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Length: 47:03

Voice: Mistress Mia

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12 reviews for Facilitation For Men 1

  1. mattintrance

    Yeesh! I was so dazed that I misspelled Dr. Croft’s name below. Apologies, Doctor. I clearly need more brainwashing.

  2. mattintrance

    Back in my room on the grounds of the clinic, I seem to feel a little dazed since I met Dr. Kroft. It’s hard to remember what it was we spoke about, but I’m so calm and comfortable, even though I don’t remember coming back to my room. It’s hard to think right now for some reason, but maybe I don’t need to, anyway. I’m sure that Dr. Kroft is right. I get the feeling that She always is. She’s a very educated woman, and I think it really does make sense to listen to Her and follow Her directions completely. I’ll ask Her about it when I see Her tomorrow. I think I really would benefit from some changes, and I’m ready to work with Dr. Kroft to make it happen. As I drift off to sleep, in my lush quarters, I wonder whether 90 days will be enough, as three little mantras keep coming back to me. I’m so happy that I have the VIP package.

  3. RonC4880

    Excellent session. I believe this series will become one of Mia’s greatest works. I am anxious for more. I hope #2 will be out soon.

  4. lorenzo

    I’m a bit lost in the facility. I was on my way to my room but can someone verify if this is the right place were we all beg for part 2 of this absolutely wonderful session?

  5. Dale Roads

    How very exciting! A benefactress has secured you an accommodation at the Ontwaken facility located in a remote location known as “The Pines”. Ontwaken provides therapeutic counseling for a range of disorders from personal emotional issues to the alleviation of the stress of living in a complex and demanding society. Once in the facility you are utterly beyond worldly attention, and able to become focused entirely on yourself. As Dr Croft puts it:

    “At Ontwaken there are no limits in advancing towards our one goal, assisting you in achieving your unlimited potential. We are going to help you every step of the way.”

    Wonderful! and reassuring. Personally, I also found it reassuring that she notes and disavows the rumors in the popular press concerning “Brainwashing” as entirely unfounded. And then there is the guiding motto of the Ontwaken facility, so beyond reproach.

    “Your life will truly begin when you awaken to yourself.”

    Upon arriving at Ontwaken one can expect the personal attention of Dr Croft herself, in fact, as she explains, you will be having a meeting with her every day. What you will not see, much less meet, are other clients. Dr Croft and her associates will be working on your development within personal exclusivity.

    But it goes beyond that! During the ‘season’ she lives at Ontwaken in a modest accommodation atop the facility with its panoramic view overlooking the grounds and forest, and which features her parlor, her bedroom and a small kitchen. This personal residence has a small attractive electric sign next to her front door with the friendly greeting of “Come on in” when illuminated, which it usually is until quite late in the evening. She is always available to offer insight and assuage fears.

    I am quite moved by Mistress Mia’s invitation to each of us in this series, and for myself, plan to attend all future sessions she offers at theHypnoMistress-dot-com from within the Ontwaken facility. I am also going to be diligent in providing the cooperation suggested for opening one’s mind to a deeper hypnotic relaxation by prefacing each session with a slow, thoughtful recitation of her most recent shibboleths:

    “Dr Croft is always right.” (Her confidence so tickles me, and one really should not be here if one can’t totally believe in her.) “I am ready to be programmed.” (And again, if one is not willing to receive help, why is one even here?) And finally, “I am deeply hypnotized.” (Oh my! … after a few times of repeating this aloud before a couple of sessions, I have found a deep truth in the meaning of the word, and “respond” strongly.)

    The foregoing is merely an outline, when she presents herself in person, well … hope you enjoy your stay. 🙂

  6. tymissmayihaveanother

    This session felt so real, like I was entering into the program, and I obeyed every direction. I was able to let go let Dr. Croft lead me on my new path. She is never wrong, and I needed reprogramming. It will be my pleasure to listen to this session over and over, and I can’t wait for the sequel.

  7. Braxton


    I love the setup for this session. Facilitation for Men Part 1 is intriguing. I have very strong theories as to the direction I believe this session is headed. I’m excited to know that we will be visited by multiple Mistresses during our stay at the facility.

    Great session Mia!

  8. Justgoodvibes

    To be honest, we can all benefit from some therapy. It comes in many forms. This particular mode is irresistibly sexy, yet performed with such ease.
    I felt quite lucky to have been gifted with a 90 day treatment. The expense is being generously covered by a person un-named? Having just started the program, I can say if the goal is relaxation, it was easily achieved. It’s best not to get tangled up in details at this point. I will say that it was quite enjoyable, and that Dr. Croft is always right.

  9. philmslim

    Listening to Dr. Croft after the workday is the perfect relaxation. She effortlessly guides you into a peaceful state of mind that simultaneously heightens the other senses. I’ve only been at the facility for a few days, but I never want to leave!

  10. Abe

    Waking up today with the brief memory of this session, the facility and details, the wonderful gift of a VIP program that was gifted to me on this wonder session, I can’t think of a better way to awaken when my mind stayed in my own room in rehabilitation as I went on with my day yesterday after listening. Hypnosis is wonderful and can help us in so many ways; mind healing, restoration, and more needing relaxation, with an addition of sexuality and sensuality no other Doctor can help us feel and be better.

  11. Moha1433

    Absolutely beautiful!! I though hypnosis is a practice used only to relax and heal traumas and anxiety. I never thought it was an art, mastered and perfected by mistress Mia and her girlfriends. I am very thankful for their dedication and magnificent work.

    This session looks like the beginning of astonishing series to come. I cannot wait for Dr. Croft to educate and train her loyal and loving boy!!

  12. Orella

    Wow, an unlimited VIP program of therapy to become stress free. Daily meetings with Dr Croft and access to her anytime that her door sign reads ‘come on in’.

    Learning about my subconscious/unconscious metaphorical iceberg where my conscious mind is merely the tiny tip that enters my awareness was fun and informative.

    Dr Croft explains how she is able to delve into my subconscious, enter the depths of that iceberg that lies beneath my tiny conscious awareness tip.

    I kind of zoned out, I guess I drifted off effortlessly into trance listening to Dr Croft. I have vague memories is scents and textures, details outside of my conscious unable to focus on them.

    As my thoughts return to clarity and conscious awareness. I am filled with a happy relaxed sense of comfort and contentment.

    After my first listen I am keen to return again and again for my therapy sessions.

    This is Facilitation for Men 1; I wonder where this series will take me?

    Thank you, Dr Croft, thank you for this therapeutic journey into a happier less stressful path through each and every day to come.

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