Length: 38:18
Voice: Mistress Mia

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  1. mattintrance

    Also, just as a P.S. to my review below—I found Mia’s foreplay for this file very helpful (and hot). She definitely put me in the perfect state of mind to travel a new and different path, and She smoothed the way beautifully, making it even easier to follow.

    P.P.S. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Mia say the word “dreamland” before. But oh my—it put me right to sleep.

  2. mattintrance

    Trigger warning here–this one’s complicated, it may take a while. Reader discretion advised.

    By now, we’ve all been so thoroughly hypnotized and conditioned by Mistress Mia, that it might become easy to believe that there’s nothing new for Her to do to us that She hasn’t already done. Wrong. There seems to be no end to the games, traps, weapons and methods at Her disposal. And this is one of the best.

    I’ve been interested in this idea for a long time. In fact, I had been debating claiming a Dutch file at some point, to see how deeply it might affect me, even though I don’t know a single Dutch word. In the past, I’ve been hypnotized by native German speakers, and one native Romanian speaker, and I was intrigued at how quickly a few words in their native tongue could shut my brain down instantly. For some reason, I hadn’t noticed that Mistress has a session that switched back and forth between Her native Dutch, and my native English. I’m tempted to say “what a ride,” because I went so deep and awoke feeling wonderful, but I found it to be something much more than that. This was as glowing an example of Mia’s brilliance as I’ve heard, because it’s not just about the arousal, the submission, and the control. It’s educational. Sure, She left me quivering and helpless; feeling like a lucky puppy aching for more. But, She always does that; on any day ending in “y.” She hypnotized me so deftly that, toward the end, I started to find English distracting. And, I found the last several minutes totally captivating, as She fills our minds with both languages simultaneously, with each alternating seamlessly from one ear to the other, then back again.

    There’s more, and I’m not even sure how well I can explain it, because it’s pretty nuanced. I’ve sometimes worried that I may be developing visions of Mistress beyond those She’s going for, but this file was reassuring on that point. We start off in an intellectual discussion, which Mistress skillfully steers toward the erotic (spoiler alert!). But by the end, She’s our Queen. Hearing it from Her lips lifts a huge weight off my shoulders, because sometimes I worry that I’m in deeper than She would want me to be. But, no. She wants me bowed at Her feet, blissed out and helpless. And She puts me there every time.

    So, in closing, all I can say is (courtesy of Google Translate): Bedankt, Meesteres Mia, dat u mij dit heeft aangedaan. Je verbaast me elke dag met je vaardigheden, je medeleven, je intellect en je ondeugend ondeugende geest. Ik ben zo blij dat ik U heb gevonden en deel uitmaak van Uw grote, ondersteunende en vriendelijke gemeenschap. Dat is voorlopig alles. Ik ga nu met plezier weer de plank op.

  3. Eddie

    Wow I knew I was going to love this session and did. So freaky as I felt my mind switch over and start following the Dutch like I had heard it all my life. Great session Mia you never cease to amaze.

  4. JCNivens

    I am not sure exactly what happened. I have never felt dropped as deeply as I didi listening to this file. Mistress Mia is my Queen and I want no other. Here voice is the most overwhelming and seductive I’ve ever heard. I cannot wait to listen again. Each time sweeter than the next.

  5. Abe

    Its so easy for Mistress Mia to hypnotize me in every language that she speaks her words. The more languages that my mind thought of that she spoke and dominanted, the more and more weaker I felt. Just how many langues does our Mistress speak? A question that leads towards more pleasure and arusal.

    This was just the beganning to the incredible experience that started with the foreplay. I felt every single handle of protection of my mind simply fall down and me with it, yes on my knees. Is that security and trust that it has for my Mistress. I figured that I shouldnt worry if I didnt undestood much of what she would say in a languge I yet have to understand. I felt I responded just the way she wanted me to with the breathing and the counting which truly took me into trance feeling so good and relaxed. Ja Mia, which I relate to Yes, Mia, everytime I repeated those words in dutch, I said them in a whipser and whimper and cry of lust, passion and love, a beatufiul mixture of emotions that all lead to arousal.

    Do I want more of this Dutch programing? I cant help it, and I cant resist it.

    Yes I do…
    Ja Mia…

  6. Taigh Dupp

    At the very heart of my own fantasy about erotic hypnosis is the idea that I will be a passenger in my own head whilst a perilously intelligent female hypnotist weaves her web around me as I sink helplessly into her control.
    When I listen to Mistress Mia whispering words in two different languages simultaneously into each ear, my mind gives in so easily and I feel myself give up, let go and lay back as Mia takes all control.
    I’ve listened a few times, now and its only getting stronger. Now I definitely find myself getting hard as a rock in response to Mia speaking in her hot wet native Dutch. I am even starting to find listening to other random dutch speaking women is starting to turn me on, which is unexpected.
    To me. This is everything I ever wanted from the experience of being hypnotized.

  7. Orella

    I love hearing Mistress Mia’s voice in any language, just listening even if I don’t consciously understand the words is such bliss.

    The foreplay is delicious to listen to and educational, I love the feeling when Mistress Mia expresses her knowledge or opinions and they resonate with thoughts and beliefs that I already hold. I love it even more when I learn new things from her. Kneeling at the feet of such a wonderful, intelligent, well educated, talented, beautiful Mistress makes me feel so humble and grateful that she permits me to worship her.
    I agree so very much with Mistress Mia’s comments on the rich variety of the sessions here at THM, sessions for all to enjoy irrespective of the geography, language and interests of the listeners. The wonderful ladies who create these blissful experiences for us to enjoy and their geographical spread bringing different aspects of their own languages, experiences, cultures and interests to the sessions.

    Experiencing Mistress Mia’s voice during the session was heavenly, her ability to switch seamlessly between English and Dutch as my mind drifts along to her enchanting voice, I am captivated and lost in bliss.
    I started the session with three expectations:
    – The first was that the session itself would be all in Dutch;
    – The second was that I would not consciously understand anything that was being said;
    – The third was that I would be lost in complete bliss.
    I was wrong on the first and second counts. Even as I drift down immersed in Mistress Mia’s voice I am struck by how strongly the switching between languages enhances and compliments the experience, and the level of understanding that I feel.
    As for what I recall from the session, deep relaxation, happiness, joy, bliss, arousal as always from hearing Mistress Mia’s voice. Also resonating throughout my mind I feel as much as hear Ja Mia, Ja Mia, Ja Mia, Ja Mia over and over and over.

    I awoke this morning feeling fantastic, thankful to Mistress Mia for her wonderful ‘Dutched’ session with a need to write a review and thank her for the session.
    I was also feeling the need to look up Zipf’s law, as I mentioned I love being taught new things by my most wonderful Goddess, my Owner, my Mistress Mia.

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