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Length: 45:48
Voice: Mistress Alexandra

Copyright © 2020 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

4 reviews for FHP2 – Alexandra’s Boots

  1. Steven G

    Powerful, compelling, and beautiful.
    Mistress Alexandra has won over my mind with this session. After 5th time listening I was brought to my knees. After the first time visiting For Her Pleasure, I was hooked on returning and now that I have, I don’t want to leave. Alexandra will easily take you and show you how submissive you really are with just her boots. There is nothing like being of service to powerful women in high heels. If you already have the first installment of For Her Pleasure, don’t waste time on getting this, a must have for boot lovers like me.

  2. Braxton

    Sexy. Hypnotic. Arousing

    In the second installment of ‘For Her Pleasure’ titled ‘Alexandra’s Boots’, you find yourself back in the high end boutique. Mistress Alexandra continues your conditioning to respond her tall sexy leather boots. You are hypnotized, and placed into the role of a new sales boy, eager to help all women with their shopping needs, and more.

    Alexandra, I’ve had a fetish for women’s feet, as well as sexy heels for a very long time. I can honestly give thanks, to all of the ladies at the Hypnomistress for this trigger, but especially you, and Sophia for amplifying my arousal over the years. I admit that I get visibly aroused when I see a woman’s foot, freshly pedicured, and polished, and in a sexy pair of heels or boots. I really enjoyed this file with you.

    Great session Alexandra.

  3. Andi_S

    This session is another incredible and insanely pleasurable episode in our inevitable descent into complete and utter enslavement to shoes, boots, and feet, and the gorgeous Ladies who wear them.

    I get the impression Mistress Mia’s foreplay talks get hotter and hotter each and every time. This right here could be a session of its own. I was so intensely aroused and entranced by her talking about me being her prey, weak and helpless to resist following her voice into her venus flytrap. I have fallen into your trap deeper and in more ways I could possibly understand. There is no way out. Even if there was, I would close the door myself and throw away the key. The trap has fallen shut. I have no choice but to let this voice drag me ever further down into this dungeon, my mind ever more overwhelmed and drowned in rapture and pleasure and a compulsion to submit and obey. And my thinking mind, the analyst, he just watches on in fascination and disbelief. He too cannot resist the call of the siren. He can tell himself that he just wants to see where this is going but whether he realizes it or not, he is far too gone to ever even attempt to turn back. He may not have fully realized it but he too is now nothing more than a deer in the headlights, caught and captured in this web and now nothing but a weak, helpless slave at the mercy of his Mistress.

    Even after three listenings I cannot recall the session itself as a series of events but rather just a number of images and feelings. Mistress Alexandra in an outfit so gorgeous and so sexy that it transcended comprehension. Her voice touching something almost primal feeling in me. A deep yearning to submit myself with all that I am. A deep felt certainty that down on the floor by her side, completely lost in mindless trance for her thigh high boots, crawling wherever she directs me, worshiping her boots, serving and obeying her every command is the place that I belong. A fascination, arousal, and love for her boots. A desire to hold leather heels in my hands and feel and smell and kiss them. Such power and such beauty. I could just spend all day every day kneeling and serving Mistress Alexandra and the customers at For Her Pleasure. When Mistress Alexandra counted me up from this trance I noticed that I was automatically doing what she told me to, for instance stretching, opening my eyes, etc and only took conscious notice of it after I had completed the action which was a great and very satisfying feeling. I cannot wait to return to For Her Pleasure again and be further trained by Mistress Alexandra and her sexy boots.

  4. Orella

    When I saw the cover for this session and title ‘Alexandra’s Boots’ the day that it was added to the showroom I automatically took a sharp intake of breath, felt my heart quicken and felt that ‘rabbit caught in car headlights’ feeling of being transfixed and unable to move or think.

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is intensely sexy and arousing, her voice reaches deeply into me and does incredible things to my emotions and feelings, my mind simply follows every word with eager desire and anticipation. Her description of stiletto heeled boots and shoes is exquisite, I begin to salivate uncontrollably, when she speaks of training I am thrilled and cannot wait to be trained.
    I am most definitely her prey ‘as she says a deer in the headlights’ and she is most definitely and desirably my predator, I am a happy and grateful prey for her to hunt, play with, for her to consume my mind and make me her obedient submissive toy.
    Mistress Mia’s analogy of the Venus fly trap drawing in its prey so effortlessly and the ‘For Her Pleasure’ shoe shop effortlessly capturing my mind and mesmerising me with the visions of exquisitely sexy stiletto boots and shoes as I am helplessly drawn inside is so true, I eagerly enter and accept that I am a willing victim ready to submit to whatever awaits me.

    I enter For Her Pleasure, my mind lost in the visions of the beautiful sexy stiletto boots and shoes lost in every exquisite detail. Mistress Alexandra greets me and introduces herself as Alex, I am stunned by her beauty, her shapely form is heavenly and her boots are divine as I am deeply captivated by them.
    I can hardly believe my ears when Alex asks me to help her with her boots, no need to think and I willingly instantly kneel before her, it feels so right to be on my knees in ‘For Her Pleasure’ serving to please.
    I take in every detail of the boots that Alex is wearing, how they encase her shapely legs all the way from the pointed heels all the way up to her short skirt.
    Alex turns so that I am kneeling behind her as I continue to stare at her boots, I am only too happy to help unlock the zips for her. I am filled with her scent mingling with the scent of the leather boots, all of my senses on fire with heightened smell, taste, vision, touch and even my ears as I hear the click clack of stiletto heels on the hard floor, I am in heaven lost in pleasure and the desire to submit, serve and obey.
    Alex tantalises me as she talks about hypnotising me with her heels, I am so eager to be taken down into trance. Lost in the desire to be an assistant serving women in For Her Pleasure, where else would I ever want to be but here on my knees for the pleasure of women as I serve them with exquisite stiletto heeled boots and shoes.
    Being on my knees here in For Her Pleasure is where I belong and brings me so much pleasure. I am so happy to crawl behind Alex transfixed to the sight and sound of her heels, filled with desire to keep as close to them as I can, I have no resistance as I am instructed to lick the beautiful boots that Alex is wearing to please her and any customer who may be in the shop.

    When I awoke this morning, I am still hearing Mistress Alexandra’s voice in my head saying ‘for her pleasure’ over and over, my senses are filled by the scent, taste and texture of the leather. I am so desperate with desire to kneel before Mistress Alexandra and tribute to her.

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