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Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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7 reviews for FLR NightSchool 2

  1. Boby Moby

    One of my all time favourites. I love the idea of being programmed to obey the superior female, to be her houshold slave and to be used for demonstration in front of others of how well im being brainwashed is one of my biggest dreams

  2. Andi_S

    I love this session. Absolutely love it. I love Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful, sexy hypnotic voice. I love answering all of her questions with “Yes, Ma’am”. It feels so good to not have to think but just listen to and obey my HypnoMistress. I love to feel her taking charge, taking control, and training and conditioning me to become a good, obedient house pet. The techniques that Mistress Alexandra uses here are so effective and so hot. She takes me so deep into hypnosis and arousal and obedience. This is a session that I can listen to again and again and it feels so good every single time.

    Also, this is the perfect session to listen to if you ever find yourself reluctant to do the house work. I now listen to this session every time before I do my household chores and it actually turns them from being mundane and boring into an arousing task that I do to please my Mistress.

    Truly, the FLR Nightschool series is one of the best and most powerful series available on THM. Thank you much, Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Mia, for giving us these wonderful and so very hot and arousing sessions.

  3. thm_toy

    This is a fantastic session!

    I haven’t yet attended the first class, but even on its own, this second class is definitely worth it. Mistress Mia’s foreplay had me completely relaxed and ready to absorb the upcoming lesson. Before long, I was utterly entranced and aroused by what Mistress Alexandra was teaching me. I’ve greatly enjoyed completing my “homework”, the mantra’s just keep playing in my head as I’m going about the household tasks (not to mention when I get to reward myself afterwards).

    Mistress Alexandra has such a sexy, dominant voice. Can’t wait for the next lesson!

  4. Dale Roads

    In the preface to this recording Mistress Mia says that one thing that she and Mistress Alexandra have in common is the desire to play “the long game”. What I realize now is that the common desire of all of the Mistresses at THM is to truly take charge of and train submissive boys at long distance. It is with the pleasure of that intent that Mistress Alexandra combines her intelligence and considerable charm to practice her craft of bewitching boys into her fold of sexual puppetry. This is not a theoretical art.

    Using a hypnotic spell Mistress Alexandra calls boys, one at a time to find themselves in a room of women attending her Night school whose curriculum concerns educating women in how to head a household and turn their man into a subservient submissive houseboy. During the first class, Mistress Alexandra taught her pupils to go home and introduce a regime that replaced coitus with the pleasure of masturbation at each woman’s hand. A key factor was using this pleasure practice as an opportunity to open a channel of communication in which each boy revealed their deepest sexual desires. That first class described additional techniques for creating a deepening sexual dependency.

    In the second class Mistress Alexandra goes further in two respects. First, deepening one’s trance. As she specifically suggested I found myself drawn into her theater of the mind and experiencing the emotions of a participant. The playing device disappeared as her presence seemed to manifest in a shadow beside me, her voice seeming spoken freshly with her breath. In moments I would realize that I was in my dreaming chair at other moments the experience was as emotionally real and of as real consequence as an actual experience. Towards the end of the class Mistress Alexandra made me an object of attention by requiring me to answer revealing questions before a tittering group of dominant ladies. I experienced a soft humiliation and a stirring arousal.

    The second element of Mistress Alexandra’s class was the teaching of two aspects of a submissive boy which each lady must join within their boy as one … the desire to cum and the desire for approval. Making use of their boys burgeoning sexual dependency on masturbatory gratification at the hand of their Mistress, each lady learns how to marry that gratification with performing household duties. Part of this training involves the recitation of mantras. Again there are techniques and details explained.

    I find that I am very susceptible to the magic embedded in this series. I found myself intent on quieting down and opening myself as widely as possible to Mistress Alexandra’s influence. I found myself very serious in this effort, and correspondingly aroused, she and Mistress Mia had me erect during the entire session. I doubt that I am alone.

  5. Orella

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is always such a delight to listen to. I love answering her questions as this type of interaction draws me in deeply.
    I love hearing Mistress Mia talk about female dominance and male submission, I love feeling how deeply I want to please and be shaped by her in any way she wishes so that I become a better more pleasing pet.

    Mistress Alexandra’s voice, greeting me, sends a ripple through my mind and body, like a switch being flipped and I instantly and automatically sink into obedient submission awaiting where she will take me and what she will do with me.
    I so deeply desire to be in a FLR and I am eager for more training and conditioning to help me be the most perfect pleasing submissive that I can be.
    Responding to questions as I am told to is so very pleasurable and arousing, I feel so happy that this pleases Mistress Alexandra and the ladies in the FLR Night School class.

    Post session I am left feeling aroused, happy and generally wonderful all over.
    I also feel the need and desire for undertaking a number of household chores, it is odd that the thought of undertaking these mundane activities elicits feelings of pleasure and perhaps even some arousal.

  6. Braxton

    Exciting. Arousing. Powerful.

    Welcome to the 2nd lesson taught by the enchanting Mistress Alexandra on the subject of Female Led Relationships.
    In this lesson, the ladies are given a new technique to further condition you along in your training. You find yourself sitting next to the teacher during this lesson, right in front of the class. The techniques that Mistress Alexandra teaches the ladies will be on full display, with you as an unaware hypnotic subject. Don’t worry, the teacher has made it very easy for you, all of her questions require only one response… Make sure you pay attention, Mistress Alexandra gives you a post session task. It’s a wonderful opportunity to please her…

    Alexandra, I love this series. Wow. The way you teach this class makes it incredibly desirable. It’s a combination of the lesson, and your melodic voice that has captivated me. I’m eagerly looking forward to the next class.

    Great session Alexandra

  7. Abe

    An excellent second class by Mistress Alexandra, Mistress for me, Teacher for the ladies. I love what the session has left inside my mind, a craving and desire to do house work through out the day like cleaning the bathroom, cleaning dishes, doing the bed… as a submissive male who also doesn’t work, it shows just who runs the leaderboard in the relationship. Much like the first class, this class continues on with what males who are in a FLR can do please their partner. Each task that I’m set to do has it’s rewards. Happily obeying and doing what was asked from me while my partner is out at work or enjoying herself in whatever way she desires when she’s out of the house. The foreplay was so arousing that I was slowly agreeing with everything Mistress was saying. Being submissive for me is not a fantasy, it’s not something that I like to pretend, or role play when I’m feeling aroused for my own selfish desire, no, it’s a longing and truth that I myself feel deeply within, in my heart, I am Submissive, and being in a FLR is all I will ever need in this life.

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