Length: 44:19
Voice: Scarlet

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3 reviews for Erotic Confessions

  1. Orella

    Oh! how could I resist Mistress Scarlet when she wants me to confess in an email and tell her my erotic fantasy.
    I love being taken down into trance by Mistress Scarlet, my mind filled with the images that she paints there with her sexy sensual voice.
    Mistress Scarlet has entered my minds control room and is able to do anything she wishes with me or to me and make me feel and do whatever she wishes.
    I am guided into a state where I am able to immerse myself completely in my naughty erotic fantasy lost in experiencing a kinky fantasy that I have never told anyone about.
    When I awoke from trance, I was overwhelmed with the need to write my confession of my fantasy and as I pressed send on the email I am filled with a little fear and trepidation that I have told Mistress Scarlet such a naughty kinky fantasy, this feeling is quickly replaced with a sense of freedom, happiness and relief that I have shared something so personal and secret with Mistress Scarlet.

  2. Taigh Dupp

    I am not same the person I was before I listened to Erotic Confessions.
    The Hypnosis experienced in this file is deeper than normal.
    All my life I’ve held a tightly guarded secret desire. I really could never imagine ever letting it out into the light. And yet here I stand.
    After taking me down to such a deeply compliant state, Scarlet easily induced me to just peel myself wide open like a banana and drop my skin on the floor. Then I did as Mistress Scarlet bid.
    Just like Michael before me, I poured out my hidden desire at Scarlets command. All I could think of was pleasing Scarlet, if felt so right.

  3. Michael Franck

    I hadn’t listened to a Scarlet session in awhile, and then this one hit me like a ton of bricks, and reminded me that Scarlet has a special residence in my mind. It’s a very powerful session…by the end I was very deep, hanging on Mistress Scarlet’s every word. Afterwards I opened my e-mail back up as Mistress Scarlet commanded, and just poured out a confession as she instructed. Once I started I couldn’t stop, I just needed to pour out every detail of my confession to Mistress as she commanded. The whole thing was very erotic, being so deep for Scarlet, and just the pleasure of following her commands and being her perfectly obedient boy. Highly recommended.

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