Length: 67:10

Voice: Mistress Alicia & Mia

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6 reviews for Eruption

  1. Tharasmund

    On of my first sessions here at THM. When I look back on this I notice it got also some methaporical meaning for me.
    Alicia is leading me safely with her sweet voice and in a deep trance up the jungle path – feeling so incredible good – and passing me to the marvellous Goddess (Mia). Willingly I hand over myself to the Goddess to be consumed for eternity.

    Thank you Mia, thank you Alicia for this great immersive Tale!

  2. Eddie

    Great session ladies, oh yes definitely I was still up for meeting the family

  3. Abe

    This is one of the sessions where sexual climax is most enjoyed less and less but at the same time, the pleasure is felt tremendously with every listen, making you want to listen as often as you can. Yes, This session is made to arouse you, to tease, and even to please and pleasure you for someone as powerful as a Goddess, preparing you for her as you become one with her in burning lava. The scenes here are felt strongly through Mia’s incredible delivery of words, as if every word spoken where sent along with some kind of touch, caress, kiss and lick to the body, every single place imaginable. 3 times listening in, 3 eruptions and I’m here craving more, but as I said, this type of pleasure is better felt and enjoyed as less as possible so that I may be offered as a worthy tribute of pleasure to the goddess…

    I’m still overwhelmed by what I experienced here, a truly wonderful erotic experience where I can enjoy sexual arousal for myself knowing that I will be enjoyed later on…

  4. Braxton Bryant

    What else were we to expect? The combination of Mia & Alicia is a proven recipe for success. I always find that learning about someone’s culture, and background is incredibly fascinating. The story in this session was very immersive, and entertaining.

    Phenomenal work Alicia & Mia.

  5. Taigh Dupp

    Sessions like this are why I love The HypnoMistress. Its like a Trance within a movie within a dream, which always ends up as wet dream as soon as Mia gets involved.
    Having two different Mistresses, in Alicia and Mia feels very delux, makes me feel spoiled, but also makes me feel surrounded, outnumbered and completely outmatched.
    I willingly surrender. Take me away again and again. Thank you Mistress Mia. Thank you Alicia.

  6. Orella

    This session is a fantastic opportunity to feed the desires and needs of a Goddess and her female worshippers.

    What a joy to become lost in the beautiful voices of Mistress Alicia and Mistress Mia.

    This is a deliciously arousing session, letting go and dropping down awash with Mistress Alicia’s voice filling my ears and mind. Accompanying her on a special flight to an island paradise, happily lost in her control and care.

    An incredible dream, memories of stone steps, a lush beautiful forest, wonderful island ladies. An opportunity to join their ritual in worship of their Goddess.
    No spoilers, but an intense arousal, desperate to give anything and everything that the Goddess desires. An explosive experience giving all to her.

    Thank you, Mistress Alicia and Mistress Mia, this session is such an immersive mindscape and an intensely arousing explosive experience. Happy to give everything I am to the island ladies and their incredible Goddess.

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