Length: 51:24

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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4 reviews for FLR Nightschool 3

  1. vanHolly

    I loved to watch and listen to her as she taught her class absolutely hot stuff. Thanks for this. Highly arousing session from the beginning. A must have 4 all supporters of female supremacy. Best regards to all ladies @ thehypnomistress.

  2. Andi_S

    This just might be my favorite Mistress Alexandra session. Listening to it makes me feel so empty-headed and mindless and aroused and just so willing to comply with all of her wishes. I am trying to write a coherent review but as I think about this session I can literally hear Mistress Alexandra from inside my mind saying “hard cock – empty mind” and my cock begins to stiffen and it begins to get harder to think. Also, when I think about Mistress Alexandra’s voice, the words “Yes ma’am” come to mind and saying or thinking “Yes ma’am” makes me even more aroused and mindless. Agreeing with anything she says is so sexy to me. It feels so good to obey. It feels so right for my Mistress to have complete control over my sexual pleasure. I have listened to this session quite a lot and it feels wonderful. I hope that it helps me to develop a mindset that is pleasing to a sexy, powerful woman like her. Mistress Alexandra’s voice definitely resonates so deeply inside my subconscious and the techniques she uses to condition me are so hot. Definitely do not overlook this incredibly sexy and effective session.

  3. Orella

    I have been enjoying the ‘fly on the wall’ type attendance in Mistress Alexandra’s Female Led Relationship (FLR) classes very much.
    Being allowed, by Mistress Alexandra, to be distantly present, so to speak, in trance under her control.

    The foreplay for this session penetrates deeply into my being.
    Hearing Mistress Mia talk about handing over control of all pleasure to a ‘dominant’ fills me with arousal and deep feelings of bliss.
    My mind is filled with the beautiful feelings of the total power exchange, which can be overwhelmingly exquisite, when the right Dom and Sub connect and become the perfect fit for one another.

    The session begins and Mistress Alexandra immediately, in her expert and totally confident way, transitions me into an open absorbent state of mind before her class commences.
    I drift away on her words floating along, simply an empty mind lost in her voice, words form in my mind and on my mouth ‘Yes ma’am’ resonates deep within me over and over as I sink ever deeper into pleasure.
    I recall high heels on a hard floor, I recall giggles from ladies pulling at my attention before sinking back into empty mindedness.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, for permitting me to remain in your classroom during your FLR classes. I hope that I have been a good obedient boy for you and the ladies in your class.

  4. Taighdupp

    I have the other two sessions in Alexandra’s Female Led Relationships series in my HypnoMistress collection. They are definitely among my favorite files and I enjoy listening to them whenever I can.
    As a result I am definitely experiencing some interesting changes. I find now that if I’m feeling a bit flat or stressed, I can try doing a little domestic task, fold the laundry, tidy the kitchen to make it shine for her when she comes home, and I get rewarded pretty quickly with an erection. Feeling myself getting triggered this way makes me feel like I am back inside Alexandra’s class again, listening to her sexy voice explain how things are and how I want them to be and pretty soon I am smiling and feeling good.
    FLR#3 is, in my opinion, the best so far in this series. Alexandra’s voice, her knowing tone and the obvious pleasure she is getting from leading me into this place where there is simply no choice but to accept her suggestions, is pure pleasure.
    She begins by leading you in a very hot guided masturbation routine. The Teacher gives you clear instructions, telling you exactly how she wants you to do it, but she she doesn’t allow you to cum, which leaves you like putty in her hands…then she takes full advantage of your passive accepting state, to mould and shape your erotic desires, so that all you want to do is please her and the significant women in your life. At the end of the session she drops a few very hot hints about what is coming.with her future classes.

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