Length: 46:52

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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6 reviews for FLR Nightschool 5

  1. Eddie

    Mistress Alexandra great addition to a series I’ve been loving. I just can’t seem to resist that sweet firmness in your voice, it just makes me just want to obey. I loved being right back in your classroom in the chair right beside you. Such an incredible experience hearing my words mix and match with yours as my few became my everything. Dropping and desperately struggling to hold onto them as your words kept plucking them away. Losing them only to discover them in your words now my only thoughts as we continue a long endless slide. So much fun being your helpful good boy

  2. Braxton


    Mistress Alexandra thank you for such an awesome 2022. In my opinion, I have watched you evolved, and elevate throughout this past year. FLR5 is such an fantastic way for you to closeout your catalog. The FLR Series is so good, and the latest installment was excellent. The layering was so overwhelming, and mind consuming. I loved it.

    Superb job Alexandra.

  3. Taigh

    I’ve been hooked on these FLR sessions ever since I first got caught sneaking around Mistress Alexandra’s classroom. You have to listen to the whole series, every session is wonderful and builds on the effects and suggestions of the others. The suggestions just feel so right that afterwards you wonder how you’ve gone your whole life without realising what you’ve been missing. Thank you Mistress for showing me.

  4. RonS8048

    Who would have thought that doing housework would be a pleasant experience? Who would have thought housework would be arousing? There are opportunities all around the home if you know where to look.

    Learn to please her by doing whatever SHE wants, and love it, while learning to love staying in Hypnotic Chastity.

  5. GoodBoyLance

    Mistress Alexandra surprises Her good boys with a new edition to FLR Night School. Mistress Alexandra has a special way of turning off the conscious mind with Her soft feminine voice and gentle whispers in your mind sounding so reasonable that you have to pay attention and listen, that’s why Alexandra is the teacher and you are Her listener student. This session builds on the lessons from previous sessions teaching good boys to defer to the Women in their lives and to please Women for orgasms. This session goes further beyond the simple programmed mindset of “I clean house to cum” and makes the simple act of serving Women your new orgasm because a post orgasm boy is not a pleasing toy for Women because he becomes soft and sleepy. This session is for boys that want to become the perfect pleasing domestic servant for the Dominant Woman in his life.

  6. Orella

    Every session release here at THM feels like receiving a wonderful gift on Christmas morning.

    FLR Night School 5 – Lessons in Chastity is a doubly wonderful gift. I have felt so very privileged to be permitted to attend FLR Night School under the control of the fabulous Mistress Alexandra.

    I thought that the series had concluded with a little humiliation in FLR Night School 4.

    Imagine my delight to discover this surprise opportunity to attend FLR Night School once more. A wonderful opportunity to deepen my devotion to pleasing my Mistress and receiving so much pleasure from domestic servitude.

    There is something magical that washes over me and runs through me when I hear Mistress Alexandra’s voice.

    I have been fortunate to have been conditioned to embrace the incredible prolonged arousal that chastity under the control of my Mistress brings.

    Hearing Mistress Alexandra talk about me being a good boy causes instant arousal and stiffening downstairs. Helplessly aroused and unable to touch without permission.

    I have found throughout the FLR Night School series that domestic chores have become pleasure generating activities, a pleasure loop of arousal causing me to desire to undertake domestic service activities feeling an arousal reward in return for pleasing my Mistress.

    I am so happy that sexual advances should only be initiated by a female. It feels so right that I simply comply and obey with whatever my Mistress wishes.

    Pleasure through obedience and servitude to my Mistress makes so much sense and makes me feel that everything is the way it should be.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, the FLR Night School series has been wonderful. Thank you for creating this fifth session for me to experience. Thank you for this journey into helpless happy aroused obedience and servitude Mistress.

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