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Falling Deeply

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Length: 22:17
Voice: Scarlet

Copyright © 2016 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

4 reviews for Falling Deeply

  1. WF

    If you’re interested in sampling what The Hypno Mistress and more specifically Scarlet Bordeaux is all about, this should be your starting point. This session will acclimatize you to Scarlet’s playful, sweetly seductive voice and hypnotic style. With repeated listening it will embed a trigger phrase which will allow you to more easily fall deeply into hypnosis in her other sessions and maybe even this one. It will give you just a taste of Scarlet’s aural power… and the pleasure that submitting to her can give you. Required listening.

    I would recommend listening to it repeatedly for a week or at least 5-7 times before moving onto her other sessions.

  2. Peter

    Don’t be misled by the ‘free’ price tag: this session is essential listening that acts as a foundation of trance in Scarlet’s other sessions.

    If you’ve ever had doubts about your ability to trance, this session acts as a soothing balm that shows you that you can.

    It’s nice to be able to listen to this session in the background whilst getting on with something else: acclimatising yourself to Scarlet’s voice is time well spent.

  3. Lukas

    What a better to start with Scarlet´s sessions than try this one first.
    As an introductionary session it may not be focused solely on bringing the pleasure in it´s rawest form to you, but it might pique your interest in Scarlet´s approach to the hypnosis in general.
    In this session you´ll get to know Scarlet better and you´ll get to know some trigger phrases, which are going to make your enjoyment from any Scarlet´s go higher and higher and deeper into the trance with her at the same time.
    Big plus is that you can listen to this simply to relax yourself like I am doing it… for example during my way to work by train, which can be sometimes pretty irritating because of the nosy ticket collector, who ALWAYS picks the worst time for “collecting”
    Anyway if You want to start to listening to Scarlet´s sessions, than like I said at the begginning there is no better session to begin with than this one.
    If You give this session a chance, you are about to experience a journey which you will not want to end for a very long time. Believe me. I know it firsthand.

  4. Michael

    Every journey begins with a single step. This is that step for a gentle and inevitable seduction by Scarlet. The session serves as both an introduction to Scarlet’s voice and style, but also plants the foundation for things to come with that first, critical trigger.

    Don’t be tempted by one of those more openly erotic or fantastic sessions if you haven’t first listened to “Falling Deeply”, you simply won’t get the most out of them yet.

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