Length: 73:49

Voice: Mistress Mia

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2 reviews for Echte Mannen

  1. Orella

    October 2023 was a month with a fifth Saturday, so lucky me, as a Gold tier subscriber I received the code for this new session to use to purchase it from THM Showroom at no cost.

    I love these opportunities to listen to Mistress Mia speaking in her own mother tongue.

    I get such a warm internal surge of happiness just thinking about how pleasurable it must be for Mistress Mia to release sessions like these, weaving her expertise and creativity in her own language.

    Just listening to over 70 minutes of Mistress Mia speaking in her mother tongue is a delicious experience. I understand very few of her words, but I loved every moment of this experience immersed and lost deep within her voice.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for this opportunity to immerse myself in this session, drifting on your voice, no idea what you are saying but loving every moment.

  2. lorenzo

    Mia kiest altijd haar beste files om naar het Nederlands om te toveren! Ik ben een enorme fan van inducties die je als het ware outsmarten. Er is gewoon iets ongelofelijks geil aan het idee dat Mia je in de val lokt en ze al controle over je heeft op het moment dat je het beseft.

    Mijn mannelijkheid is totaal geen partij voor Mia

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