Length: 30:23

Voice: Mistress Mia

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8 reviews for Fascination

  1. mattintrance

    This is an amazing session. I recall that I’ve listened to it a few times before, and it‘s always taken me very deep, but I hadn’t recalled much beyond that. When I noticed that I hadn’t reviewed it before, I decided to revisit it, and this time was magic—pure and simple.

    First, I noticed how I automatically slowed and deepened my breathing as soon as I heard Mia’s voice, no doubt the result of daily conditioning over the last few weeks. Before long, I was telling Her out loud that I wanted to be hypnotized, noticing that it first became increasingly difficult to finish speaking the sentence aloud, then to even complete the thought in my mind. At that point, I thought I was already under, but Mistress and my subconscious, friends and partners in pleasurable crime that they are, soon showed me that I was actually on the edge, and they made sure that I stayed there. Right where Mistress wanted me, for as long as She wanted.

    Usually, I experience entering trance either by gently drifting off, or dropping abruptly. In this session, I had a clear sensation of being pulled down gradually, as if Mia wanted me at least somewhat lucid for a while, perhaps to let the fact that She was truly in charge sink in. And the sensation was a physical one. When She finally gave me the sleep command—that’s when I drifted off gently, and all the erotic tension that had been building to that point quickly dissolved. After that, I have only vague recollections of repeating mantras at Her command, but this time solely in my mind. I didn’t have the strength to speak aloud at that point, since I was so totally relaxed. (I’m fairly certain that Mistress planted a suggestion along those lines, but I’m really not sure.) I felt wonderful when I awoke, but was surprised to find myself lying on the couch totally naked, with my clothes in a pile on the floor. I have no recollection of removing them, and I have no idea how I was able to do so while keeping my headphones securely on.

    Thank You, Mistress Mia, for doing this to me. Fascination, indeed. Every single time.

  2. tom

    After 10+ years of erotic hypnosis I was ever wondering if I was really hypnotized. This recording set an end to this.

    Mistress Mia skillfully resolved all inhibitions and barriers and I completely zoned out only to wake up fully certain that my subconscious HAS absorbed all of her suggestions and WILL obey them. What an exciting journey! Thank you Mistress!

  3. RonC4880

    Do you want to be hypnotized?
    Hypnosis is everywhere, often without you knowing it’s happening to you. Your unconscious mind doesn’t care.

    Trying not to become hypnotized causes that person to become easily entranced. The effectiveness of this is demonstrated in this session. Learn that you really want to be hypnotized. Can you resist it when you listen to the sound of Mia’s voice?

    You are going to be deeply hypnotized and feel good. Let go and give into the pleasure of obeying and drifting away. Float away into blissful happiness of surrender to pleasure of being so very deep, and then deeper relaxation. It feels so good to surrender to Mia.

    Enjoy the adventure, fascinated and addicted and your need to return.

  4. Abe

    With a sort of reference to Weak for Hypnosis and new layered affirmations being added to those already embedded deep inside my mind, this session makes trancing that much enjoyable.

    To step aside and into hypnosis for half an hour through Mia’s voice, to just let go and repeat mantras that are meant to make you feel good all over; this for me is the true power of hypnosis. A very different kind of session but with a hint of what I’ve already been conditioned with, this session will top my most listens.

    At the end, I deeply understood that Hypnosis always makes me feel good, and for me, Mia is Hypnosis.

  5. Braxton Bryant

    I love the way you can turn a ‘general hypnosis’ session into such a wonderful experience so effortlessly.

    Outstanding work Mia!

  6. Justgoodvibes

    Intrigued by your fascination and overcome by trance?

    That’s exactly what will happen during this session.
    If you don’t have any history with Mistress Mia, this session would be particularly great as an ice breaking introduction. This is a comfy trance session with no real domination taking place.

    The session begins as a conversation about trance. There’s a lot of talk about what occurs during trance. How a person feels, how they think, what details one might experience, all in a very easy, light, casual, and indirect manner. Rapport and trust are quickly established because Mistress values consent, not intending for you to be accidentally hypnotized.

    Shortly after what might be an introduction, a confusion style of dialog begins about what your conscious and sub-conscious picks up or doesn’t. After being enlightened about how that part of the mind works, you’re asked to “imagine” what one may feel or experience, under the effects of hypnosis. It was at this moment I realized I was in trance. I snapped out of it at that point. I already listened to the file 3 times. I was trying to pay attention, and understand what was taking place, so I could write about the session.

    The deepening goes another level, as constant use of double negatives quickly tires out your mind. Exhausted by trying to keep track of countless sentences hammering away at what’s left of your consciousness, the only result is to completely let go.

    Just short of the halfway mark, Mistress Mia officially drops the hammer, and officially takes away any doubts about your position in trance. Mistress spends the remaining time of the session to induce further trance deepening by light fractionation, and use of affirmations.

    The file is expertly crafted and is one sweet ride. One could easily drop deeply into trance unintentionally, just by the sound of Mistress Mia’s voice. Her siren-like voice has a rich, deep, smooth, tone. Mistress Mia’s voice is well dispatched with master precision. It has all the elements of a master violinist, with perfect pitch, tone and vibrato. Each syllable is carefully placed, to build on the intended outcome. One blissful word at a time.

    I’m excited to share my thoughts, and to write about Mistress Mia. She provides an experience that is so overwhelmingly euphoric. I can only hope the entire trance community can appreciate how lucky we are to have her.

    Thank you Mistress Mia!

  7. Orella

    Fascinated, captivated, enthralled, mesmerised. I love being lost in hypnosis with Mistress Mia.

    Yes, Mistress I do want to be hypnotised. I love being hypnotised by you Mistress.

    I love going deeper and deeper listening to Mistress Mia’s voice.

    I love every opportunity to immerse myself in Mistress Mia’s voice, drifting along to wherever she chooses to take me exploring anything and everything that she chooses for me. Feeling such bliss and pleasure from having the opportunity to submit to my wonderful Goddess loving being lost in total obedience to her.

    I love repeating Mistress Mia’s words and feeling them embed deeply within.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, I love being hypnotised by you, I love your voice, I love being under your influence and control, I love being immersed in your exquisite sessions so much Mistress.

  8. lorenzo

    This truly embodies Mia in her purest, most rawest hypnotic form. I just love pretending I make a sliver of a chance against her hypnotic tones only to end up in a puddle of hypnotic obedience, helplessly nodding along to her every suggestion. The truth is so simple: I want to be hypnotized by Mia, the main source of pleasure in my life. The sweet addiction I never ever want to escape from

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