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FLR1: 50:18
FLR1 Primer: 17:42

FLR2: 44:37
FLR2 Primer: 17:27

FLR 3: 51:24
FLR 3 Primer: 25:33

FLR 4: 57:15

FLR 5: 46:52

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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4 reviews for FLR Night School – Complete Series

  1. Poet69

    I truly wish that a lot of Lady’s take the Chance to Listen to mistress alexandra’s lessons on female LED relations. Her Vision is as outstanding, as her hypnotic dominance. Mistress alexandra is truly a devine Femdom Goddess with a lot of experience to share. And making this World a better place for All is realy her devine Mission. Both slaves and dominant lady’s will Profit a lot of pleasure through following mistress alexandra’s Vision of the FLR Lifestyle. ♥

  2. Orella

    The Female Led Relationship Night School series have all been very special sessions.
    I am a little sad that the series is now complete. However, I have very much enjoyed being permitted to be present and experiencing wonderful journey into the FLR Night School.

    I have included my reviews of all 4 sessions below.

    FLR Night School 1
    The foreplay is captivating, in part because of Mistress Mia’s voice and the instant naughty things that her enchanting voice so easily stirs and churns so very deep within me.
    Listening to Mistress Mia describe the scenario where I am a lone male in a room full of women taking a class in male domination is scary and thrilling at the same time.
    As I listen to Mistress Mia’s words, I cannot help but wonder if she is painting and weaving images to put into my willing helpless mind or if she has been wandering through my defenceless mind as she pleases, peaking into my hopes, thoughts and fantasies, rummaging through my naughty desires and smiling at my deep desire and need to please. I would love to be pussy whipped and panty trained to worship and please my Mistress in any way she desires. My only want is to please and my only expectation is to obey, her pleasure is first and foremost always.

    Mistress Mia has me in a tantalised state from her foreplay as she tells me that she will return to collect me after Mistress Alexandra’s class.

    Mistress Alexandra explains the Female Lead Relationship class that she is giving for women, such an exciting idea to me and I can stay if I comply with her instructions.
    As Mistress Alexandra takes me through her breathing instructions relaxing me deeply as I listen to her beautiful voice dripping with such confidence and authority, I find her words irresistible and a deep need to submit to her overwhelms me.
    I recall opening my eyes as I breath in and closing my eyes as I breath out happily following Mistress Alexandra’s instructions, my eyes becoming so hard to open as I drift deeper and deeper.
    I struggle to recall the rest of the session details. I clearly recall Mistress Alexandra bring me out of trance at the end of the session.
    Snippets of images, words and feelings are milling around in the depths of my mind.
    There is a vague recollection of a note but I do not know where is came from or what was written upon it.
    I have a latent feeling of laying on my back naked, a feeling of pressure on my thighs and for some reason when I awoke from trance, I felt my stomach expecting it to be sticky.
    I have ethereal glimpses of a clothed woman but I cannot make out any detail of her features.
    I had strong feelings of arousal and an odd desire to clean and tidy the house.

    I also had a desire to listen to the session again, which I did but still could not recall the details of the session other than what I have mentioned above.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, I look forward to revisiting this session many times and I hope that you will permit me to attend more of your Night School classes in future. I promise to be a good obedient pet, but then I think that you have the power to ensure that I will be a good obedient whatever you want me to be for your pleasure and amusement.

    FLR Night School 2
    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is always such a delight to listen to. I love answering her questions as this type of interaction draws me in deeply.
    I love hearing Mistress Mia talk about female dominance and male submission, I love feeling how deeply I want to please and be shaped by her in any way she wishes so that I become a better more pleasing pet.

    Mistress Alexandra’s voice, greeting me, sends a ripple through my mind and body, like a switch being flipped and I instantly and automatically sink into obedient submission awaiting where she will take me and what she will do with me.
    I so deeply desire to be in a FLR and I am eager for more training and conditioning to help me be the most perfect pleasing submissive that I can be.
    Responding to questions as I am told to is so very pleasurable and arousing, I feel so happy that this pleases Mistress Alexandra and the ladies in the FLR Night School class.

    Post session I am left feeling aroused, happy and generally wonderful all over.
    I also feel the need and desire for undertaking a number of household chores, it is odd that the thought of undertaking these mundane activities elicits feelings of pleasure and perhaps even some arousal.

    FLR Night School 3
    I have been enjoying the ‘fly on the wall’ type attendance in Mistress Alexandra’s Female Led Relationship (FLR) classes very much.
    Being allowed, by Mistress Alexandra, to be distantly present, so to speak, in trance under her control.

    The foreplay for this session penetrates deeply into my being.
    Hearing Mistress Mia talk about handing over control of all pleasure to a ‘dominant’ fills me with arousal and deep feelings of bliss.
    My mind is filled with the beautiful feelings of the total power exchange, which can be overwhelmingly exquisite, when the right Dom and Sub connect and become the perfect fit for one another.

    The session begins and Mistress Alexandra immediately, in her expert and totally confident way, transitions me into an open absorbent state of mind before her class commences.
    I drift away on her words floating along, simply an empty mind lost in her voice, words form in my mind and on my mouth ‘Yes ma’am’ resonates deep within me over and over as I sink ever deeper into pleasure.
    I recall high heels on a hard floor, I recall giggles from ladies pulling at my attention before sinking back into empty mindedness.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, for permitting me to remain in your classroom during your FLR classes. I hope that I have been a good obedient boy for you and the ladies in your class.

    FLR Night School 4
    Before listening to this session, I felt like it had been such a long time since I had been in Mistress Alexandra’s classroom. However, upon hearing her voice suddenly time dissolved and it felt like no time at all.
    I love listening to Mistress Alexandra, her skilful hypnotic artistry, her creativity.
    I love letting go and sinking deeply under her control, complete immersion within her delicious journeys.
    FLR4 takes me on a journey back in time and into humiliation, you would normally assume that humiliating situations are a negative experience. Here I was left feeling happy to have entertained Mistress Alexandra and the ladies attending her night school class.
    This session also triggered memories of my school days, back then I always lusted after girls who were older than me.
    I have been thinking back, reflecting upon all of the missed opportunities to please and amuse the girls at school.
    My own foolishness in trying to act like my friends, they believed that boys should be in charge and what girls wanted was less important, what the boys wanted was what mattered.
    Deep down inside I knew it was the other way round, trying to act like someone I wasn’t caused serious conflicting feelings until I embraced who I am.
    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, for this culminating session in the FLR series, this has been a fun experience.

  3. Braxton


    The entire FLR Night School series is phenomenal! Mistress Alexandra teaches a class of ladies on the techniques of dominating their men in relationships. There are sessions that I would love to roleplay in real life, and this is one for sure! Most guys would be hesitant to be thrust into a situation like this, I would welcome it. While the ladies have comfort in there unity with strength in numbers, I would draw strength in my solidarity. Thank you so much for this masterpiece!

    Exceptional job Alexandra.

  4. Taigh Dupp

    This whole series is so exiting for me. Being a naughty boy and sneaking in to hear the big girls talk about sex. Listening in, as they discuss all the ways they can manipulate weak and horny men, setting you up to really crave the obedience training that Alexandra offers.
    Getting caught. Getting Hypnotized and turned into a tool for Alexandra’s class, having these techniques demonstrated on you in front of the class (!!).
    What else can you say. The FLR series is very F@*#ing hot from start to finish. Actually I really hope it doesn’t end at number 4.
    Please Ma’am.

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