Length: 57:15

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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5 reviews for FLR Nightschool 4

  1. lorenzo

    There’s alot of aspects which make FLR 4 a great session. First it is Alexandra speaking. Second the humiliation. I never really liked humiliation as a stand alone fantasy. But when its combined with hypnosis in this way its a whole different experience. I actually wish something like this could happen to me.

    Third, and this one goes for the whole series. There is just something Realy Realy sexy about getting hypnotized by Alexandra followed up by her continuing the class while you are there blissfully tranced. The utter confidence on her ability to leave you like that and divert her attention to teaching.

    That significant part is so sexy to me that it’ll definitely leave a mess. Thank You Mistress Teacher Alexandra, for the whole wonderful series <3

  2. Orella

    Before listening to this session, I felt like it had been such a long time since I had been in Mistress Alexandra’s classroom. However, upon hearing her voice suddenly time dissolved and it felt like no time at all.

    I love listening to Mistress Alexandra, her skilful hypnotic artistry, her creativity.
    I love letting go and sinking deeply under her control, complete immersion within her delicious journeys.

    FLR4 takes me on a journey back in time and into humiliation, you would normally assume that humiliating situations are a negative experience. Here I was left feeling happy to have entertained Mistress Alexandra and the ladies attending her night school class.

    This session also triggered memories of my school days, back then I always lusted after girls who were older than me.
    I have been thinking back, reflecting upon all of the missed opportunities to please and amuse the girls at school.
    My own foolishness in trying to act like my friends, they believed that boys should be in charge and what girls wanted was less important, what the boys wanted was what mattered.
    Deep down inside I knew it was the other way round, trying to act like someone I wasn’t caused serious conflicting feelings until I embraced who I am.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, for this culminating session in the FLR series, this has been a fun experience.

  3. Bamboo Ban

    I always dreamed about back to Childhood in School. This FLR 4 made me dream come true!
    Thank you Goddess Alexanda, Thank you my Teacher.

  4. Abe

    I took this part a little more personal than previous classes and that’s the good part. The bad part is the nostalgia and happiness felling, but sadness as well in those last moments when school is about to end, those last few hours, days, weeks and you grow up to your full potential to make decisions of what you will be doing and setting your future goals in your life, though I don’t know if this the end of the series, seeing the complete series available here makes be go back to those years right finishing school as a young adult and moving on. With these series is not different. Remembering my past visits of classes and learning about FLR and how women learn about making their boy a well obedient pleasure pet for them. The things they got encouraged with, simply becoming a goddess and ruler of their home through sexual programming of the beloved males. Sexy, sexy, sexy.

    I muy say that being picked on by girls a little older than you can not be a great thing in the real life of a student like it was in my case, but Mistress Alexandra humiliates and laughs at me, pokes at me with the rest of her class, giggling in the most loving and caring way. She replaces those unwanted memories of the real world from my past with these great triggers of arousal and playful humiliation. If you’re on the edge deciding if you should really listen, I deeply encourage that you do. We’re in safe hands to enjoy something is safe, warming and gentle even if we’re painfully teased and humiliated the THM way.

    Teacher is a sexy lady that I will fantasize as I remember just how responsive, obedient and well behaved boy I truly was. Forever grateful and thankful for both Alexandra and Mia for bringing over a great School experience, feeling a little odd being the only boy here but feeling so extremely happy and aroused the entire time.

    Prepare to go back in a time if life where the prime of sexual arousal was at its peak. You’ll probably shoot a big load of great memories like you did those years…

    Lastly… Incredible session, great teacher and a wonderful class full of women

  5. Braxton

    Arousing. Sexy. Kinky.

    School is back in session at The Hypnomistress! Mistress Alexandra returns with the 4th installment of her highly anticipated, FLR Night School series. The subject for this evening’s lesson is erotic humiliation, and how to implement it to keep your male well behaved. Mistress Alexandra takes you back in time to your youthful years of primary school. You know, way back when the girls were bigger than the boys, and they may have pick on you from time to time…

    Alexandra, you did a phenomenal job with this session! Your melodic voice is impossible to resist. Your FLR Series is among my favorite all time at The Hypnomistress.

    Mia, thank you so much for this session, I believe that I caught all of the references. I’m very excited to discuss this one during Skull Session May.

    Exceptional job ladies.

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