Length: 50:18

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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12 reviews for FLR Night School

  1. sublunar

    This whole series is great – and must-have for anyone interested in an flr. It’s very relaxing and useful for both the female domme and the male sub.

  2. Bianca

    I love this file and how Mistress Alexandra educates me about my inadequacy as a man and lover and the file leaves me extremely committed to serve women and be part of a FLR. Mistress Alexandra teaches such important life lessons here that I will never forget. Mistress Mias foreplay just makes this experience even more perfect (ARA)

  3. janelle868

    I have listened to this three times now, and can still only recall small bits and pieces of it. Mistress Alexander says that my conscious mind should go to sleep so my unconscious mind can accept and dismiss whatever parts it will – and to my surprise, I do.

    I think it implements some of Elise Sutton’s ideas about FLR, with added bits, but can’t be sure. I do know that it is lovely and addictive.

    Without remembering much about it, I want to listen again and again, and have to restrain myself from acquiring the rest of the set too quickly. Mistress Alexander is da bomb.

  4. Bamboo Ban

    I’ve listened FLR night School many times, It gave me a lot of Beautiful lucid dreams!

  5. VBGuy55

    I’ve listened to around 12 to 15 files from THM showroom, and FLR Night School has produced my most impactful post-trance experiences so far. It’s kind of disarming with the way this file is constructed. As you listen, you think to yourself, “this is interesting, but it’s not from my submissive perspective”. But then afterwards, my level of commitment, compulsion, and energy associated with my FLR doubled or tripled as if my at home mistress had actually employed all of the training techniques referenced in the file on me. This makes her life that much easier and our connection that much stronger. If you are looking to establish or strengthen a FLR, then this file is a must for your collection.

  6. Dale Roads

    Mistress Mia opens, preparing our minds. At this point her voice is so familiar that one reflexively relaxes and attends her as though she is sitting next to us. Our ears catch every little nuance of her voice. It takes her only moments to have us aroused and in an FLR padding around the house nude, barefoot, vacuuming, dusting, mopping, “tidying up”, as well as preparing dinner and a drink for one’s freshly trained dominant lady who is about to get home from the office. Oh yes, I feel myself doing that and even “chassing” at bit, practicing to be pleasing. Mistress, as though on cue, presents an image of being dressed up as a “French maid”. Her eloquent titer, makes me turn pink. I feel sissified but my penis extends itself as though her voice had become the tips of her fingernails tickling my testes. I shudder with pleasure knowing that she knows what she’s doing to me even as she creates this recording.

    Mistress does not stop, she opines on the correspondence of my disempowerment with the empowerment of my lady, especially sexually. I find myself conflicted, drawn into my disempowerment while realizing the humiliation of being introduced to my looming inadequacy as a lover. I am stirred on the level of my participation in this training series, and the recognition that my sexual self is in fact being seduced to participate in this intimate alteration of my identity. It is just so undeniable that the deeper I go the more intimately and sexually I’m drawn into Mia’s voice, her intention, and even her plans. I feel sort of like a goose she has perched for stuffing.

    And then Mistress Alexandra introduces herself. I’ve always felt very much that she is a top executive, and who always makes me feel like an underling. I feel quite sue that I do not want to make her angry.

    Mistress Alexandra has a general goal, to make us each the best submissive boy that we can possibly be, for the current lady in our life, or one that we might meet. Although her class is for women only she assures us that somehow we will become educated as well. Towards that end, the class starts with a lone boy arriving with a note from his woman explaining that she is unavailable this evening but requesting of Mistress Alexandra that her boy be allowed to attend and take notes. There was a moment with this boy when Mistress Alexandra became quite sharp in demanding the note. I felt a genuine glimpse into how very dominating Mistress Alexandra can be.

    The class opens when the ladies are drawn into a semicircle to sit around her. She congratulates them and assures them that the rewards of becoming the leader of an FLR are truly great, freedom from housework, grooming attention, time for friends and socializing. One more thing, enhanced sexual needs and pleasure.

    The class itself provides a detailed set of preliminary instructions on how a woman goes about making her male sexually dependent. One might note that the techniques are quite similar to those employed by the Mistresses at THM to lure VIP members under control. It involves masturbation, confession, and talking … so far. Mistress Alexandra discusses these preliminary instructions in detail and one imagines the ladies going home equipped to begin the process that very evening.

    The class ends in two phases. First, the boy, which is by this time of course oneself, is brought to the front of the class and made an object example. Mistress Alexandra talks about him, to the class of dominant woman while stroking his cock through his pants to simply demonstrate how easy the process is to get going.

    The second phase involves mistress Alexandra dismissing the ladies and keeping the boy behind to bring him out of “HIS” trance. Wouldn’t you know it, this whole series is about us. Mistress Alexandra’s class? … Oh yes! , I find myself pinching my nipples in anticipation of the next class. What will learn next? What will we accept next? !!!

  7. MelonPatch

    Mistress Alexandra’s class on Female Led Relationships was far more educational than I could ever have imagined. The additional foreplay is especially erotic– Giving me the feeling of being physically handed off from one Mistress to another with nothing but a note in my hand that explains my presence in Mistress Alexandra’s classroom.

    The details of exactly what I learned escape me for the most part; perhaps with more attendance I will retain more– I was instructed to make time to return to class later, after all. Either way, I had a deeply submissive experience as Mistress Alexandra ‘took the wheel’–so to speak– and operated my mind with the skill and precision of an adept mistress. Though her voice has a hard edge, like an acrylic nail that is just a shade sharp– like the claw of a cat. Being in her grasp is by default being out of your depth. The best course of action is just to surrender and let her have her way with you. She may be sharp, but she’s also a caring mistress who does not misuse her toys.

  8. Abe

    Women are life’s gift to males… I’ve always stood behind this belief because it’s true. I need women for guidance, for them to show me the way to live life their own way, for the benefits of our relationships. They lead, they speak, I follow and reply. Strong, powerful and sexually assorted females turn me on and it’s also my greatest weakness. The know the tricks to have me on my knees willing to do anything. I’ll happily accept a task or order or belief that I’m given…

    I adored this session because Female Led Relationships are exactly what I’ll ever want and need, to witness the woman who rules over me have her way. For the pleasure and benefit or our relationship. We both stand on our rightful place. She rules, I obey.

    The foreplay, as always was a pleasure to listen. Mia takes me by the hand, leads me to that classroom, speaks, I listen intently then later leaves once all the ladies and the very sexy teacher, who is Mistress Alexandra enter the room. To know exactly what to expect out of this class was a major turn on but my own arousal prevented me to think and respond to the pleasure, I just stood there, listened to Mistress Alexandra talk about what women should do to control their partners, what they must do for them to be obedient and submissive all while giving them pleasure at the same time, where they’ll go mindless for the pleasure they’re feeling only to later realize that they do want to pleasure and please their women in return. Yes… to become a sexy house maid, a house keeper, a house husband… house boy… yes… this must happen to all males because there’s great benefits. She seeks pleasure, he seeks approval and to lovely obey… the perfect mix of FLR

  9. Braxton

    Erotic. Tempting. Sexy

    Mistress Mia and her foreplay, it’s always a treat. A master at her craft, she can paint the picture for any scene. She is the greatest story teller that the world doesn’t know enough about.

    Back to school time! This night class is taught by a Seductive sex therapist named Mistress Alexandra. Her lesson for the evening, benefits of a female led relationship. You’ve been sent to class to fill in for your girlfriend who is taking care of a prior engagement. You sit alone in the class for a while before the teacher notices you. Once you are discovered you are addressed, and given your expectation to remain in the class. Mistress Alexandra takes you into a wonderful trance to prepare your mind for the lesson. A wonderful, and calming breathing exercise easily does the trick to lull you into an obedient state. Just before you come out of trance you hear the clicking and clacking of several women’s heels filling up the classroom. You sit quietly and teacher addresses you, and calls you to the front of the class. Does the fact that you are in a classroom filled with dominant women make you nervous? How about the teachers stern sexy voice? The giggles from the ladies of the class? Well you have to overcome all of it. The teacher has called you up to the front of the class to give the ladies a little demonstration… What will she have you do?

    Mistress Alexandra, this session intrigued me immediately once I heard the details. Classroom environment, room full of women, lone male, lessons in male domination, it sounds like a good time to me. There are a few sessions that I would actually love to role-play in a real life scenario, this is one for sure. I loved this session so much. I’m looking forward to the series.

    Excellent work Alexandra.

  10. Taigh

    I honestly can’t imagine anything more exciting, arousing or fulfilling than the scenario played out in this Session by Mistress Alexandra. I guess this may be any genuinely submissive male’s fantasy, to be led by a woman, seduced into her service where the ultimate pleasure is the chance to please her in all the ways that she want’s, not just what I think I want, or thought I wanted. Now I understand what I need to do.
    Thank you Mistress.

  11. Orella

    I love the idea of this session and I have no doubt at all that I would love to please and be very happy in a Female Lead Relationship.

    The foreplay is captivating, in part because of Mistress Mia’s voice and the instant naughty things that her enchanting voice so easily stirs and churns so very deep within me.
    Listening to Mistress Mia describe the scenario where I am a lone male in a room full of women taking a class in male domination is scary and thrilling at the same time.
    As I listen to Mistress Mia’s words, I cannot help but wonder if she is painting and weaving images to put into my willing helpless mind or if she has been wandering through my defenceless mind as she pleases, peaking into my hopes, thoughts and fantasies, rummaging through my naughty desires and smiling at my deep desire and need to please. I would love to be pussy whipped and panty trained to worship and please my Mistress in any way she desires. My only want is to please and my only expectation is to obey, her pleasure is first and foremost always.

    Mistress Mia has me in a tantalised state from her foreplay as she tells me that she will return to collect me after Mistress Alexandra’s class.

    Mistress Alexandra explains the Female Lead Relationship class that she is giving for women, such an exciting idea to me and I can stay if I comply with her instructions.
    As Mistress Alexandra takes me through her breathing instructions relaxing me deeply as I listen to her beautiful voice dripping with such confidence and authority, I find her words irresistible and a deep need to submit to her overwhelms me.
    I recall opening my eyes as I breath in and closing my eyes as I breath out happily following Mistress Alexandra’s instructions, my eyes becoming so hard to open as I drift deeper and deeper.
    I struggle to recall the rest of the session details. I clearly recall Mistress Alexandra bring me out of trance at the end of the session.
    Snippets of images, words and feelings are milling around in the depths of my mind.
    There is a vague recollection of a note but I do not know where is came from or what was written upon it.
    I have a latent feeling of laying on my back naked, a feeling of pressure on my thighs and for some reason when I awoke from trance, I felt my stomach expecting it to be sticky.
    I have ethereal glimpses of a clothed woman but I cannot make out any detail of her features.
    I had strong feelings of arousal and an odd desire to clean and tidy the house.

    I also had a desire to listen to the session again, which I did but still could not recall the details of the session other than what I have mentioned above.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, I look forward to revisiting this session many times and I hope that you will permit me to attend more of your Night School classes in future. I promise to be a good obedient pet, but then I think that you have the power to ensure that I will be a good obedient whatever you want me to be for your pleasure and amusement.

  12. Andi_S

    This session starts off with an incredibly sexy foreplay talk by Mistress Mia who explains some of the intricacies of a female lead relationship. One of the things she assures us of is that a woman who becomes aware of her power and realizes she can have sex on her terms whenever she wants will experience a heightened sex drive. You as the boy being trained to become her servant may not necessarily be able to keep up with her needs. In fact, she may even decide that your poor little member deserves to be locked up. How will that make you feel? If your training to become sufficiently obedient and committed to Her pleasure is working as intended you might actually feel good about it. I hope I remember that correctly. My memory of the session seems to be a little hazy. I know my mind was pretty active with thoughts and ideas and mental images about female authority and about how sexy it is that Mistress Mia is so powerful and superior to me. Mistress Mia’s whole dominant demeanor, her aura of power and superiority, and her vocal art had me completely dazed and aroused. Everything she said felt so right to me. Being on my knees and subservient to a superior dominant woman is my rightful place and I feel so lucky for Mia to be my Mistress and teach me about female supremacy. Nothing in the world feels better than the bliss of surrender and nothing makes me happier than pleasing my Mistress.

    My memory of the main session is even hazier. There is something about the way Mistress Alexandra speaks that makes it so very difficult for me to keep my mental focus. I found myself in her seminar on female lead relationships and she used an induction on me and took me so deep. I remember the women laughing I remember snippets about techniques that a woman can use on her boyfriend and servant in training to gradually turn him into her obedient plaything. I felt a deep desire to have these techniques used on me so that I can be more obedient and subservient and pleasing for sexy confident women. Even typing this sentence is getting me aroused again. I already listened to the session two times and I can’t wait to return to this seminar to hopefully learn more about female lead relationships.

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