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Length: 54:28 (+Foreplay 65:05)

Voice: Mistress Mia

Copyright © 2020 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

5 reviews for ExtraTerrestrial Affairs

  1. Brymlee

    This session gave me goosebumps, but in a good way. The way the alien room was explained, the JOI elements and the femdom elements contributed to a truly amazing session.

    The way the environment was presented to the listener was immersive. I felt like I was actually in the alien room which definitely led to a more pleasurable experience. Immersion, especially in erotic hypnosis contributes so much to the work. I enjoyed the use of eerie luminous lights and the darkness of the room. The environment almost had a horror vibe to it, which is quite an interesting experience. The clashing of horror and the erotic vibes works well.

    The cold and calculating demeanor of the alien subjects were quite arousing to say the least. They almost a clinical tone when doing the extraction. Being a hypnotic pet to these goddesses was a treat. If there is a sequel to this piece, which I hope so, then it would be quite hot to have listener do more submissive acts to the alien women. Perhaps, the listener could worship these worldly creatures in other ways.

    I felt that this piece was so immersive I was completely lost in this world. I didn’t know what time it was or anything like that. That is a real testament to the piece.

    Thanks for sharing this piece with us, Mistress Mia.

  2. Abe

    Sometimes we experience things that are way out of the norm, I know I did listening to this session and I decided to write about it as soon as I could as a way to record the event and after analyzing it all, experiencing this session a few times, I figured that it is true what they often say about Hypnosis, that anything can happen. Anything is everything and there is no such thing as “No, that does not exist here” It is a completely different world from that the one I am accustomed to in the real life. This session here planted the perfect fantasy. Recently, I’ve been into sexy creatures. My mind is off limits when it comes to that; Two head creatures, 6 fingers, 3 arms, and when it comes to their sexual orientation. that is off limits too. They are often she-male like, curvy goddesses, petite beauties, and they all are after me. My mind went off at one point and thats where I knew one sexy creature truly caught me and took me to a far away place.

    Mia voice here can break a hard rock, I didn’t know if her intentions where to seduce me into a deep trance or to stroke my mind until it got wet and sticky, or it might be both. She sounded calm, tender loving, and yet, extremly seductive. The induction is deliciously long but too short at the same time, that need to hear her voice, it can never be enough for me, or anyone. I love losing myself in her fantasies.

    This is a session I am sure many will enjoy, specially those into aliens and sexy creatures. I have a feeling this will be a long time favorite and one that I will be listening to over and over…

  3. Abe

    It happened very differently, I am still confused and wondering what actually took place while I was put to sleep. What was done to me, to by body? I remember listening to Mia right before drifting to sleep, my body prepared for the orgasmic release that I expect every few days while listening to my favorite sessions. It was right there when I totally lost myself and I drifted off to a deep sleep. Mia talking very softly, yet seductive while I just kept relaxing. With my eyes closed, I hardly remember what happend next. But then, there is that one moment when I am waken up, it might be the sexy aliens that took me, or it might have been Mia. I just woke up stroking myself… this is the confusing part. Did I started stroking while in my sleep? I was instructed to continue stroking until I orgasmed.

    This was one of the strangest experiences I have come across and I have so say that I loved it!

  4. Taigh

    If you’re a fan of Mia’s hypnosis, you’ll want to have Extraterrestrial Affairs in your collection. Its worth it alone just to listen to Mia’s Foreplay at the start of this session, where Mia talks about her own exotic collection of sex toys. The Trance experience is super deep and if you share the curiosity about aliens and alien abduction, being captured by a force that is greater than you, that can easily control you and use you for whatever purpose she chooses, then you will love this experience as it offers all of that. I was left feeling incredibly aroused afterwards and wanting to go back ( I know I will). I was also left with many questions in my mind, about Mia’s toy collection, whether it was real or a metaphor for all of the earth boys that Mia has in her own collection to toy and play with. Did I really get abducted by a Sexy Alien, or was I inside Mia’s space ship the whole time, Is she really from Amsterdam, or Alpha Centauri. And finally, who are those other Alien girls she let experiment on me whilst I was sedated.

  5. Orella

    I love the sessions where Mistress Mia adds a foreplay element to the session, in part as this gives a longer duration where Mistress Mia fills my mind, if only I could have her voice filling my mind with bliss 24X7. In this session there is the exquisite way that she describes naughty sex toys and unbridled kinky exploration, what new kink could I find that I might become a captivated devotee of. The foreplay introduction gets me so intrigued and aroused on many levels.
    I close my eyes and breathe as instructed by Mistress Mia, I am so eager for the session but first I am drawn into complete relaxation as Mistress Mia prepares my entranced mind to be a perfect canvas for her to paint her wonderful imagery upon as she expertly takes me on this incredible mind journey.
    Oh, how I wish I had permission from Mistress Mia to play but it has only been 14 days and too soon to beg for permission, I must wait longer until I beg for my March release.
    My denied state makes this session such exquisite torment, so aroused and so helpless to do anything about my intense desire to cum, I spend all night waking from time to time still erect and deliciously frustrated. My erection does not subside until morning comes and it is time to get up and my mind finally has other things to distract it.
    I am so desperate to revisit this incredible session again once I have permission from Mistress Mia to touch and cum, based on how intensely I am aroused by this session I have no doubt that the orgasm will be out of this world so to speak.

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4 years 2 months ago

I cannot get over how incredibly beautiful and seductive Mistress Mia’s voice sounds in the foreplay section of this session. Even more so than usually. I think she had a lot of fun recording this. If you get this session, I would definitely recommend ordering the foreplay with it. It’s more than worth it.

4 years 2 months ago

After listening to this session I definitely believe in Alien abduction. I love the thought of being taken when I am deep in trance and then returned afterward to the same point.