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Length: 29:17

Voice: Scarlet

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6 reviews for Enhance Your Pleasure

  1. Orella

    I loved this session, Mistress Scarlet’s sexy voice guiding me down into trance. I love to have more and more triggers implanted deep within my mind to make me fall quicker, go deeper and deeper, submit and obey more and faster, deepen my experiences and feelings in trance by enhancing and intensifying the responses of obedience and pleasure within my mind and body to the instructions and games that Mistress Scarlet or any other dominant woman chooses to give me or play with me.

  2. Martin

    This is a great session with one goal in mind, conditioning you better to Scarlet’s sensually smooth voice. Conditioning you to the specific words or phrases she most commonly uses, that she likes best, to control you. Mind, body and spirit.

    It’s one of those session you want to listen to often, especially as a newcomer to Scarlet’s expansive, curvaceous body of work. It will provide Scarlet the opportunity to gently chisel her triggers and suggestions deep into the bedrock of your subconscious mind. Creating a firm foundation for you, and her to build upon when listening to her other, less training specific sessions.

    I fall quickly into trance when listening to this session, and end it quivering… shaking with the bliss that Scarlet so skillfully provides. That physical bliss, second only to the blissful knowledge that I am further training my mind and body to respond more quicker, more easily to her lovely voice.

  3. truckertom1472

    Awesome session will listen to every chance I have.

  4. Taigh

    Those are great reviews Ron and Peter, it’s hard to add much. I can say that this file both a lot of fun and a really good foundation for becoming Scarlet’s perfectly trained pet. If that’s a place you think you want to go this file is a really great way to get there. ******** (8 stars)

  5. Ron

    If you love trigger sessions, this is the one to get. The session is packed with superb suggestions and triggers and they all increase your pleasure greatly with all other sessions of Mistress Scarlet.

    Even this session by it self is pure hands free bliss. You can repeat it for even greater pleasure and I recommend to listen to it on a daily basis. I know I do and it amazes me that I discover new things every time I listen again.

    Hit the play button, relax, let yourself sink down and give your control completely to Mistress and be programmed like a little puppy.

  6. Peter

    Scarlet’s trigger sessions are a treat in their own right, and this sweet half hour of intimate programming is a perfect exemplar of that.

    It’s just your mind and Scarlet’s voice in this session: no graphics required; just the arousal and peace that comes from surrendering and trusting this sweet hypnotist who knows what’s best for you – as she works a number of welcome and versatile suggestions and triggers into your subconscious mind.

    The triggers in this session involve going into trance for Scarlet and undergoing, experiencing, or performing various types of erotic response: most of them are already favourites with Scarlet and her entourage and one is a trusted standby that elicits the most potent and iconic exhibition of your desire and obedience for such a woman.

    This is essential listening, as trigger sessions like this give a more holistic experience to Scarlet’s wider range of sessions and styles. At the time of writing, I can only hope that this beautiful hypnotist continues to reinforce and extend her selection of triggers, because they are at the heart of what it means to be one of her boys.

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