible in their own way.
    With Katja its definitely the voice. Not only her thick sexy accent but also the authoritative sound of it.

    Katja is definitely the most straightforward hypnotist. She’ll let you know that from the moment she starts that you are going to be hypnotized and you will be helpless to do anything about that. And while she explains it you already know it is true.

    Katja I’ll have you know that I’m totally not a dogg person. However, the moment I heard your voice again I was already wagging my tail in excitement.

  10. Orella

    A delightful short session from Mistress Katya.

    I felt almost like I was hearing Mistress Katya’s sultry alluring voice for the first time, the moment I heard the words ‘Hello pet’ I realised how much I had missed Mistress Katya, I became aware of my intense longing to experience a new session from Mistress Katya and a heartbeat later I felt so happy to open up and let go for her to take control and do as she pleases with me.

    What a pleasurable experience it is to be a good obedient pet for Mistress Katya, on my knees at the feet of my owner devoted to pleasing her. Loving the attention from Mistress Katya, desperate to please and obey her.

    Mistress Katya, I have missed you so much Mistress, it is so wonderful to hear this new session from you.
    I love being your good doggie, your playful puppy, an obedient loving pet devoted to pleasing my owner.
    Thank you, Mistress Katya, for allowing me to experience this wonderfully arousing session with you.

  11. Braxton

    Relaxing. Bonding. Hypnotizing.

    Mistress Katya is back, and her desire is to have a new puppy. In this relaxing session, we are treated to the sultry voice of Katya taking us to new depths of trance. We are rendered helpless, and at her feet, ready to obey.

    Katya, it’s so good to have you back. This session is so warm, and relaxing. It almost feels like you were on vacation, only to return home, and bond with your pet once again.

    Great session Katya.

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