Length: 26:20
Voice: Mia

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9 reviews for Extase

  1. Maarten

    Nl versie : kreeg het avontuur binnen ben meteen gaan luisteren Mia heeft niks te veel gezegd en werd door Mrs Mia zo lekker in een trance gebracht. En wat ik daar voelde zo heerlijk en nat, en dat ondanks de verbeelding die ik (nog) niet heb. En ben er van overtuigd dat als ik dat heb, ik me helemaal aan Mrs Mia kan overgeven. Dank U Meesteres Mia

  2. Joas van den B

    Mijn naam is Joas,

    Sinds 2 uurtjes geleden nog nooit een ervaring gehad met hypnose, deze gratis sessie gedaan om kennis te maken met Meesteres Mia en hypnose. Mijn slaapkamer heel donker gemaakt en toen heel neutraal in het verhaal gestapt, ik werd oprecht meegetrokken in de hypnose en haar verhaal, het werkte echt en ik heb oprecht de drang naar meer, ik denk dat ik zo een andere sessie ga kopen, ook al weet ik niet of het handig is om 2 sessies na elkaar te doen maar ik voel echt de drang naar meer. Ook hoop ik dat Meesteres Mia ondanks haar vele fans in het buitenland toch ook meer Nederlandse Hypnose sessies gaat maken.

    Ik ben in ieder geval fan van Meesteres Mia.


  3. Tom

    Loved it, more (dutch) hypnodommes should make dutch sessions. Hearing hypno content in your own language hits different.

  4. Abe

    This session is a clear example of when Mia says something that does not be understood, but enjoyed. Not understanding a single word of her mother tongue, It is very wonderful just listening and enjoying.

  5. Orella

    I am posting a second review here to try and help people avoid the mistake that Sym made and that caused the negative review that they posted simply because this session is in Dutch.

    1. The entire description of this session in the showroom is in Dutch, for me that set my expectation that it was going to be in Dutch and not English.
    2. For clarity to anyone not sure. The flags at the top bar of the site that Sym mentions change the website language between English and Dutch and not the sessions themselves.
    3. My review prior to the one that Sym posted was clear that this session was in Dutch.
    4. This session is a beautiful free gift from our wonderful Mistress Mia in her own native language and should be treasured.

  6. Alexander

    Like probably most who got this session, I dont speak Dutch so i just catch just some words from time to time while listening. Gotta say that Dutch is a sexy sounding language, especially from our Mistress. Even if you don´t catch or know what every word means this is a very relaxing file to just bliss out and let your thoughts drift away.

  7. Andi_S

    I downloaded this because I heard Mistress Mia briefly speak Dutch in another session and it just sounded so sweet and sexy. And so does this session. Even though I only understood a few words here and there, it was really fun to listen to Mistress speak in her native tongue. Just a very pleasant auditory experience that provided me with happy feelings. Thank you Mistress Mia.

  8. Sym

    This file is NOT IN ENGLISH.
    Clicking on the British flag does not help.
    Is lady Mia a Dutch patriot ?
    There is no option for not rating. It should be, because I do not speak Dutch language.

  9. Orella

    Even though I don’t speak Dutch, listening to this session I realised several things, one was that Dutch can be a very sexy and sensual language, another was that despite not understanding the words being said that I was drawn irresistibly into trance, another was that I felt aroused and in a happy state of pleasure. I can only imagine that for Dutch speakers that this session is amazing.

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