Length: 34:35

Voice:Mistress Mia Croft

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2 reviews for Eldorado

  1. Braxton

    Intriguing. Wonderful. Awesome.

    This was a wonderful tale narrated to perfection by the lovely Mia. Who doesn’t enjoy a story of an ancient hidden treasure. The way that the scene is described, it reminds me of a fictional place called “Gerudo Valley”.

    Mia, please forgive me for constantly repeating myself, but you are a magnificent narrator. You are so creative and talented. I’m convinced that you one of the greatest story tellers that world just doesn’t know enough about.

    Outstanding story.

  2. Orella

    I love the exquisite detail of the imagery that Mistress Mia is able to paint in my mind, I could feel that I was actually there and it was me finding such treasure only to become trapped and enslaved.

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